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  1. Sitting at 161 with 2 still to go on MNF: Zeke (anything above 9.10 counts) Cowboys Def (anything above 8 counts) Im hoping much of the lower scoring in FF this week saves my hide but I'm not incredibly confident.
  2. through 2 weeks scored nearly 400 points and this week can barely break 100....I hate this game sometimes....
  3. Is AJ Brown still not playing due to Hammy? Saw the update in the injury thread and then saw Brown standing on sidelines with no helmet on Redzone. Anyone watching can elaborate - does it look like he is done for the day?
  4. No R.Stevenson, No Higgins, this week for me on top of Jeudy. Plus Big Ben managaing that Pec issue.....S.Michel gets the start in LA but facing the Bucs Run D......Yea may be a long day today...where is the Whiskey....😔
  5. Joe said the player Query should be back mid October as they continue to work on the site so it's on the horizon. Sadly the live scoring was done by fellow posters privately in the past and not by FBG. So unless someone with the knowhow/time has to run that we just have to do things manually on our own.
  6. John Franklin-Myers, what do you guys think of him going forward? I know he has been slightly Sack dependent but all the articles I have found seem to big him up this year and given the HC way of Defense, could he be the guy we had hoped Lawson was going to be before he got injured?
  7. I think with the change in cutline process this year the 18-21 rosters (which make up 49% of the total teams) will be much less in the finals, just my opinion but I think you will see many of those teams who get a few injuries and some down production drop each week and those with medium size rosters with just that slight bit of depth will help. 22-26 may be the sweet spot this year.
  8. Scored 185.80 week 1 and 180.15 week 2, hopefully my scores don't continue to drop each week...lol! I was surprised the cutline was only 1.05 less than last week given what appeared to be much lower scoring across the board this week.
  9. Hopefully its roughly around this at the end, I'm sitting at 149.45 with a few that could exceed what I got from others: QB Rodgers (Just need to exceed Big Ben's 19.75 to count) QB Goff (Same as rodgers) WR MVS (Would need to exceed Edwards 7 or Mixon 8.1 to count) TE Hock (Same as MVS) Packers Def (Need to exceed Dal 6 to count) I think I may finish around 155ish, so hopefully live to die another week!
  10. I think this may be a lower scoring week all around, but yea you may not make it past that...
  11. I rick rolled with him last night over Andrews....Now Andrews will have 2 TDs.....lol
  12. Can't pull up last year's winners (page goes to not found) 2019 it was 18 man roster: https://footballguys.com/subscribers/contest/2019/100674.php
  13. I'm kinda on the other side of this. Yes there was some complaining (I wasn't part of that) where there was no cut line because there was a much less amount of subscribers who entered and essentially there were a few easy early bye weeks for most. For this year it was a more fair across the board knowing that there was a cut line regardless of entries the first few weeks. Its obvious the bottom hanging fruit the first week were many who didn't read the rules and I like that - nothing worse than a team getting lucky because they took 9 QB's (or more) (or in other years 15 Kicker guy) and make it to like week 5 on luck where teams that were well built get dropped early. I think the "Value Players" like many have taken will be the downfall and we are seeing that with Gus (injury) and Robinson (Meyer just doesn't seem to like him) and a few others who were high owned and flatlined week 1. IMO Its gonna be those teams that have more of the uniqueness to their rosters who will do well when the dust settles, yes it was good to take some risk, but you needed to balance some of it out with the 25% cut this year. We are un unchartered territory here and I like it!
  14. Yea loved this! Thanks for sharing, and I really got a laugh about the Peppers portion (the writer REALLY doesn't like him...lol). Great stuff!!
  15. Thanks, I dumped him on Tues in waivers and picked up both R.Rowe and Dugger!
  16. As mentioned early in here, I like C.Wilson Dal Gallup put on IR today with that calf, I'm in for a piece of that Dallas slinging it everywhere passing attack at least for a few weeks while Gallup is out.
  17. I saw the same thing around that time RC posted, I think the site was doing an update because all the green check marks disappeared, they are back now though.
  18. Yea I noticed that too, I was desperate to see what the heck happened to J.Peppers.....https://nflcdns.nfl.com/liveupdate/gamecenter/58516/NYG_Gamebook.pdf sadly it looks like McKinney is taking many of his snaps now (McKinney got 63 and Peppers 30), they do roll 3 Safeties often but I can't use a guy who is looking at half the snaps of a year ago. I don't know how I missed the snap sharing through the pre-season or if it was never talked about but man that caught me way off -guard! Guess I just figured his standing was good especially as a team captain with L.Ryan... I'm looking at moving him for Eric Rowe in this week's waivers. Still have B.Baker and L.Collins as well.
  19. Very Interesting and thanks @Ignoratio Elenchi! Given there are 4781 teams with 18-20 players on their rosters (48%) its going to be very interesting to see how those mid to bigger rosters fare given injuries/covid/byes later stages of the season. and how much of a studs/duds/mass value picks will impact that 25% cut when we get into the later stages of the contest! I'm in the 24 roster club so we shall see how it goes....
  20. Yea the green check marks disappeared. Must just be part of the program to set it for the next week.
  21. Nice! That's what someone had done a few years ago and just added every player in the contest to the league, people just had to find the player and hand jam in the numbers. I followed @MikesVikes lead and just made a manual team in League Dominator and it shows the final scores for each player on my rooster and just hand jammed them into an excel spreadsheet. I'm not as high as you are but at 187 with B.Edwards/M.Andrews still to possibly contribute to beat the flex scores of M.Evans (3.4) and C.Hyde (6.8) I may get more.
  22. I tried my own in excel and came up with at least 177 with a few players still to go/going.
  23. Remember that 2 vs 3 QB conversation we all had earlier in this thread? Well my 3rd Shrug emergency Injury/Bye/Covid QB may just save my skin this week. Goff may very well outscore Rodgers and Big Ben COMBINED this week....
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