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  1. I don’t know…maybe you Bung-hammer yourself a few times first to get the hang of it?
  2. Traded AJ and a 2023 2nd for Diggs and a 2023 3rd. Not a fan of this new offense and usage and I know that can change but for now it’s not great. Add to that the injury factor, plus the Julio target share factor and that King Henry is still king and it’s enough for me to move on. This is a 12 team PPR SF TE premium league. Small added bonus to this deal was I traded with the team I was up against last week so beat him with Diggs when I otherwise would have lost with AJ. This is a win now team and Diggs is only 27 and that Buffalo offense is legit.
  3. Sent AJ Brown and Quez Watkins and 2023 2nd for Stefon Diggs and a 2023 3rd in my 12 team PPR SF TE Premium league. Contending team and prefer the Buffalo offensive upside over this year and maybe next and don’t love Julio being there and now the soft tissue injury. And for a powerful competitor like AJ, I worry he may force it too soon and struggle with it all year. Don’t care about the pick swap two years out and got Quez for free so didn’t mind adding to seal the deal.
  4. Just picked up Rondale for free and plugged him in for Tee as well. 👍
  5. Thanks for the reminder to check my league with this scoring. Added 2.3 points for the return yardage. Not bad for free points with a good chance of some long one’s and TD’s along the way.
  6. This thread is one of my faves. You folks rule. Expect nothing less from a bunch of Raiders fans.
  7. Easy Jeudy, he'll take your heart but you won't feel it...
  8. Love Hill and nabbed him in 2 leagues but this seems light for Engram. Has he fallen that far?
  9. Can't get a darned thing for Mostert in a full rebuild...resigned to the fact that I will have to wait until he has some good games to deal him for any value. Offered him for a 2nd to the whole league and nada. Nice deal for you here.
  10. I feel your pain, just with TE’s. In the league where I own Hill and Swift I am apparently taking TE premium to new extremes lol. Need to trade some as I don’t want to just drop them. Sorry to take the convo off track.
  11. Very interesting reading your perspective here. I have Hill, had Herbert and was considering Jefferson as I have Swift. I value Hill more as I believed in his talent and opportunity in Green Bay. Never been totally sold on Dillon and his last game did nothing to change my view. Hill could get a foot in the door as easily or easier than Herbert. As for Jefferson it’s tough to decipher between some public tough love from new HC Dan Campbell and positive recent reviews of a Swift ramping up the last couple practices. I am currently only rostering Hill of the three and don’t have room for more at the moment but will keep them on the watch list for sure.
  12. I basically did, it was early yesterday morning and I thought maybe I was dreaming lol. Made the deal about 5 minutes after the post. Also was able to deal for Ekeler right after this so yesterday was a great day for that dynasty team.
  13. 12 team Superflex TE premium start 1qb, 2rb, 3 wr, 1te, 1 Flex, 1SFlex Qb - Ryan, Fitzpatrick, Goff, Heineke Rb - Cook, Ekeler, Swift, White, Mattison, Kylin Hill Wr - Tyreek, AJ Brown, Allen Robinson, Marvin Jones, Crowder, Rondale Moore,Quez Watkins, Darden Te - Pitts, Fant, Trautman, Juwan Johnson, Albert O, Parham Will this dog hunt?
  14. 12 team PPR Sf Te Premium start 1Qb , 2 RBs, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Superflex sent James Robinson received Allen Robinson Leaves me with Cook and Swift and not much else at RB so need to shore that up but couldn’t pass up on the value upgrade. Even though I love Robinson for this year. Thanks to those who chimed in, in the other threads. 👍
  15. Posted this in the James Robinson thread but interested in thoughts: I’ve got a verbal offer of his Allen Robinson for my James Robinson. I am thin at RB with Cook, Swift, Robinson, James White, Mattison, Kylin Hill and a bit better at WR, though we start three and I am rolling with: Tyreek, AJ Brown and Marvin Jones (with Mooney and Rondale coming and Quez and Crowder). Sell high? I feel like it’s the right move plus a rebuilder has Ekeler that I think I can deal for. Just feels like too good of an opportunity to upgrade from a guy who may still be a risky pick next year to an elite receiver with a deep ball specialist coming. What say you shark poolians?
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