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  1. Marxism is an ineffectual form of government. It has never been successful. Capitalism sometimes fails us. Leaders for disenfranchised groups see this failure and question whether other forms of government would provide more equity. MLK Jr studied communism; he was called a communist by opponents who wished to minimize his impact. Despite the fact that he stated he found it incompatible with his religion, the FBI still investigated him for any links to the Communist Party. King was so upset he quipped there were as many Communists in his group as there are Eskimos in Florida.
  2. The system is designed to force pleas because people's lives will be ruined either way. Many people plea and serve time because reduced charges are preferable to risking the 82/18 outcome.
  3. The most notable example of this is someone assigned F at birth - Semenya the SA runner. Under current Olympic rules she's not even eligible to compete unless she takes hormone therapy to reduce her testoserone. I would be interested if either side here would differentiate between those currently under hormone treatment and those that are not. There's some talk above about "not allowing doping" when it appears those who govern international track and field do not view this as doping per se, at least in Semenya's intergender situation.
  4. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/biden-mask-zoom-climate-summit/
  5. Weird story. He attends a church with a Japanese American pastor, is a veteran who works at the VA, but may have mental illness. I hope he can find some help and peace.
  6. Please do the prior 3 presidents for context.
  7. Do you feel #6 is nonsense? Do you feel it is healthy to the republic to lionize him for his actions and encourage more armed 17 year olds in militias at times of unrest? (I am not necessarily saying you lionize him but feel some like Lt Kelly definitely are.) FWIW I watched the videos the next day and felt a not guilty verdict is appropriate. However I fear a lot of "BLM violence" is due to clashes between protesters and counter protesters which this falls under.
  8. Manchin did yes. It would be nice if they actually worked together. But I would guess Dems say they'll pass more later, then Reps say nevermind then just do it without us.
  9. That's fair. By using a work email he should not expect privacy.
  10. When jonmx asked how it was legal in a hypothetical question, I gave a tangential response on how it was very much legal. He broke policy, and they don't even have to use that as a reason. I sympathize he was the victim of doxing, he should be able to move somewhere else to continue his career.
  11. Possible he only listed his work email but don't think it changes much as far as policy. According to the Guardian article Kelly and the three others doxed used "official" email which I take to mean his gov email. The donation was anonymous but tied to his email.
  12. I agree the hack and dox are criminal. He should take some responsibility for HRCing himself into being doxed. Now that the information is out there, the department would be negligent not to consider it wrt his employment.
  13. They already romp freely. Maybe you already lost and should stop the confrontation.
  14. VA is right to work which means he is not required to join the union. Without union contract or protection it's easy to fire without cause. They don't have to justify anything. It's possible the union tries to protect him anyway but we'll see. I am sure like Rittenhouse other concerned conservatives will donate to his defense. It's a shame if he loses his job over a private message, but he did so on a gov computer/email. It is that brazenness which revealed his position and brought him scrutiny.
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