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  1. I'm not necessarily opposed to the pick. A TON of games are decided by 7 points are less. Making or missing 1-2 long FGs per game can easily be the difference between winning and losing (of course, as long as the Bucs aren't getting blown out by 30+ points, which does happen :bag:). The critical question becomes the relative value of this guy vs. some other K drafted later in the draft or not drafted, especially in comparison to a defender or skill position player they may have otherwise taken. The Bucs have a lot of holes still on both sides of the ball. To pass up a second round talent
  2. Taking a kicker that high is ... trading up to take a kicker that high is ... ... ... here's to hoping he is awesome for many years
  3. Risk-reward guy in round 2? Two small possibly at DE? LB? Possible off the field issues?
  4. They got rid of Revis becasue of the cap. That wasn't sustainable. Gholston was an overpriced safety who just racked up penalties. And Mark Barron couldn't cover worth a crap. He ended up changing positions in Stl to LB. I definitely wouldn't call him a good secondary player. He might be a decent LB, but woukd you of started him over Lavonte David?They didn't get rid of Revis because of the cap. That's not true at all.A 16mil per year CB didn't fit in the plans for a team that was rebuilding. Did they absolutely have to cut him to get under? No, but that was a long term play that had to be don
  5. It was a bad move by the Glazers to hire Lovie, but at some point it is a sunk cost and you have to move on. Jettisoning 3 good players from the secondary and ending up with a garbage secondary isn't the way to win football games, especially in today's NFL.
  6. Rodgers is crazy talented. However, no QB, no matter how good, can do it all himself. His supporting cast has regressed and, therefore, so has the offense.
  7. In terms of the team's chances to win next year Koetter > Lovie. It's not like Lovie was going to be getting calls from around the league for job offers -- even if that were possible/the norm. You can talk about the lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball, but the coaching was also horrendous.
  8. How was his season this year? We could definitely use an edge rusher, no doubt about that.
  9. Bottom line is Lovie is terrible and is playing a defense that is porous at best. I understand the financial implications. However, if they keep Lovie for 3 more years (of mediocrity) and then have to transition to a new scheme, they could end up wasting a lot of Winston's prime years. Lovie is never going to take this team to the playoffs. He is a bottom 5-10 coach in the league. The issue isn't personnel. The personnel that they do have, have underachieved relative to their potential.
  10. Completely, completely embarrassing to get beat up by NO and StL. Injuries on O is one thing, but this defense is a dumpster fire and Lovie needs to go.
  11. As much as I don't want Winston to have to suffer through regime after regime, this coaching staff needs to go. If you can't get your team motivated to win a game like this, get out of town.
  12. TB has (had) an outside shot at a wildcard spot. Lowly division rival comes into town and gives TB a drubbing. Embarrassing.
  13. Bucs have a franchise QB. Now they got to build around him. Improve the OLine. Get some more weapons on O. The D needs to improve, but if you've got a franchise QB, load up the offense and get a defense that is built to get after the QB and allow them to win 35-25. Follow the Indy blueprint from when Peyton was there.
  14. k, thought for sure it was Adams, but I stand corrected.
  15. He had a terrible game. Horrendous. He also had a sure long catch and run TD taken away by a botched call by the refs (encroachment that wasn't unabated, stopped the play). If not for that botched call, GB wins and Adams' terrible game is slightly less terrible.
  16. Happy to see him having a good year. Now they need to build a team around him.
  17. Barely beating a broken Dallas team doesn't exactly inspire confidence for a playoff run, but I would bet the over on the team getting more wins than last year
  18. For me the question isn't his physical ability or mechanics. He has the ability and the mechanics can be coached up over time. The bigger question is his mental makeup and whether he has (or can get soon enough) the professional character to become an elite QB. If he doesn't have it between the ears, he could easily be on the Josh Freeman trajectory.
  19. Wow, incredible how far he's fallen. I remember having so much optimism around this guy and Mike Williams and Benn, thinking we had such a strong young offense with a strong O-line...then it all went to crap. Really hoping it's not drugs for this guy, as has been rumored
  20. Glad to see he played better this week. Hope he continues to develop. The truth is somewhere in the middle on this guy. He's not as good right now as Capella thinks he is and he's not as bad right now as CSTU thinks he is. Less than 250 total yards with 2 tds and a turnover is an ok game, but nothing to go nuts with. Hoping to see great chemistry with Evans and ASJ over the course of the season, as that will be critical to the future of the team.
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