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  1. I think the bigger problem is that drug violations for which to go fishing exist. If pretextual stops were limited to checking for kidnapped people locked in the trunk while sober drivers with weed and coke in the car were free to go about their merry way, I'd be much more amenable to the notion.
  2. Kinda funny we had this exchange some time back. I meant what I said then, and I mean what I've said here. So, when I say that I would go against my morals, I'd really, really be going against my morals.
  3. Not claiming any virtuousness, just saying what I would honestly do.
  4. Yup. If for some reason I were on the jury and unable to get tossed from it, I would be voting guilty on the highest count, even if I thought he were innocent.
  5. I've always felt the opportunity exists for Canada to emerge as an example to the world with respecting to welcoming and integrating immigrants. Arrange mass transportation and promote such. With today's social media, I would think these endeavors could be extremely successful.
  6. Titania is fictional, and the account is run by a comedian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titania_McGrath
  7. Extensive list here https://twitter.com/TitaniaMcGrath/status/1281023987242487808
  8. If the WNBA were to pay the same salaries as the NBA, that would really kick the trans women in sports arguments up a notch
  9. At the risk of being branded a pedo, I don't find the accusation of paying for the travel of a 17-year-old that he's sexing to be a terribly compelling transgression even if true.
  10. Not that this is relevant to the topic at hand, but seems like the Kitty Genovese story may have been embellished. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Kitty_Genovese#Accuracy_of_original_reports
  11. You were about to get a thatsthejoke.jpg reply
  12. My take (no representation of its veracity) is that Hurts was more of a guy that could hit open guys, whereas Mayfield and Murray could throw guys open. When you're throwing to CeeDee Lamb against Big 12 defenses, that's usually gonna be enough for huge numbers. I think Hurts is a pretty bright guy that put in the work and was there for spring ball, so my guess is that time in the system wasn't a huge consideration, but certainly just a guess.
  13. Let's just say there was some mocking of those tattoos on OU message boards back in the day. It was a different time, and Simms was a huge target.
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