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  1. Since a lot of community colleges offer trades, certainly reducing the cost of community colleges could help open up these options to those who could benefit.
  2. If you want to have a strong government which will deport those that commit crimes or do not show up for hearings, then you must have been a vocal supporter of the immigration policies of President Obama. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/GO/GO00/20200109/110349/HHRG-116-GO00-20200109-SD007.pdf
  3. Of course, I agree 100%. They are here legally until they do not follow the agreed upon immigration procedure.
  4. You can bemoan that all you want, but they're still here legally.
  5. They're not illegal. They were processed by the government under Reagan era immigration law as asylum seekers.
  6. There's offensive holding on every play, the good OL learn how to hold so as it doesn't get called. https://www.gq.com/story/no-irs-audits-for-the-rich
  7. Respectfully I don't think you have a point. Biden is treated by neutral fact checkers no different than W, Obama, Romney, McCain. The outliers are outliers for a reason.
  8. If the total spent was about 80B over the past 20 years and not all of that was on equipment, then it's a pretty safe statement the amount of usable military equipment is much less than 80B.
  9. All the news network primetime hosts have the same format (not including Gutfield).
  10. I agree wearing a mask to walk through a restaurant you're going to eat in is stupid. But if they were seeing friends in a bar and mostly talking over a long period of time, then it's practical to wear a mask. Clearly this couple was offended to the point they went to the press, which is a pretty Karen thing to do and probably only helped the bar owner. Maybe he can be the new "that NJ gym owner" or even "that Colorado waitress" for sticking it to them.
  11. That's fair. I wasn't the one asking, just explaining, from my viewpoint at least. Certainly "conservatism" is a tent just like "liberal" which brings together people with different priorities and goals. Certainly the conservatives I know that left the party for D or I have very specific ideals they think no longer apply to the party, and the ones that are still dedicated or more engaged are latching onto different ideals, that were always there but perhaps not the keystone.
  12. We understand conservatives ideals, we just don't think any current members of the conservative American political party represent them. So we question what modern American conservatives really stand for. When we don't get any answer back, our concerns are verified.
  13. His answer was trying to own the libs. Which provides his answer.
  14. The article says President Trump’s invocation of the federal Defense Production Act led to manufacturing lots of ventilators. By the time they were available other better treatments were being used instead, so there was a glut. I have no problem saying Trump did a good job compelling companies to act. The article I provided was about the panick before they were ready. During the panick, it is reported he played favorites without regard to who was most in need. I wasn't even talking about abortion.
  15. It's not how it affects "You" but society as a whole. It is easy to tolerate people who are unvaccinated as I feel reasonably protected. The drain to public health of those that decided to not get the shot is already substantial and not slowing. It was an audacious choice to ignore the risk to your future and your family's over memes. Godspeed.
  16. Good one. https://www.vox.com/2020/4/10/21215578/trump-ventilators-coronavirus-cory-gardner-colorado-jared-polis-patronage
  17. He said she wanted to draw publicity. There's nothing else to get.
  18. Democrats considered him a war profiteer and called him a Nazi, in the same way Hank Williams called Obama a Nazi and Donald Trump Jr called the whole Democratic Party Nazi. The left does it more, but it's something all dumb people do.
  19. With the FDA approving the vaccine, they are stating they have looked at "all" the angles and are accepting the risk. The supreme court has already decided (100 years ago) the government has the right to force health decisions on you if they believe it is beneficial to public health. The same servicemen who are forced to get flu shots every year. Large companies already have covid policies in place and are simply upgrading them as necessary to meet the government's standards. Small companies (those that couldn't afford to lose a specialist) are exempt.
  20. Your question suggests a reasonable reason not to get the vaccine, which the reality the adminstration lives in does not allow for. Specifically on the "keep your job" statement, the Biden administration's mandate allows for masking and testing to replace vaccination. You will not lose your job at a government contractor if you refuse the vaccine. You will in the military, but that is a totally different arena with different rules. A Biden quote is “It’s an American blessing that we have vaccines for each and every American. It’s such a shame to squander that blessing," which I fully believe in. They clearly want to annoy people into taking the easy road and just getting the vaccine. I fear I will lose coworkers to the mandate, so I'm not sure the right answer.
  21. I think Biden's advisors said 1) it is worthwhile for people with natural immunity to get the vaccine 2) they have enough of the vaccine to treat those people and 3) the potential benefit of vaccinating those people outweighs the cost.
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