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  1. I think a big problem (certainly not limited to the tax code) is that a lot of people enjoy having strong opinions on various matters, but don't enjoy putting in the work to acquire the level of knowledge and understanding justifying such.
  2. Student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy but it is not as easy as other debt. You need to file an adversary proceeding within your bankruptcy case and show "undue hardship"
  3. Mayfield/Jackson -- This one just seems wacky to me. My homer league is the perfect storm for Baker (OU fans and QB rushing yardage is scored the same as QB passing yardage), and I think every single person would choose Lamar. Prescott/Rodgers -- Being ten years younger is worth a lot, injury notwithstanding. I think it would take a very specific situation (title-contender next year with decent young depth) to consider Rodgers. Murray/Watson -- Two amazing young players, but I'd go Kyler tempered by the expectation that his rushing will be decreasing throughout the years. Herber
  4. Absolutely love this guy long-term. Assuming the 49ers can solve QB issues in the next few years, I see him contending for top WR in the league.
  5. Deciding between Ahmed and Breida this week. No idea how it will shake out today.
  6. While the recommendation may be officially based on Lincoln's actions with respect to native Americans, the chairman of the renaming committee is critical of Lincoln's attitude towards Black people. “Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that Black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/abe-lincoln-was-a-hero-now-he-s-a-bad-guy-in-some-s-f-education-circles/ar-BB1bUNoA
  7. James Washington getting nearly all the snaps in the 2nd half today. Not thrilling to see.
  8. Stills will collect the balance of his $7 million dollar salary this year by filing for termination pay and will have made $32 million over the last 4 years. He may not be interested in collecting a few game checks at the veteran's minimum.
  9. Justin Fields doesn't seem ready to give up yet. https://twitter.com/justnfields/status/1295015344327852040
  10. Biden at 87% to win Dem nom and 43% to win general per https://www.electionbettingodds.com/, indicating that he looks to be considered 50-50 vs Trump at the moment.
  11. I just don't think we live in a world in which a coinflip between Utah and OU goes to the Utes. If I had to choose between Utah and Alabama taking a loss, I would have wholeheartedly chosen Alabama. Geaux Tigers
  12. As much as the accuracy, my concerns about Hurts are about him throwing guys open when improvising and also letting the ball fly as guys are making their breaks, as opposed to already being open. Certainly, we're spoiled in these areas, as we have literally had 3 of the best guys in college football history at doing these things here in the last 15 years. But we'll just have to see how much Hurts' tailback-like talents can make up for some of his passing limitations when the competition gets better.
  13. Yes, I would definitely bet on Hurts being what's really going on. But I'm talking myself into hoping for something silly. Brandt's not a random jabroni, and is apparently friends with Riley. And he was right about Kingsbury, too (although he wasn't the first to say such, by any stretch). I am seeing a narrative to the return of Kyler. He's not naive nor awestruck about anything. He's had a year with both an agent and a pocketful of cash. His dad was a big-big-time QB, whose historical stature belies what a star and stud he was at A&M. He fully understands the probabilities
  14. Well, Rattler not coming in until summer so that would be a tall order to be ready to start in the fall. Locals seem to think Jalen Hurts is likely coming in. Gil Brandt still sticking with his contention that Kyler could be returning.
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