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  1. What the National Hurricane Center is calling Disturbance 1 looks like it might get real nasty...
  2. I'm curious where you're getting the models. Are they kits? I see some on Amazon and there is a sweet 1968 Shelby Mustang I'd like to try. I never even thought about something like this I think/fear I may be headed for a path I don't want to go down (or may be on already) and I have zero hobbies. Something like this may help me avoid things like this thread is about. I suppose it's a start and can't hurt, right? I don't know. I don't post much around here, but I read the FFA a lot and this thread is exceptionally inspiring to me and I imagine lots of others who are mostly just readers. Thank you very much. Do what you need to to stay the course. I'll try to also.
  3. I didn't go back very far to see if anyone put this up already but "I said what I said" gets on my nerves.
  4. I have been following this thread from afar, but I think I need to go ahead and pull the refi trigger while the gettin' is good. The wife and I have been putting it off thinking we'd be moving in the near future, but now that isn't going to happen. We owe $59K on our primary house about 30 miles east of Atlanta that Reddit and Zillow estimate to be near $300K. We have a 2nd mortgage as well for $40K that we used to pay cash for a rental house in our area 6 years ago so we owe a total of just under $95K or so on our primary residence and the paid for rental house is worth a little over $215K (if that matters). We haven't refinanced since 2009 or so and our rate is more than double what we could likely get now. Would you know anyone in my area who we could talk with about refinancing our primary house? Actually, would a broker be better than our credit union for refinancing? I'm guessing yes since they can shop it. My credit rating is about 725.
  5. I'm 58 and know for sure I don't drink nearly enough water. When I got home from the hospital I drank a lot of water but I have slowly reverted back to my old ways. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. Didn't Katrina hit on August 29th. This Sunday is August 29th. 😟 Stay safe down there everyone.
  7. I got my 2 Pfizer shots in April. In late June I came down with a blood clot in my leg that eventually led to pulmonary embolism and hospitalized me for 4 days, 3 in ICU. At no time have I ever doubted that there were other factors that caused the DVT/PE. I am what would be called a conservative who lives in the South. I don't blame the vaccine and will take the booster if it becomes necessary. Am I being foolish, maybe. Maybe not. But if I do get the Covid I tend to believe it won't kill me now.
  8. very raw but cautiously enthusiastic beginner
  9. Yep. My DVT turned into pulmonary embolisms though. My clot originated deep in a vein in my thigh. Pieces broke off and moved up through my heart and into both of my lungs. I didn't notice the thigh pain much at first because I was more focused on the fact it was becoming more difficult to breathe after the simplest activities. The breathing got worse each day to the point where rolling over in bed had me out of breath, and I let it go for 4 days before I called the doctor (at the insistence of my wife) thinking I had covid or pneumonia. So I spent 4 days in the hospital, 3 of them in ICU and am on blood thinners now for at least 3 months. These things are not anything to be casual about. They kill tens of thousands every year in the US. The only thing the doctors could up with for a cause is I sit in a chair most all day for work and I wasn't getting up and moving around enough.
  10. Has anyone used the Char-Griller 980 gravity fed cooker? I got one as a gift over the weekend and put it together but didn't get to use it.
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