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  1. I see Fournette is getting more respect just in the last week. Also, looks like Melvin Gordon (342 touches in 2017) is moving up the shark pool board as well. Anyone completed a draft at #6, and can post about how it turned out?
  2. Some of the same guys being discussed in the pick six thread... https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/768808-official-pick-6-thread-non-ppr-redraft/
  3. Well, let's get some thoughts / facts down on paper, and see how these guys stack up. Numbers next to name are touches / TDs in 2017. Please feel free to add any additional info... Kamara 201, 14: Age 23. Consistently ranked as the obvious 'pick 6' choice on most sites (including footballguys). Averaged a TD on 7% of touches. That percentage likely comes down, so gonna need more touches. Sure, Ingram out first four games, but what does that do for me weeks 14, 15, & 16. NO has very good offense, but only way Kamara is a sixth pick is if he keeps up that TD% or gets more touches. Will either happen? Any NO homers with the scoop? Hunt 325, 11: Age 23. Great start to '17, average to poor middle, nice finish. New QB. Two words: Spencer Ware. Touches will probably go down. Gordon 342, 12: Age 25. Very good offense. Workhorse in the offense, but always seems to be little dinged up. Played 16 games for first time ever in '17. Fournette 304, 10: Age 23. Only played 13 games last year. Chronic ankle issue, injury risk even back in college. Jags signed Carolina's best run blocker (Norwell). Line should be even better. Fournette played last year at about 238 lbs...came into camp at 218 lbs. this year. Barkley ***: Age 21. Very talented. Should be the bell cow, but is a rookie, and already with tweaked hammy. Giants O-line has struggled in recent years.
  4. Also known as the 1rst pick of the 2nd tier. So, Gurley, Bell, Zeke, DJohnson, and Brown are gone. Looking at Kamara, Hunt, DHop, Fournette, Barkley, and Gordon. I like Hopkins, but RBs drop off quick this year, and some decent WRs later in the draft. I'm really thinking Fournette may be the play, especially considering the Andrew Norwell signing (now highest paid guard in the league). So, what's the wisdom of the pool thinking at 6? (see post #7 for more info)
  5. Moving on to week 13!! http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/100685
  6. Moving on to week 12 by a hair! http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/100685
  7. No, he is a bum. Start at your team's peril...
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