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  1. Did Devin Singletary actually drop completely off the list? Seems harsh, if so.
  2. 14 Team SuperFlex-TE Premium-IDP (mostly inconsequential to the draft though...) Vets and Rookies 1.1 Murray, Kyler ARI QB (R) 1.2 Hockenson, T.J. DET TE (R) 1.3 Jacobs, Josh OAK RB (R) 1.4 Haskins, Dwayne WAS QB (R) 1.5 Harry, N'Keal NEP WR (R) 1.6 Montgomery, David CHI RB (R) 1.7 Fant, Noah DEN TE (R) 1.8 Metcalf, DK SEA WR (R) 1.9 Lock, Drew DEN QB (R) 1.10 Shepard, Sterling NYG WR 1.11 Smith Jr., Irv MIN TE (R) 1.12 Jones,
  3. Probably. But on the flip-side, if he does make the team he will have beaten some decent competition. Even then he’ll probably be more fun to watch in real life as a big rig than a useful fantasy producer. Have him at the end of two rosters but will drop easily if necessary.
  4. Philly sniped Goedert From Dallas last year didn’t they? Lighting could strike twice...like two Josh Allen’s drafted at 1.7 in back to back years. Ahh the symmetry...
  5. interesting, was considering offering him to the Ebron owner (he has Ertz, I have Doyle). But I am not sure it's worth it. If Fournette is out longer I think Hydes value for this season goes up a lot.
  6. Chubb in, Johnson out, repeat until satisfied.
  7. Two weeks ago I dealt Cohen, Lindsay and a 2019 1st for James White and Golladay. Still loving that deal. Dynasty - 12 team PPR
  8. Dynasty - Just traded an early to mid 2019 3rd round pick for RSJ, 10 team TE premium league. Hope he works out. Thirds in 10 teamers can land some decent players, but i am desperate for a TE and figured the price was reasonable enough. DOn't need him for this year so hopefully he just keeps on improving and building a rapport with Rosen.
  9. Wilson definitely has a history of heating up as the season wears on, i'm not sure if that works for Baldwin though. I've had him on a few teams over the years and he tended to have an ok floor, and a decent ceiling but he wasn't necessarily consistent week over week. This is why his end of season points always look good, but he's a guy who has both won and lost me weeks. Just sharing a perspective here.
  10. Good lawd...when did we shift to expecting every rookie receiver to come in an be fully ready to play in the NFL?
  11. Figured this might help gauge current value: Dynasty - 12 team PPR Start 1QB,1-3RB,1-4WR,1-3TE Contender with RB depth sent: Philip Lindsay, Tarik Cohen, 2019 1st for Kenny Golladay, James White
  12. 12 team PPR Start 1QB,1-3RB,1-4WR,1-3TE Contender with RB depth sent: Philip Lindsay, Tarik Cohen, 2019 1st for Kenny Golladay, James White
  13. I am in the exact same boat starting Kamara and choosing between DJ and Gio. I still haven't settled in my thinking and am leaning starting DJ...that said i am at risk of flip-flopping many times between now and Sunday morning.
  14. At the risk of meandering into AC territory, how would you value Calloway vs. Will Fuller? Both WR2's (sort of, assuming Landry as a non-traditional WR1). One with dumb-dumb risk, the other with injury risk? Just wondering how you folks see these two compared to each other?
  15. Thanks for the reply. I agree with you on the fact that he could/should have come back and fought for that pass but as said above, i think those are the rookie growing pains we'll see. I appreciate your point of view and just wanted to see if there was something else i was missing.
  16. @FF Ninja pretty harsh assessment for a raw rookie trying to find his way. He will learn and improve most likely and clearly the team is giving him a big opportunity. What were you expecting exactly?
  17. This is absolutely true. In a 10 team Superflex, where i went to the finals last year with an old(er) roster, i realized i needed to kick off a mini-rebuild. I am trying to trade Philip Rivers, who can still be a QB1 this year and unfortunately my options of which contending teams could use him are very limited. This is sadly going to force me to deal him for less than I would like, but i am not sure what else i can do. Trying to be patient, but having him on my roster right now is also limiting my chances at drafting 1.1. Just sharing as an example of what you described Doc.
  18. ooh boy, I too have high hopes for this young man but that does seem a little nuts to me. I am in wait and see mode with most of the Bears offensive players. I just think we need a week or three to see how the targets shares shakeout. So much change there and new weapons i'd still start Amari this week without hesitation.
  19. Can someone help me figure out how to use the ignore function please?
  20. i suspect someone will probably roll in here telling folks to get a life...but I for one appreciate these threads as they help ensure it's not something on my end. So, thanks.
  21. I am in full on wait and see mode with Cohen. Not getting to see him do anything to stand out in the pre-season has made me even more concerned about his usage than I was already. In the two leagues I have him, i have the luxury of waiting to see how he is used and if he truly becomes fantasy relevant and a consistent point producer and key part of that offense. I am a fan for sure, but he is not the typical back and the Bears offense seems like it has a whole lot of potential mouths to feed and i have no idea how the food will be split. Fingers crossed.
  22. Wow. Did you ever call this. Even for pre-season this game is awful.
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