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  1. You are reading it right, I’m likely a top 4-ish team all things being equal. And I see the points being made that this is an overpay and I agree to a point but honestly, every league is so different, and this league in particular has a crazy high view of RB’s. As for Ekeler needing to be top twelve to justify the trade, I think he can achieve that but I am not counting on it. Rolling out Zeke, Dalvin and Ekeler is much more appealing to me than that spot being held by James White, Marvin Jones or Jamison Crowder. Part of the appeal for me was that he would accept picks only.
  2. No Ekeler love I see. So be it. Me and his Mom will just chill on this island . Appreciate the replies!
  3. 12 Team PPR Superflex TE Premium My team is a contender that needed a Flex upgrade. Gave: 2021 2nd , 2022 1st, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd Got: Austin Ekeler Flex is now Ekeler as opposed to: James White, Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder
  4. uh oh. This new feature is like opening a bag of chips...except there doesn't seem to be an end to the bag! Good luck stopping once you start.
  5. Absolutely these are still two separate deals, no argument there. And having a podcast isn't a pre-req to providing your view! I appreciate your perspective and agree with your take.
  6. So this is kinda fun. I'm out for a walk last week and lo and behold right at the end in the rapid fire round I hear you guys discussing my trade of McCaffrey for Matt Ryan, Tyreek Hill, James White, AJ Dillon, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, 2022 3rd. and your take was that I didn't quite get enough for McCaffrey, and as much as I didn't want to hear that it was true. This is a 12 team SF TE premium in its second season. Fast forward to yesterday. I suggest to the same owner I dealt McCaffrey to, that maybe we should be talking Zeke. An hour later I get Zeke for Mike Evans, Tarik Cohen and Drew
  7. I like it Joe. And on other sites, these kinds of links often prompt me to read something i may have missed. Well done - organization is logical and useful too.
  8. 12 Team PPR Superflex TE Premium Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, 1 Superflex Team A: Gets Christian McCaffrey Team B Gets: Matt Ryan, Tyreek Hill, AJ Dillon, James White, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, 2022 3rd
  9. Purchased annually for a long time - decade maybe? Love the season long contest, almost reason enough to join frankly. Also though, appreciate your projections and rankings and MyFBG has long been a tool in my toolkit. Dan Hindery's monthly Dynasty trade charts have also become invaluable tools for me. I'm a pretty low maintenance dude so the only constructive feedback i'd give is that I would like to see more frequent updates to some of the dynasty rankings throughout the offseason - maybe at key points like pre-post FA, the draft, etc... Thanks for asking Joe.
  10. Just last week i traded Njoku for Mattison in a 12 team PPR Superflex TE Premium. I own Cook. I wonder how that other owner feels about the deal now? I had been trying to get Mattison since last season but his asking price was crazy.
  11. Late last season, first year dynasty startup - I traded 4 2020 1sts for CMAC - at the time mostly mid to late. Turns out the picks ended up being the 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 1.11. DTC has this as almost dead even as of today. Both the other owner and myself are still happy with the deal as our teams were in different places in terms of win-now windows. He now has the risk of hitting on those picks while i have the risk of CMAC regressing. I'll take that risk then and i'd still take it today.
  12. Fair enough - how about mutual interest/respect? Point is, they wanted to connect and play together and now are going to grow together in the NFL. I just find that interesting but for sure my choice of words didn't get that across.
  13. Regarding the familiarity between Burrow and Higgins - i thought they mentioned on the draft broadcast last night that these two had thrown the ball around together recently...nothing huge but interesting and not trying to be misleading here.
  14. In my return yardage league i'd love for him to fall to me at 5.
  15. Didn't see one, and with respect to Ack88, let's do this for receivers, now that we know where many have landed. I'll start: Jeudy - looking forward to he Denver offense - see his role as key Lamb - believe he will beocme the WR1 eventually Ruggs - Imagining him running free as long as they can get him the ball Reagor -fits the need of this offense i think Jefferson - could be a dual threat with Thielen and eventually will overtake Mims - hoping that Jets offense can turn a corner - if so it will be in part due to Mims Aiyuk - SanFran has a type they l
  16. Is there a WR version of this thread? I looked but didn't see one.
  17. 12 Team Superflex TE Premium PPR Dealt Cam Newton for the 2.1 and a likely mid-2nd in 2021.
  18. Really appreciate all of the thoughts here. I think i just acted too quickly as I have been trying with multiple other owners in this league to deal but nothing even close was forthcoming. But with that said, I am still ok with the deal as-is. Just in agreement that I could have gotten more. How much is debatable as has been mentioned here many times, each league is its own market.
  19. No, actually, not yet at least as this deal sort of came out of the blue. I am willing to take the risk that I can’t replace Moore’s value entirely or immediately but with my roster I felt I needed another couple of cracks in a deep draft year to add another useful player or two. And I figured if I really F it up this season and end up closer to the bottom than the middle or top then I’ll earn an early pick and will know early enough hopefully that I can sell off other pieces and reload next year. And , I should add thanks for all of the comments and discussion. Love it.
  20. 12 team PPR Team is middle of the road and I needed some more talent on my roster. Been trying to deal Hopkins for youth/picks but nothing happening there so. Ended up that I: gave DJ Moore got 1.5, 2.1 and 3.1. guy offered the 1.5 and his 2.5 and I countered with the above. He accepted so quickly it makes me think I could have gotten a bit more. Still fine with the deal though, because I need everything from QB to WR to TE so really the extra picks help as I may be able to grab a top QB at 2.1 which would help a lot.
  21. I agree with the majority here so far on this deal but my guess is he is banking on new coaches to give Njoku the chance he didn’t get with Kitchens, at least this past season. I've been trying to buy Njoku cheap myself as I think he go doghoused and am hopeful his talent didn’t just up and leave. This was not a buy low however.
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