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  1. I haven't been able to find anywhere that said Perine tested positive. Is testing positive the only way you can you get on the COVID List or can you with just close contact situation? Has that been ruled out?
  2. What's going on? Not able to watch the game. Did he fumble or botch a handoff?
  3. Carr looks strong to start the 2021 season. He’s completing 67 percent of his passes for 8.8 yards an attempt. His average depth of target is 9.5, which would be the deepest mark of his career; he’s thrown at least 20 yards downfield on 12.9 percent of his passes, which would also be a career-best number. The numbers that prove I'm not blind.
  4. I know Carr supporters are gonna say Carr has always played like this, but I think Carr this year is FINALLY taking shots down field. He's definitely not checking down as much as he used to and that was my biggest gripe with Carr before. He's always been a great leader and taken care of the ball, but now he's winning games by taking those big shots. Hopefully the numbers somewhere back that up, but that's what I've noticed as the biggest difference in Carr.
  5. Holy ####!!! Double FGs to send the game into overtime. Then reaching the 1 yard line and ####### it up and then everything else after!!! WTF!!! Go Raiders.
  6. I've been trying to wrap my head around how HEX has any utility long term. I can't really see any. From my understanding everyone is just playing a game of chicken. It's just a matter of when the first big whale decides that they've made enough even with the penalty to cash out. Then everyone will have to have race to cash out right?
  7. Figured I'd ask you guys. I changed positions at my job and they put me in the wrong level (based on union contract) so I'm getting paid roughly $7 more per hour than I should be getting (I would hit this level in 4 years). So about an extra $300 after taxes each paycheck. I sent 1 email to my HR rep and he said he'll talk to his supervisor.... That was 5 months ago. So I just been saving the money whenever they ask for it back. This is a large county system so who knows when that'll be. I have pension, max my deferred comp, and ROTH IRA. What should I do with this money? Get them to fix it or invest in index fund, crypto, or some something like uwmc that's pays a dividend? Also, don't I get screwed tax wise if they ask for this back later?
  8. Been busy but I am happy with what I've seen from Kuminga and Moody. Wouldn't trade either for Simmons... definitely not both or even paired with Wiseman. Kuminga has an NBA skill... Getting and finishing at the rim. So physical for an 18 year old! Moody is a smooth scorer, plays composed. It's just too bad Wiseman couldn't play, but I'm holding unless it's for a legit All-Star that can shoot.
  9. Or the next Big 3. I watch no basketball outside of NBA but can't hate on BPA/highest upside and a 19 year old 3&D wing.
  10. I'm fine. She can do what she wants. However, I'm not "praising" her for the decision. If you're going to slap a GOAT on your uniform, then being mentally tough comes with being the GOAT. This Olympics she did not live up to her self hype. She didn't even finish.
  11. Then be humble and just keeping on doing your thing. I love athletes that are cocky, but once you go down that path you better back it up. If she never acknowledged the goat status and she backed out fine. However, if you're the goat...you can't go down without a fight.
  12. I get it, but I don't like that she embroidered a goat on her clothing and this happened. If you're going to make that claim yourself, you better back it up.
  13. Any bad news regarding SI? Bought some at $125 on the first dip hoping itb would bounce back to $150s but it has stayed at $90-100$. $86 is a tempting spot to DCA.
  14. What's the point of a seller's agent at this point?
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