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  1. Pretty wild stuff https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/09/pandemic-australia-still-liberal-democracy/619940/
  2. The condensed replays would be so much better if they'd cut out the officials calling penalties. I wish they'd just flash a graphic or something with "Holding #67 Offense" or whatever
  3. Hi all, looking to join a start-up auction dynasty with at least 10 offensive starters (the more the better and SF or 2 QB preferred). Fine with or without IDP. $150-$300 entry fee. Also would be interested in best ball auction redraft that doesn't require much in-season management at any price level. Hit me up if you got something.
  4. 1990 Warren Moon Bobby Humphrey Johnny Johnson/Emmitt Smith platoon Jerry Rice Haywood Jeffires Brent Jones Derrick Thomas can't remember kicker
  5. That doesn't address the potentially different cost/benefit analysis among children and exceedingly healthy young adults (notably professional athletes) vs. the middle-aged and older. Please don't take this to mean that I am necessarily supporting the non-vaccination of such demographics; just that that particular line of thinking espoused doesn't logically preclude some of the resistance arguments.
  6. This 7-min video showed up in my yt feed a few months back and made me feel hopeful in deep sf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_6U7fGjSSA
  7. Any hope for Lawrence Guy to get moved back to DT? Still listed as DT on nfl.com although most depth charts show him as a 3-4 end. Never was quite sure how he should be listed, as I guess NE runs a mix of 3-4/4-3 (maybe?), but I don't believe he's slated for a role change and he's been at DT in MFL for years now.
  8. IF it is BS, a possible reason is that she just didn't want to keep playing. She struggled in the first round against a nondescript opponent, and hasn't made it past the 3rd round before. Clay is not her surface. That wouldn't be entirely ground-breaking in tennis. Ivan Lendl skipped Wimbledon while ranked #1 in the world claiming a grass allergy that somehow didn't prevent him from becoming a scratch golfer (granted, some say it was in jest; that's contested). Roger Federer has skipped French Opens to focus on Wimbledon, clearly with the realization that, even though he has won the tournament and advanced deeply on other occasions, he had virtually no chance of beating Rafael Nadal. I am not claiming this is the case. I'm just saying that frustration with her play, along with the understanding that she has very little chance in the tournament even if she were playing well, is another possible explanation, in my opinion.
  9. I talked myself into going heavy on him across the board after he was around at 1.8 in my first rookie draft of the season (all superflex). Seems undervalued for going 2nd overall, and his highlights sure look pretty. But what the hell do I know.
  10. This is based on survey data with symptoms including any of the following: fatigue, cough, headache, loss of taste, loss of smell, myalgia, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain
  11. I think the real problem is caused by those that post about the posters who post about other posters
  12. I think the bigger problem is that drug violations for which to go fishing exist. If pretextual stops were limited to checking for kidnapped people locked in the trunk while sober drivers with weed and coke in the car were free to go about their merry way, I'd be much more amenable to the notion.
  13. Kinda funny we had this exchange some time back. I meant what I said then, and I mean what I've said here. So, when I say that I would go against my morals, I'd really, really be going against my morals.
  14. Not claiming any virtuousness, just saying what I would honestly do.
  15. Yup. If for some reason I were on the jury and unable to get tossed from it, I would be voting guilty on the highest count, even if I thought he were innocent.
  16. I've always felt the opportunity exists for Canada to emerge as an example to the world with respecting to welcoming and integrating immigrants. Arrange mass transportation and promote such. With today's social media, I would think these endeavors could be extremely successful.
  17. Titania is fictional, and the account is run by a comedian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titania_McGrath
  18. Extensive list here https://twitter.com/TitaniaMcGrath/status/1281023987242487808
  19. If the WNBA were to pay the same salaries as the NBA, that would really kick the trans women in sports arguments up a notch
  20. At the risk of being branded a pedo, I don't find the accusation of paying for the travel of a 17-year-old that he's sexing to be a terribly compelling transgression even if true.
  21. Not that this is relevant to the topic at hand, but seems like the Kitty Genovese story may have been embellished. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Kitty_Genovese#Accuracy_of_original_reports
  22. You were about to get a thatsthejoke.jpg reply
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