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  1. Really appreciate the replies. It’s a SF and QB’s are valued eve higher than other SF leagues I’ve played in so I’m not even sure the dude would accept this offer. I am clearly higher on Lance than many of you as for me he is a key part of this deal and i’d much prefer him over Cousins or Carr or others of that ilk. I really like the point that I can only deal Cook once. Helps me be really sure I’m ready to do that or not. I do think this team can compete this year but am leary of my team being another year older and I have no 2022 picks (I’ve got all my 2023’s) so am going to need to
  2. In a different league I did a full tear-down a couple years ago and almost gave up after I felt I cut too deep at the start. Plus that league was getting a little stale but 4 new owners came in all at once, some of whom I’ve played with in other leagues for years and that new life was enough to keep me around. Dealt away: Hopkins, David Johnson, DJ Moore, Tyler Lockett, Jared Cook, Derek Carr, James White, Jonny Smith Got only Kittle in trade as a player who I dealt for Hunter Henry and Diontae Johnson, all other players were selected with picks for the players above : L
  3. Great thread. Really like reading all of the various strategies. As several staffers here like to say, any strategy can work if well executed. I’m feeling a little inspired by HotSauceGuy’s competitive rebuild and am having my own come to Jesus in my own SF TE Premium PPR league. I have a fairly strong team, playoffs last year and likely again I’d say. However, my glaring weakness is at QB (and WR3) Stry 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1SFlex. QB-Ryan, Goff, Fitzpatrick, Heineke RB-Cook, Swift, Robinson, James White, Mattison WR-Tyreek Hill, AJ Brown, Ronda
  4. Good point on Wood and the Eagles. Same goes for Cecil and the Broncos but, and I love ya Cecil!, but I don’t look to him on RB’s anymore. 😊
  5. Agreed on the averages, I just like making sure the slider leans Bob’s way in the league dominator. 😊 i also like looking at the differences between the projectors from a positional level and find sometimes I may prefer other rankers specific to a position as opposed to overall. I am sure they all have certain positions they are more successful in accurately projecting.
  6. I always lean Bob Henry. Of course I have other sources but Bob is far and away my “home base” when it comes to projections.
  7. Just dropped Randall Cobb for him in one league where he was available and we have off-season waivers. I’d be tempted to nab him at the 3.3 over those dudes if I had a contending team.
  8. My only hope is anyone saying his body his choice feel this way for all humans…not just dudes.
  9. Dealt Darnold for Goff and Heineke in my 12 team SF TE Premium (own Fitzmagic and figured I'd hedge my bet).
  10. Traded him last week for a 2022 random 2nd. He was my 5th RB in a start 2 so figured it was best to cash out.
  11. Bob is the best. Reached out yesterday via twitter with some feedback on James Robinson - Bob replied, fixed the issue and thanked me. Footballguys rocks. And the SuperDave reference? Icing on the cake. 😎
  12. Grabbing Pitts at 5 would be brilliant and was precisely why I suggested targeting the early picks. I mean, it provides access to near-elite talent at a couple positions anyway but for me in your situation I would grab Pitts if he’s there and be very happy.
  13. In my mind if he wants Kelce and it’s TE premium he is the one paying the premium, not you. Aim for those early picks.
  14. Boo-urns. Really changes my superflex options with Fitz likely not starting down to gross options like Alex Smith, Darnold, Allen, Crowder, Renfrow, Mooney. Easily a 10-15 point drop down to those guys in my scoring at least. Really too bad Fitz isn't starting somewhere this season with all the spots that opened up through the season. Definitely better than several current weekly starters in my book. (I don't actually have a book).
  15. Really hope they sit him out. It is well within the realm of possibility that his symptoms of illness are actually still related to the brain injury. Come on Bevell, show you are smarter than Patricia right out of the gate here.
  16. 12 team Superflex played him over Matt Ryan last week with no regrets. Will play him with Ryan this week if he is starting (over Darnold, Smith, Brandon Allen lol) but would start him over Stafford as well.
  17. So, apparently he has cleared the concussion protocol but missed practice today due to a non-COVID illness. Illness could explain the lack of energy mentioned by Peterson. Good that he cleared the protocol, still not sure I trust Detroit enough to do the right thing here but I am firmly on the side of let brain injuries heal and rest vs rushing someone back out there only to get hurt even worse.
  18. Had an offer of his Lazard for my Mostert in a rebuild I am in. Was hoping for a 2nd but no one will pay. Would anyone accept Lazard for Mostert in dynasty?
  19. As a guy who just acquired him a few weeks ago in dynasty, of course I'd love him for playoffs and I am a contender. But, I acquired him for the long term and hope they rest him as long as he needs to ensure his health. Plus, just as a human I really hope he is ok.
  20. Me too, but I can't get over my own sour grapes for not holding him where I had him. Yet. And who knows - Rodgers strikes me as one who would ultimately look out for number 1 and if he once again gets little offensive help this off-season (barring a Super Bowl) I could see him forcing his way out of town. Sure it's pretty out there but stranger things have happened.
  21. This has been in my head since pre-season and I wish I had ignored it. (Even though part of me still sees the flashes and thinks Sternberger may still take that job) Seems high. That said, in a 12 team PPR start 1 TE Waller just went for Kirk and a 2022 2nd. And even that could seem high depending on your valuation of Kirk.
  22. Totally! First time in my 15+ years of playing dynasty I've had one of these dropped into my lap.
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