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  1. 31 minutes ago, Bob Henry said:

    Thanks for posting this, Joe. I've already found and fixed some goofiness but I anticipate more that I'll discover or simply need to re-examine. This is where you come in. Your perspective is always valuable to me. We may not agree, but I'll always consider and give it another look to see if I've missed or overlooked a particular data point, insight you've highlighted or something else. Feedback is a gift. Tell me my baby is ugly. It helps me see anomalies I'd otherwise never see. My teflon suit is ready. Fire me from the cannon like Super Dave. Bring it.

    Bob is the best.  Reached out yesterday via twitter with some feedback on James Robinson - Bob replied, fixed the issue and thanked me.  Footballguys rocks.  And the SuperDave reference?  Icing on the cake. 😎

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  2. 3 hours ago, joey said:




    Thanks for all of the replies, guys. I turned it up with a counter for his 1.05 and he accepted. so I got 1.05, 1.11 and 2.05 for kelce. I’m crossing my fingers that I can grab Pitts at 1.05 and then like go BPA at 1.10,1.11,2.05 with a bias towards getting a few of those 2nd tier RBs (Gainwell, Carter, Sermon, etc) to restock my RB cupboard. 

    Grabbing Pitts at 5 would be brilliant and was precisely why I suggested targeting the early picks.  I mean, it provides access to near-elite talent at a couple positions anyway but for me in your situation I would grab Pitts if he’s there and be very happy.

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  3. 32 minutes ago, joey said:

    Kelce value in TE premium?


    my team is in the middle of “win now” (Zeke, Hill, Kelce, Andrews) and young/long term (Herbert, Claypool, Shenault, Pittman, Trautman) and limbo (CDavis, Mostert/Wilson, Tua, Drake). So I’m torn if I trade away Kelce (who is literally a weekly game winner in TE a premium) for an offer that¡s 1.8, 1.11 and 2.05 (to go with my 1.10) or just stand pat and try to pull together one last playoff run. Or do I see if I can turn up the offer to his 1.05 instead of 1.08 or am I being needlessly greedy? 
    yes this turned into a blatant AC Forum question but does anyone visit thee at all? ;) 


    thoughts appreciated

    In my mind if he wants Kelce and it’s TE premium he is the one paying the premium, not you.  Aim for those early picks.

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  4. Boo-urns.  Really changes my superflex options with Fitz likely not starting down to gross options like Alex Smith, Darnold, Allen, Crowder, Renfrow, Mooney.  Easily a 10-15 point drop down to those guys in my scoring at least.

    Really too bad Fitz isn't starting somewhere this season with all the spots that opened up through the season.  Definitely better than several current weekly starters in my book. (I don't actually have a book).

  5. So, apparently he has cleared the concussion protocol but missed practice today due to a non-COVID illness.  Illness could explain the lack of energy mentioned by Peterson.  Good that he cleared the protocol, still not sure I trust Detroit enough to do the right thing here but I am firmly on the side of let brain injuries heal and rest vs rushing someone back out there only to get hurt even worse.

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  6. Just now, Biabreakable said:

    Yeah I would bet on Tonyan at this point but who knows? 

    Personally I am hoping Rodgers leaves Green Bay and then we wont care who their TE is anymore, but thats likely wishful thinking.

    Me too, but I can't get over my own sour grapes for not holding him where I had him.  Yet. And who knows - Rodgers strikes me as one who would ultimately look out for number 1 and if he once again gets little offensive help this off-season (barring a Super Bowl) I could see him forcing his way out of town.  Sure it's pretty out there but stranger things have happened.

  7. 42 minutes ago, Biabreakable said:

    Good question.

    I think Fant/Hock/Irv Smith/Gesicki have some draft capital in their favor along with youth as to why they are preferred to other possible options.

    Tonyan is a UDFA who in some folks minds might just be a placeholder for Jace Sternberger who the Packers selected in the 3rd round 2019.

    This has been in my head since pre-season and I wish I had ignored it.  (Even though part of me still sees the flashes and thinks Sternberger may still take that job)

    18 minutes ago, Helaire-ious said:

    Waller value go up lately or something? Guy just offered him to me in PPR for my 2021 1st & Engram.I think that's too high...even if I didn't have Goedert


    Seems high.  That said, in a 12 team PPR start 1 TE Waller just went for Kirk and a 2022 2nd.  And even that could seem high depending on your valuation of Kirk.  

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  8. 10 minutes ago, ffmail4me said:

    Very good point. I can get so caught up in trying to win now but you are right, to have that asset next year will be huge. 

    I am in a rebuild and after Kittle's injury, one of the top contenders in that league (12 team PPR) offered me Kittle for Jonnu Smith straight up.

    Snap accept and a couple owners in the league got upset as they thought it was too light for Kittle.  Me too!  

    Hoping that move speeds up my rebuild a bit.

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  9. Reading this thread helped validate what I thought I had seen over the last several games in Zeke’s play.  Kind of reminds me of how David Johnson looked last season after he was initially injured.  Not saying it’s an injury just saying the drop in play and more so production is reminiscent.  As some have said, just not the same burst he used to have.  I also like and agree with the RB usage theory floated earlier.  Well said.

    I posted this in the dynasty trade thread but figured I’d share here for info:

    12 team Superflex PPR TE Premium

    My team is in 5th but I am very weak at QB with only Matt Ryan, Darnold, Fitzpatrick and Rypien.


    I gave:  Zeke and a 2022 2nd

    I got: Swift and a (likely top 5 or better) 2021 1st 

    Not convinced Zeke and Swift's value is all that different now to end of year, so hoping Swift keeps progressing and this 1st lets me hopefully target a QB in next year's draft.

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  10. 12 team Superflex PPR TE Premium

    My team is in 5th but I am very weak at QB with only Matt Ryan, Darnold, Fitzpatrick and Rypien.


    I gave:  Zeke and a 2022 2nd

    I got: Swift and a (likely top 5 or better) 2021 1st 

    Not convinced Zeke and Swift's value is all that different now to end of year, so hoping Swift keeps progressing and this 1st lets me hopefully target a QB in next year's draft.

  11. 1 hour ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

    I think with the right lead time, Tyreek could have actually scored if he was targeted on that first incomplete TD pass to Robinson, the one where Tyreek was highlighted as having peeled coverage away from Robinson. It looked like he could have run under a ball thrown into the EZ and scored if that’s the choice Mahomes had made. 

    I had this same thought when I saw the replay.  Hopefully a Tyreek floor week.

  12. Super!

    I like what you've suggested so far, and I'd go with the consolation bracket over everyone making playoffs - to your point.

    No kickers.  Add in some sort of weekly high scorer prize - can be small/goofy or more meaningful.  Might not fit with super simple but that way each team at least has a chance to win a week.

    I guess best ball would probably also be an easy intro for kids this age, though I've never played myself i know others here have.

    Cool topic - should be some fun ideas coming.

    Good luck - and great Dad!

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