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  1. Here's one example I got from a reddit thread, kind of ironic.
  2. You focus entirely on the social aspect, specifically acceptance of homosexuality. Evangelicals exist in urban coastal population center. They do just fine raising their Christian children in America around gays and various other boogeymen. What you're describing is xenophobia. The most widespread neutral milquetoast entertainment in America is an old lesbian lady who is too rude to her employees. If having a trans person talk to children in a far away city drives one to accept a terrible human as leader, then perhaps their anger is misplaced. Trump loudly declared at the 2016 RNC that he woul
  3. DIsney has been very aggressive with sanitizing movies, like editing smoking out of classic movies, to make their content as safe as possible. And obviously a whole movie (Song of the South) has been unavailable for what 35 years.
  4. I realize the buzzword is "coastal elite" but in reality it is urban vs. rural. Population centers in middle America are democrat. Rural areas in NE, NY, PA, MD are republican. Trump owns a multinational branding company and makes many products in China to save money. He promotes women in his company and clearly favors his daughter to take over his legacy. He is an entertainer who keeps feeding the lines that work. The lines that worked were build the wall, lock her up. Anger towards "coastal elites" is mostly misplaced. It's the result of a multidecade propaganda and marketing camp
  5. So far he hasn't been fired yet. The only action the University has taken is to have its official twitter post that they will look into it. He does not have tenure and is on a 1 year contract. For what it's worth, this guy also sued his former University because they fired him for taking underage students to a nightclub. It appears this guy is a drama queen and snowflake.
  6. She used to host NYE with Anderson Cooper on CNN, probably the most high profile thing she lost.
  7. I think I'd rather have the rumored deal of 2 2nds than bet on Wentz playing 3/4 of the snaps (for health reasons more than beating out Jacoby Brissett).
  8. Close. You left out a step. Roger Ailes create a network and feedback loop. Yes, someone who died 4 years ago is why all those people died last year.
  9. The point of her story is more to call out Biden for being old and to humanize her. It's attacking a position he had 40 years ago. It has little relevance other than to point out Joe has been in politics that long. Attacking a position someone had 40 years ago doesn't prevent you from working with them, especially considering what Cruz, Graham, and Rubio said about Trump before working with him. Some of Trump's personal attacks are relevant to the candidate's viability, similar to Harris' attack on Biden (calling Warren Pocahontas). But many are petty (Ted Cruz's wife is ugly) or vindicti
  10. The Senate determined by vote that it was constitutional. https://www.npr.org/sections/trump-impeachment-trial-live-updates/2021/02/09/965970361/senate-votes-its-constitutional-to-try-former-president-donald-trump
  11. Kamala Harris's "offense" is tweeting a link to the Minnesota Freedom Fund which helps put up bail for anyone who can't post bail so they are not kept in jail for the sole reason of not having enough money.
  12. Hillary definitely broke the law and was dumb. She was warned not to use a private email server or nonsecure cellphone but she did it anyway because she was lazy and an old grandma who can't figure stuff out. Trump, ITrump and Kushner of course did exactly the same thing, and were equally lazy. If they were normal people, they would have their clearance revoked and be fired. But they're not normal people. When Obama was on the Bear Grylls show, they showed he didn't even know how to take a selfie because he didn't use a smartphone after becoming president. This is the level we s
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