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  1. Packers released LB Christian Kirksey. Kirksey followed ex-DC Mike Pettine to Green Bay in 2020 but, much like the former's most recent years in Cleveland, was oft-injured and available for only 11 games. The 28-year-old was also discouragingly outplayed by undrafted rookie Krys Barnes for much of the year. His release coupled with RT Rick Wagner's will create around $9.8 million in cap space for the Packers in the new league year. SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter Feb 19, 2021, 4:10 PM ET
  2. Eagles DL Genard Avery will move to linebacker for the 2021 season. Philadelphia initially traded its 2021 fourth-round pick to acquire Avery in 2019, seeing the 25-year-old rack up 17 tackles and 1.5 sacks across 19 games in that span. The hope is he's able to function as more than just a rotational player when moved to the Mike/Will positions this upcoming year. SOURCE: NBC Sports Philadelphia on Twitter
  3. Not to the extent your looking at but last year I had D.Hopkins and S.Diggs both move teams and I had league mates and for a greater extent parts of the internet people saying both would implode in their new destinations. Diggs set career highs in receptions/yards and was the 5th overall points for WR/TE (TE premium) Hopkins had his most targets since 2017 and was 6th overall points for WR/TE (TE premium) Both I had worried slightly after all the talk, but held firm (I think I was offered C.Carson for Diggs at one point) and was happy with the outcome. Also although not a
  4. Love this bro! I have earmarked this for later!! Good stuff..
  5. Sorry just saw this and I should have did what Tick did and post the Dynasty Rankings Link.
  6. Im wondering if his last 3 years injury history is starting to sour rankings?
  7. Norton posted some dynasty IDP rankings on 31 Jan!!
  8. Yup me too, my blind homerism for SEA has killed me for years in this contest, one day I will learn.....
  9. 6156 entries so no lucky bye week 1 this year....😉
  10. Had gone Pitt/Sea for a long time, but decided it was KC/Sea. Now just to see if there is enough to get there should they both make it: QB - Patrick Mahomes II - 39 QB - Russell Wilson - 25 RB - Chris Carson - 18 RB - Le'Veon Bell - 9 RB - Carlos Hyde - 4 WR - Tyreek Hill - 29 WR - Tyler Lockett - 16 WR - Sammy Watkins - 12 WR - David Moore - 6 WR - Scott Miller - 5 WR - Tre'Quan Smith - 4 WR - Dez Bryant - 3 WR - Freddie Swain - 2 TE - Travis Kelce - 34 TE - Jacob Hollister - 5 PK - Jason Myers - 6 TD - Kansas City Chiefs - 9 TD - Green Bay Packers - 8
  11. Been through about 6 rosters now, went one way with my SB picks then completely reset it and went a different way. The big question is will last year be a fluke or will there be low numbers week 1 and essentially waste money on 6 teams that won't potentially advance or will there be more than 4K entries. I'm sure I will blow it all up and start fresh again tomorrow, so there is always that....😏
  12. Not me, I have them both going out first round....😎
  13. Dont worry like I said im prolly gonna blow it all up and go smaller anyway. Lots of players but not alot of firepower.
  14. Im at 18/16/8/13....the expanded playoff has me really looking at things. Im sure I'll rage reset tomorrow though...
  15. ITS LIVE!!! Now already on iteration 27.... https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/entry.php
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