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  1. I'm rooting for the Knicks in the East. My old teammate is one of their assistant coaches. Easier to root for him now rather than Utah. Knicks are legit. They play tough defense and Thibs, Randle, and Rose makes sure everyone plays hard.
  2. I agree. That's why I'm hesitant to add to my shares I've held since forever. Hard to like these prices, but I believe in BTC and ETH long term.
  3. It doesn't feel that way based on hype, that's for sure.
  4. Seems like everyone rotating out of stocks into crypto.
  5. Jayrod just explained... 7v8 = 1 game playoff for 7th seed: winner gets 7th seed, loser plays winner 9/10. 9v10 = Winner plays loser 7/8 for 8th spot.
  6. Question to see if I'm understanding correctly. Fiancee changed jobs. So with her old plan we're just planning on rolling it over into her work plan. We can't do ROTH IRA because we don't have the cash to pay the taxes. Is there any benefit to a rollover IRA over combining with her previous employers if we just plan to invest in S&P index fund? Also, her previous plan, not sure what it was invested in..my guess some Target Year Fund. Does it get transferred as is, switched an equivalent in her current employers plan, or you can pick the value of it to something else they offer?
  7. Both. Whatever it takes to get green. I guess my question was really..what do you guys feel strongest about long term?
  8. Looking to double down and DCA some of my positions. I DCA into BLDP yesterday. What do you guys feel is the best double down? I could double all but that would deplete almost all of my cash in my ROTH. Originally it was earmarked for S&P 500 Index but the sale popped up. IPOE @ $23.20 -> $18.49 BB @ $20.56 -> $12.59 SI @ $126 -> $111 CRSP @ $170 -> $131.25
  9. Added BLDP at 15.60 to bring my cost basis to 19.23. Staying long and strong.
  10. The theory is that 3.5 million is only 5% dilution and that there is at least 2x synthetic shares (70+ million) so the squeeze is still on. GME also now has no more threat of dilution , 0 debt, $550 million in cash, and now that GME is in good shape and the company can't be blamed for market manipulation by selling shares at the height of the squeeze (since this would be be the bottom). Or....they thought $157/shares was the best value they could get and sold now. Up to you, but Ryan Cohen's tweets seem to suggest he's on on it with the crowd. If he screwed with the masses GME
  11. That's why it always seemed like a scam to me. Too good to be true right?
  12. I'm holding GME until the vote on 6/9. GME Investor Materials
  13. Added SI at $126 with hopes of selling when it gets to $170.
  14. Question. Can you day trade in a Vanguard ROTH IRA as long as you have 25k+ in there?
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