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  1. Yes there have been 8 players in past seasons that had 16 games who played 17. Jerry Rice being one of those. I guess what I'm trying to articulate is that I would think Ertz could have a grievance if he has to play 18 when others only play 17 for same level of pay given prorated game checks right? I would imagine there has to be some form of compensation there if that happens.
  2. Not to mention they get paid by pro-rated game checks. Imagine if he got 18 regular season game checks and others got only 17....there would be an uproar by the other members of the NFLPA...
  3. I mean he is the legend that is: Turkington Turk of the House Turk, First of His Name, the Undefeated, King of the Subscribers and the First Submissions, Challenger of the Great Shark Pool, Breaker of Rosters, and Father of Posters.
  4. Maybe its just me but I think he will be a league winner later in the season, teams adjust and will find ways to limit Henry on occasion. I think AJ and Julio once both back to full speed will be fresher and will start to move the sticks regularly when Tenn needs to start slinging it. We went through this last year with AJ and I bought low on him after week 4 when the owner became frustrated with him. From week 5 on for 12 weeks AJ went 65/1036/11 and won alot of teams championships! Patience fellas, it will pay off in the end....
  5. Great piece in the Roundtable article this week about the Subscriber Contest! We all have our own theories and methods on roster construction so @Joe Bryant it was nice to see some different insight from your staffers!
  6. Andrews like many pushed me up over 215 so happy to not have had to sweat the Turk today! I looked at many of the top teams from this week and all those 45-50 point QB games are just dizzying..... **Side eye stares at A.Rodgers in contempt**🤨
  7. I felt this in my bones after I had the same happen to me last week!
  8. Crazy how 48 hours can change things - I was down by 62 with only L-Jax and Andrews to go on MNF....they scored me 97 points.......So maybe I don't hate this hobby this week....lol!
  9. Very much so! I Had Chubb, Callaway, Zeke and Evans of note but still side eyeing the Turk only at 177....I'm in like 1983rd position out of a 2331 cutline on @kyter1's sheet so once again it could be close this week for me!!
  10. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, that 156 was based on yesterdays late afternoon game totals, once the SNF game got added in it jumped up to 168.75 as of now......But I am with you on Andrews needing a big night!!
  11. I'm sitting around 155 halfway through the Afternoon games at least if I don't make it I at least scored more than last week!
  12. I had a monster dynasty team on paper to start the season and scored nearly 400 points in the first 2 weeks, now my team has turned into a wasteland that struggles to win games.....I hate this hobby sometimes. Ljax, Barkley, Gibson, AJ Brown, D.Hopkins, Diggs, Hockenson, Andrews.......
  13. Redzone said Barkley was ruled out for the day, no surprise there..
  14. @kyter1 got any more of them Excel Document refreshes......🤤
  15. Joe Burrow got blasted on a QB run, upended and down on the field.
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