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  1. Leaving Cleveland, Ohio, to join an all-star, championship-caliber team in Miami is going to hurt his marketability? That's an interesting opinion.Unless he is willing to embark upon an anti-hero or villain role, I don't think you will see him salvage his previously wholesome image. A whole lot of fans (outside of Cleveland) just lost A LOT of respect for the way he handled this decision. Short of a multiple championships and a previously unseen killer instinct (Wade has it, Kobe has it, James not so much), I don't see his image ever regaining the heights it has just fallen from.Before this I did not really care about James one way or another. Now I find myself rooting for him. One of the biggest gripes that you hear in sports is that player x is more concerned with their image/stats/money than winning a championship. I commend James, Wade, and Bosh for putting winning over themselves. Anyone that is a fan of team basketball should like this move. Those that value one on one play and highlight reels over actual wins will be upset.
  2. If Lebron does indeed sign with the Heat, and all three of the superstars take less than max contracts, that has to be one of the most impressive events in recent NBA history. To have not 1 but 3 megastars leave money on the table is amazing.
  3. I had the chance to check out the new iphone today. It is a definite improvement over the previous model. I have an htc evo, and it really comes down to preference as to which one you would you prefer. The 2 biggest factors for me were coverage and price and sprint won on both of those categories for me.
  4. Can you do this with the iPad? Can someone answer this question? Yes. There are a few apps that do this.I thought it didn't handle a few different media types?
  5. YesThanksWhat is the mobility designed for? I can see using this on a plane or long car trip, but I don't know what else it would be good for. WHile it is more portable than a laptop, it is nowhere close to being as portable as an ipod or an iphone. If it's not something you can put in your pocket, how are people planning on lugging it around?
  6. I checked one out today that my friend has. I really wanted to like it, but I can't. I was expecting it to be a lot nicer than it was. It is more portable than my 3 year old laptop, but it doesn't have near the same functionality. Is this supposed to be targeted as more of a mobile entertainment device than a home entertainment device? While it is certainly more mobile than a laptop computer, I don't see how I could lug it around just anywhere like a phone. I could maybe see myself picking one up for letting the kids use on road trips, or if I wanted to go outside and use a multimedia device, but beyond that, I am just not seeing the upside. Maybe someone else could explain to me what niche this is supposed to fill. If I want to watch tv, I would prefer to watch it on my tv. I would rather browse the web from my laptop. I would prefer to stream music to my home theater system. I would prefer to type on my laptop. It is easier to read a book on then my laptop.
  7. How can the bible be pretty clear regarding how any word is translated? It might put the word in context which might help in the translation, but how can a word which meaning is rather vague (bibles translate porneia to all different words and phrases) be "helped along" by scripture? (Not tradition, but scripture?)Edit: To change an assertion I won't be able to support for a few days to less controversial language.In Israel, if you had sex with a woman, you were required to pay a fine and marry her. You could never divorce her after that.The Israelites were also killed for their sex acts with the surrounding nations.This act was used in 1 Cor. to describe fornication (porneia) in modern times, and therefore shows what the meaning of porneia is, equating it to fornication.There has never really been a debate about what the word meant among serious bible scholars. The bible is very clear that sex is reserved for married persons. I don't have time to dig up the scriptures at the moment, but I can later if you'd like.What about concubines, and what exactly was marriage in the bible? It wasn't necessarily one man and one woman as there are numerous examples of men taking concubines and numerous wives.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks for the good work Tim.
  9. Received my order today, and they all looked great.
  10. I was driving by a cotton field with my 4 year old daughter, and had the following conversation: Me: "Do you know what those plants are in that field?" Her: "No" Me: "Those are cotton plants" Her: "Oh I heard of that before" Me: "Do you know what gets made out of cotton?" Her: "Sheep" At which point I start laughing and she then says "I was just kidding, they really make cotton candy out of it." I lost it.
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