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  1. Ok. So why would the FDA care? Why does it have to be kept under wraps? I would imagine Biden would love to announce there's a "cure" for COVID and after seeing what's going on in GME, I don't doubt institutions would be gobbling up shares. I had don't understand the logic for NP or the FDA to keep this mum. Not arguing. Just trying to think out loud and discuss.
  2. Possibly. I still have a very hard time believing they just unblinded Monday though.
  3. We get that...but I think DW is asking? Do you really believe NP is keeping quiet on statistically significant results?
  4. I wonder if this will hit $400 like last time. A lot of people will have learned their lesson. However, if hedge funds are taking a side next to retail, why not?
  5. Added a few more shares at $132. Cause I like the stonk. New CB is $107. Let's go baby!
  6. @David Dodds Are you not worried that AMC will sell more shares like last time? So far GME hasn't done that because I think Cohen knows WSB would be he core customers, plus free advertising, but AMC doesn't give a ####.
  7. What's your exit plan for GME or are you diamond holding to see what Cohen does?
  8. So is this the big squeeze for GME that was predicted or something else? Is more than 100% of the stock still shorted?
  9. Data has been unblinded for weeks already. 28 days of phase 3 was Mid January. It doesn't take a month to unblind it. Again, the RFTLF study finished enrolling 5 days after and had data 2-3 weeks ago. Either AMARAX is the worst company you can hire for data analysis or NP is up to something.
  10. LUV almost back to precovid levels. It was the stock that made me jump into stock trading vs indexing. Instead I sold my initial LUV stock to chase CYDY and I am now down 28% since 4/28/2020 in the biggest bull market in history I've heard instead of a 2x. I used most of my cash last week to open new positions so now I'm sitting red in a lot of things. Positions so you guys can avoid: RED STOCKS CYDY BB GTEH AITX CRSP IPOE UNVC PLTR GREEN STOCKS DIS GME Good thing I jumped in GME and got out with a double up. Sho
  11. NASDAQ uplisting. HIV BLA. These are material things that NP made it seem like they were imminent. Hard to believe they aren't stringing this along after failing to deliver.
  12. I used to religiously listen to Lowe, but he can get pretty boring. Honestly, basketball isn't too hard to analyze right now teams pretty much play the same way. If they can shoot the 3, good. If they can play defense, better. If they have basketball IQ best. My basketball time is split between player podcasts. Really enjoy Road Trippin (RJ amd Frye), No Chill (Gilbert Arenas), All the Smoke (Barnes and Jackson), and Rouge Bogues (Bogut). Also like Jalen and Jacoby for short rides.
  13. This PR pretty much confirms it didn't hit. I think NP doesn't have the pull to get this through without statistical significance. I don't know if there's precedent set, but CYDY might get caught in purgatory where it's kept open as an eIND just as a method of last resort. I think I'll cut my shares again.
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