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  1. I made it with 161.65. Thank you Brandon Cooks and Mark Ingram. Happy I stuck with old man Brady.
  2. Gus Edwards just hurt his knee in practice today. Was probably the highest owned player
  3. We may have the same QBs. I have changed them several times and kept going back to the old guy.
  4. This is the slowest year for chat. I remember two people in particular that posted constantly. I guess they are out this year. you all need to share more information. 🤣
  5. Had to search for this thread. Sadly, I found my post from last year where I missed the cut buy 0.05. 😪
  6. Come on Steeler, please don’t let us down…..this contest is my favorite of the year due to you contest scoring.
  7. As much as I hate to see you say this, I understand and can only imagine how much work it is to keep up with it. Thank you for doing it though, calcomatic is one of my favorite things about fantasy football.
  8. If calcomatic is correct, I am out. cut line 148 my score 147.95 ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Seriously, that hurts
  9. Not feeling great right now. Above the cut line by 13.95 points and unless Taysom Hill scores over 33.65 points, I am done. A Jones on a bye Top RB is Carson at 16.9, but other RBs - Gibson7.6, Ingram 5.7, Hines 4 (I really believed in Ingram this year and should have known better) Top WR is Cooks (finally) at 30.1, but other WR - Bourne 11, Boyd 8.2, Chark 4.6, Cooper 4.1, Lazard bye,. Pittman 0, Edwards 0 (WRs just bombed this week). TE; Fells woke up 14.7, other TE - Herndon (what was I thinking) 5.4 and Ertz at 2.1 (what happened?). Been my worst category so far. K - top was 9.1 and Def was 11... K and DEF have been great this year.
  10. 2020 keeps getting weirder. players counting for me this week... I really thought it was wasted money. I thought I was the only that saw Ingram for being a beast and that I couldn't see how no one else didn't realize how much he would crush it this year. The same goes for Fells. Of course I was wrong about both, but they may actually keep me alive this week. Ingram Gibson Fells
  11. The other issue is implementing those ideas into a contest that is automatically scored. I am not a tech guy who could program that, but my guess is it would cost money or time to implement and test it.
  12. I believe someone said to take Zeke since he already had Covid. It was Impossible to cover every scenario but I look at it as anything else that could delay or stop a game from happening. Players get hurt and no one gets to replace or use an alternate score for them
  13. Until they start paying the teams that are booted from the contest prior to week 8, the payout will not affect me.😰
  14. I think he was just joking. We all understand that there is no way to predict what will happen this year and everyone is doing the best they can
  15. That is brutal. You could not do that in a million years if you were trying to do it.
  16. And Chris Herndon counts. I am at 2.6 points and above the cut line. anyone run stats on the players for Pittsburgh and Tennessee yet? Would be tough to get cut from this contest if your top player(s) were postponed. good luck everyone
  17. This Entry is currently BELOW the cutoff. can we turn calcolmatic off? Lol need my late games to be high scoring
  18. I believe I am at 204.4 Bryan Edwards (-14.5) left to play
  19. @Steeler and @Alberta Clipper Can you two discuss this in English? LOL All joking aside... you two are heroes for doing this. Thank you very much.
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