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  1. I have something similar happening after our draft but not for every player or team, seems somehow random. I drafted Kerryon Johnson but he doesn't show on my roster, but does on a player search just like your situation.
  2. Great effort. Appreciate it and the commentary it will drive. Thanks!
  3. I'd say Kittle is likely the most valuable out of that group. Youngest, flashed at the end of last year and they liked him so much they traded Vance McDonald away (not that he is a star, but still). if you can wait, you may be better off waiting until he has some training camp hype or a fast start. Brate is next for me. Jamies really seemed to key in on him last year and that new contract speaks to how the team values him, even with Howard in the mix. I just don't think you'll get any real value out of trading him.
  4. What a week for the Texans. Multiple needs addressed effectively. Well done.
  5. Haven't seen many Allen Robinson deals. 12 Team PPR, QB, RB,2 WR, TE, 3 Flex (Reiging Champ, and still looking strong) Gave: 2.6, 2019 1st, 2020 1st, 2020 3rd, Mike Davis, Erik Swoope Got: Allen Robinson If those firsts are as late as I think, there is no way I get a player with Arob's upside unless I fluke off a pick. Hoping Robinson is the focal point of a young and emerging offense.
  6. Ended up sending the 3.6 and the 4.1 for Murray. I'm fine with that price.
  7. I had no idea what to value him at so I offered the 4.1 for him in a 10 team PPR start 2 RB Superflex and it was rejected without a counter. I am not sure I could offer a second and I don't think he'll take a third.
  8. Team A has Ertz, Hooper, Swoope at TE. Definitely part of why giving up Olsen made sense. I think it's decent exit value for a player I have nothing but appreciation and respect for and who I think still has something left in the tank for another year or two.
  9. I'm team A. I've owned Evans in 3 of 4 dynasty leagues since I drafted him and this is my first time trading him away. I won the championship last year, with little help from Evans as I am deep at receiver. Plus the point per carry scoring change introduced last year has really added some bonus points to backs. In our league, I think this is a pretty even, win-win type of trade. Evans just always feels like the hype never quite matches the production. I was looking to divest myself of some Evans shares and I think this deal made sense for this team.
  10. 12 Team PPR(small boost for points re carry) 1/1/1/4flex/1te Team A Gets: Kamara, 2.6 Team B gets Evans, Olsen
  11. The lack of updated dynasty rankings is highly disappointing. My dynasty leagues are all still active with trades occurring weekly. I continue to check here but have had to seek out and rely on other sources, which is unfortunate seeing as I pay for this service. I hope they are updated soon.
  12. Agree with everyone, take the deal.
  13. 12 Team PPR 1/2/2/1flex/1te Small bump for return yards (and return TD's) gave Tyreek and D Cook got D Hopkins and Tarik Cohen
  14. Regarding your rivalry week, one of my leagues uses a week 1 double header. Could you make use of a (or some) multiple header weeks to get the desired schedule?
  15. Hold for me. Wouldn't be looking to buy as he still has trouble actually catching the ball. Will sell at the first sign of value.
  16. I am pretty tired of him having owned him since his rookie season in two dynasty leagues. i hope he has a good last quarter so his value stays high and I can deal him in the off season. I threw out a couple of ideas to some savvy dynasty owners I trust and they still value him very highly. That said, if he sucks these last several games it may be another waiting period for him to get back on track before dealing him. Ultimately it is only a matter of time for me to sell him, and I hope I can still get great value. That is not the same certainty as last year though when I initially thought about selling.
  17. Wow...I must be in a haze today as I didn't even think of that impact of Geno on Engram. I got Rudolph as a throw in on a deal this past week and am now very thankful for that!
  18. Weebs- I said I traded for Ben THIS WEEK and Dak is on my bench. So I chose to deal with the reality i saw as opposed to hoping in vain. I wasn't sharing any supposed deep insight, simply stating that I thought it seemed risky to play Dak for anyone based on what we've seen. In essence, if folks chose to ignore reality and start Dak, they got what they deserved.
  19. I honestly can't believe how any would trust Dak after the last couple of weeks. I traded for Ben this week in a dynasty league as a contender because I knew sticking with Dak would be my downfall. Happy Dak is on my bench because I still believe in him, but until he figures out how to be great without perfect conditions he will be very risky.
  20. Regarding Ertz, 12 team PPR start 1 TE i (lost Olsen) 3 weeks ago I traded Lamar Miller and a 2018 2nd for Ertz and a 2018 3rd. I know that's not a rookie picks response but still shows how he is valued. For the record, i still love that deal for me, even with Miller coming to life with Watson at the helm.
  21. Very dancey...and seemed to slip quite a bit, mainly on returns. Reminded me of Knowshon with the slippy feet. Own him in one league (dynasty) and will hold until his value climbs through a few big plays or he gets consistent usage. Was probably a luxury late round pick for most anyway so still has plenty of upside in dynasty.
  22. I said to a buddy at work today, I expected them to set up the passing game with the run, if Martin looked capable of being a threat. Cowher said the same at half time, but still no change. It really was bizarre. The game plan seemed to be lacking any deception or creativity. I've not seen any other Buccs games this year so I have nothing to compare against but maybe this was the game they needed to adjust going forward. Too bad it didn't happen in game, because they could have had the win.
  23. Usage was very questionable. Is he not yet in game shape? Didn't seem that way but how else do you explain so few touches as the game remained entirely winnable? Hopefully the coaching staff see what we all saw when they watch the tape and feed him going forward. Glad I got him in one of my dynasty leagues.
  24. 12 team dynasty PPR start 1 RB (Melvin Gordon and decent backups), lost Olsen and was on life support at TE so needed to deal. Dealt Miller and a 2nd for Ertz and a 3rd. Happy for this return but wasn't looking to move him. Just shows he still has value, but it may continue to decrease if Foreman eats into the workload or if Watson can't get the offense working.
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