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  1. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/14/browns-adding-cornerback-t-j-carrie/ and another corner
  2. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/14/browns-bringing-in-chiefs-corner-terrance-mitchell/
  3. Yeah, but Ingram was decent running the ball his first three years. Nowhere near as bad as Richardson has been. True, but watching them both at Bama during Ingram's final season it was clear that Richardson was far and away the better back. I'm not defending Richardson expecting a miraculous turnaround or anything. I just bought him in the last couple weeks for literally nothing, so I have no real vested interest. I just think at only 23 years old that there is a chance in dynasty that he might be worth taking a low risk gamble on.
  4. He was very impressive other than the one mis-communication with Hoyer on which direction the run was going. Hoyer went to hand off to the right, but Crowell went left...or vice versa, I don't remember exactly now. I was too busy yelling at the TV for what was an amazing game. I think Faust's post is pretty key. He was not even supposed to be part of the plan but he worked hard all week and was ready. Not the guy I'd be excited about tackling in the 4th quarter. Very pushing authoritative runner.
  5. The 108 pages of the David Wilson thread are not remotely impressed yet.
  6. And the deal is done for Johnny http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/06/17/johnny-manziel-signs-his-rookie-contract/
  7. Run that bum out of town! Little was trying to leave Cleveland this morning; however, he has failed to catch the bus, the train, and a flight out of town so far today. ZING!!He's the only guy in Cleveland that couldn't catch a staph infection.
  8. I think they are doing it because it would just be unbearably annoying. Whoever brought up Cecil Shorts.........he would be GREAT to get here, I just don't think Jacksonville would have any interest in trading him for any sort of price we would be willing to pay. He is their #1 WR, young, and not expensive. Yeah they got two rookies, but wasn't there some other team that drafted two WRs in the 2nd round and that didn't exactly turn out so well...................cough cough.................................in all seriousness though, I can't see them dealing Shorts. I'd say you're right. Loo
  9. Can't help but agree. Regardless if you think the law is stupid, outdated, unfair or whatever, I follow the rules of my employer or I find another job. It really is that simple.
  10. If I had just been drafted I would tell everyone that the team that took me is exactly where I wanted to be too. Honestly, I don't think this means much at all.
  11. The first couple Steelers picks are going to recharge that D. If I had to rank based on overall value at the given draft slots: 1. Browns (Really like the value on Bitonio, West, and Desir + Bills trade was a homerun) 2. Steelers (Archer might be a reach, but Bryant could be big hit) 3. Bengals (Nothing really stands out to me, other than thinking McCarron pick was a waste) 4. Ravens (As a FSU fan, skeptical how Jernigan translates to NFL) Ravens will most likely prove me wrong given their draft track record, but I don't see it at the moment. Lets not forget that the Bills have not drafted
  12. Do you know who has sold the 2nd most? It's not anyone that you'd normally think. If I was guessing, Id think Watkins... but probably... Mack? Michael SamYep. I would tweet "OMG" but I'd probably get fined.
  13. Not sure if serious but yes. The Chargers took a CB in round 1 which makes sense for them because they are trying to beat the high powered pass attack of the Broncos to win the AFC west. But I don't get the Browns going CB2 at 1.09 when the passing attacks in the AFC North aren't that imposing. Let's try it this way. Who do the Seahawks have in their division that has a high powered passing attack? What is the Seahawks blueprint for a team that won the Superbowl? Here I'll help you. No one in their division has a high powered passing attack. The Seahawks blueprint is a great defense with gr
  14. Or a tackle and move Shwartz to G. Either way I am cool with it. Kujo is still available and we have the 35th pick so only two picks ahead of us and Houston will 'likely' go QB with the 33rd pick. Also tons of WRs, top TEs, a few smaller but good safeties, and the top OGs are their for the picking too. I wonder who/what position we were after trying to trade back into the bottom of the 1st round but I'm glad we didn't do that because their are tons of options sitting at the top of the 2nd for us and we 'may' get the guy we would have traded-up to get. Yup. He's the guy I am hoping for. I don'
  15. Or a tackle and move Shwartz to G. Either way I am cool with it.
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