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  1. Money? Yeah that’s what they’re doing it for. You have to be kidding me. https://twitter.com/russellokung/status/1342135793465380864?s=21
  2. First off, let me just say thanks to you for trying to engage in an actual discussion and not just resort to calling me names because my beliefs do not match that of mainstream. I am a human being who cares immensely about America and our freedom. I am not here to troll. I am looking for truth in a sea of confusion. Everyone thinks their personal opinions are the 'RIGHT' ones and anyone else who has a different take must be 'dumb' and deserves to 'die'. This is WRONG. So I read through the first part of your article that attempts to discredit the doctors in the "America's Frontline Doc
  3. I'll post this video again. Saying something that goes against the mainstream narrative is not a crime and in fact is OUR RIGHT. At the 5:30 mark you will hear Dr. Stella Immanuel talk about the 350 patients she treated and all of them are well. Some in their 90s, some with asthma, some with high blood pressure. All lived. There are other doctors taking too. Her message: Nobody needs to die. If you care about the truth, you will watch without bias. Some of the greatest scientific discoveries were initially scoffed at and the scientists who made the discoveries were ridiculed and outcast
  4. It's curable was my point. There are LOADs of doctors saying so. Did you watch either of the video links I provided? So let's get this straight. Nobody wants to know the truth, correct? I post 2 links with loads of doctors and scientists giving their expert opinions that differ from mainstream narrative but they're the 'wrong' links. I'm out for truth. This has nothing to do with politics, it's about truth, freedom and living. Why am I getting constantly ridiculed for wanting to know the truth. This is very frustrating that we can't ask questions about this without so much an
  5. What's wrong with my links? I'm having an honest discussion about an important topic and posted links of doctors and scientists speaking out. Please tell me what's wrong in that!
  6. I am a healthy individual and Covid is a curable flu. Why is it assumed I'm infecting everyone? The absurdity and mind-numbing obedience resulting from this virus is alarming. I wonder how many military vets are gung-ho about getting this vaccine? I know this will not get the vaccine and I didn't volunteer my life for this country to see every ounce of freedom taken in a matter of months. There are tons of doctors and scientists saying things that conflict the mainstream narrative. That should concern folks. That should get people wanting to know the truth. Yet here we are. Anyone offe
  7. Define reputable. There's so much out there if people looked outside of mainstream media. Here for starters Here's another
  8. Nope. I shouldn't have to disclose my medical privacy to anyone, including my employer.
  9. Nah, that's b.s. I shouldn't be outcast from normal societal functions for choosing not to poison my body. The body heals itself, it's my choice how to treat my body and I shouldn't be fired from my job for that choice. This is complete absurdity.
  10. I enjoy my privacy and freedom and I have the absolute right to say what goes into my body. There is a large population of doctors, nurses, scientists and microbiologists who do not think this vaccine is safe. It is never ok to force people to inject themselves with anything. This situation has got way out of control and it's downright scary.
  11. Employers can force employees to get the vaccine? WTF is going on? This is not good. Bye freedom. We’re doomed.
  12. RE: Coinbase. It's not perfect. They 'crash' every time the market moves wildly up OR down. I don't trade btc, I buy and hold so their deficiencies don't really affect me but it's still inexcusable for the top rated exchange to still have crashes during market volatility. BUT, they are 'safe' for the consumer, compliant and regulated. That's the only reason I recommend them. If you're trying to trade btc or eth, use a different exchange. If you're just investinig long term, Coinbase will be the easiest to use with little worry, imo. Full transparency, I use Coinbase Pro (a product o
  13. Different products have different offerings. I use the Ledger Nano S which allows you to store up to 4 different crypto currencies. This device is $60. The Ledger Nano X is $120 and can store many more than 4 different crypto currencies. There is also the Trezor product which is similar to Ledger in reputation, quality and security. I think either a Ledger or Trezor is your best bet. Those two brands have the most reviews, most trust etc... Since I hold just 2 cryptos (BTC & ETH), I use the Ledger Nano S. There is no limit on how much of an individual coin you can store.
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