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  1. No I'm not. I'm saying treat everyone equally. Don't discriminate against people for ANY reason whether it be race, religion, MEDICAL decisions, gender etc... why is this concept so hard to grasp?
  2. You are one dumb SOB. You think I'm trolling? I'm not. You're just uncomfortable with truth and you've obviously been so entitled your entire life that you can't let people live how they want. You feel the need to project your fear onto others and force others to live how YOU think they should live. Why else would you support an organization that won't allow you to: Eat with teammates have marketing or promotional opportunities Leave your hotel room for MEALS Eat at restaurants Interact with people who are not teammates I would suggest you tolerate all people from all walks of life and not judge people based on their differences from you. Seems like you have a problem with anyone different than you.
  3. I would encourage all you silent voices who see this thing for what it is to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT. I know you're out there but you've been shamed into silence. Do it for you children. It won't end until we all STOP COMPLYING and SPEAK OUT. 'Security', 'Safety' and 'the greater good' are the go-to strategy for every authoritarian. These nice sounding words hypnotize people into their own bondage. "People willing to trade their freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both" - Benjamin Franklin
  4. People mocking... what else is new. Sorry for being passionate. I'm not a politician or public speaker, I speak my own truth with passion and conviction. Sorry I don't have a team of writers and a teleprompter so I can talk like a robot. People need to wake up. Do you really not see the insanity surrounding COVID? Apparently you don't but keep on mocking people who CARE and are trying to change the world for the better. You're picking on the wrong person but I'm not surprised. Indoctrination is real. You probably think that's a conspiracy theory too.
  5. What is insane? You for not letting people have an opinion that's different from yours? I don't agree, DELTE!!! Well, I have a lot of friends who agree and they are amazing people who care about others and share nothing but love. I don't really care if Scothawk from the internet doesn't agree.
  6. Not at all. Are you black? If not, let someone who was exposed to that discrimination speak to it. If so, sorry you don't see the comparison. Two of my very best friends are black, they used the analogy and I agreed and used it here. We don't all have to agree on everything but if you can't see this is wrong, then you're completely blind and lost. I will pray for you to gain some awareness.
  7. Jokes are supposed to be funny. This thread is not a funny thread. I don't think you were joking. I think you were being a smart butt and got called out and now you have nothing to say. Just say sorry. It's ok to be wrong.
  8. If you replace 'unvaccinated' with 'black people' the message is similar to what black folks experienced in this country up until the late 60s. Do you honestly not see the similarities? If you are not vaccinated you are NOT allowed to: Eat with teammates have marketing or promotional opportunities Leave your hotel room for MEALS Eat at restaurants Interact with people who are not teammates Does any of that seem normal to you? If so, you should be locked up.
  9. I joined the military when I was 18 years old. I'm now 47. Do you have the same understanding of the world now as you did when you were 18? Your post lacks deep thought and understanding of maturity and mental growth. GAME - a song written by the artist Pocock When I was younger, I never was sold That regular people should just do what we're told By the hand that protects us until we get old Now the people are servants and that's what is wrong Looking back on my hunches from so long ago It was clear and concise before my mind became grown We can see this game This suicidal path we've paved This complex web of untamed rage Yes, we can see this game Bankers guide us by commerce, they created the mold The rules we all follow as our freedom's been sold Meanwhile all of the armies are trained to be cold They're mission is simple: just do what you're told You don't serve the people, you don't serve the whole Just follow our lead, that's why you're 18 years old We can see this game This suicidal path we've paved This complex web of untamed rage Yes, we can see this game As a species we've steepled, hung up on the call We only profit in trinkets, pissed our souls down the stall Just breathe to keep working for a limited cause A negative harvest is a LOCK to be ours I don't claim to know Jesus, John, Peter or Paul But let our spirits unite and be awake for the call So we can win this Mother F'ing Game This suicidal path we've paved This complex web of untamed rage Yes, WE CAN WIN THIS GAME
  10. "These latest guidelines retain the ability for players to have freedom of choice when it comes to getting vaccinated, but not the privilege of being free from consequences." Seriously?!! How is anyone in support of this? "While many teams are claiming 100 percent of their front office, and support staff are fully vaccinated against the virus, the numbers for players are lagging woefully behind, estimated to be under 50 percent league-wide." Good for the NFL players!! Less than half are obeying the tyrants!! Now if that cohort boycotts the league, we'll have a movement! I hope these players realize the impact they could have. Trust me, we don't want to live like this. If you're living in fear, it doesn't mean I have to!
  11. Have you seen the new COVID rules for NFL players and staff? It's basically racial discrimination thrust upon the unvaccinated. It's utterly disgusting and if you care at all about freedom AT ALL you will do as I have done and quit all FF leagues and cancel your NFLN subscription. NFL players have a very unique opportunity to make a stand and I'm hoping every single player who isn't vaccinated boycotts the NFL. We have the power to make change if we stand together on this. IF you're a corporate and government cuck who likes being told how to live, what to eat, who you can talk to, who you can eat and live with, and what to put into your body, then I'd encourage you to read some history books to get perspective on the slippery slope we have found ourselves on. The precedent being set around this vaccine is the most dangerous to date. If you give the government and corporations bodily autonomy then you have nothing left that's yours, they will completely OWN YOU. I'm urging all freedom lovers to quit the NFL immediately. It's a very small sacrifice for what is at stake. NFL Covid restrictions about halfway down the page - https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2021/6/16/22537177/nfl-nflpa-covid-vaccination-rules-2021 If you support this then you're on the wrong side of humanity.
  12. I'm not joking. I'm making a point. I think you're the one who doesn't know how to argue. Slavery was a REAL thing in this country and it WAS legal at one time. I'm pointing out in a VERY REAL EXAMPLE how flawed your thinking is. You're argument is that.... we already to this so it's fine. Well, that's not a very good debate and I easily pointed out your flawed logic. I'm not looking for a fight. I think all of you who view me as the 'crazy guy' are looking for the fight. I'm trying to fight against authoritarianism, discrimination, loss of freedom.... that's the only fight I'm interested in. There are a bunch of you who are confused about what freedom looks like. It's not your fault, we've ALL been indoctrinated into this system. Only knowledge and an open mind will free you.
  13. It's too late to make the world a better place? It's never too late for that. Hmm, just ONE liberty that's been taken? Ok, I no longer have the liberty to breathe fresh air into my nose and exhale stale air (also known as Carbon Dioxide) out of my mouth while indoors. That's pretty BIG, wouldn't you say? My higher power gave me two breathing holes and we know for a FACT that humans need oxygen to breathe and we need to expel Carbon Dioxide, yet my freedom to do that has been taken. My children are FORCED to cover their breathing holes for 8 hours a day in school. I'd say that's a pretty LARGE freedom to lose.
  14. Does that make it right? There were already rules that allowed slavery in this country too.
  15. Now you're being silly. That is MUCH different than being forced to put something into my body. I'd also argue that "No shirt, no shoes, no service" is a discriminatory policy against impoverished people. There are many laws and rules we've been forced to abide by.... still doesn't make them right. ANd just because we didn't complain about them before doesn't mean we can't now.
  16. I'm definitely for Anarchy, 100%. There is such a thing as peaceful anarchy but your authoritarian leaders won't share that perspective. You have been massively tricked if you think society as a whole should have a say in how I treat MY mind, body and spirit. We have all been indoctrinated into this system. It won't be easy to find the truth and a way out but it is possible for those with an open mind.
  17. Can you really not see the precedent that's being set here? Are you intentionally being obtuse? Last I remember, we don't tolerate discrimination in this country except now we do when it comes to personal health choices.
  18. Are you paying attention to what is going on in other countries? Leaders pushing for vaccine passports is definitely happening around the world.
  19. Someone needs a lesson about freedom. I'm sorry that your privileged life has brought you to a place that thinks discrimination in ANY form is OK. It's not. I wasn't born into privilege so maybe that's why my perspective is DIFFERENT. Different is OK, it's not something to discriminate against.
  20. There's another thread for those who believe the official story. This thread is for those who have questions. So far, all I see are people telling me I'm wrong without even discussing anything from the interviews or about Lockdowns.
  21. The Pfizer exec is a Scientist, in fact he was the Cheif scientist at Pfizer, the company who has created one of the vaccines. I would encourage you to listen to all of them. They're all experts in a variety of fields since the film talks about Lockdowns specifically. Not listening is only depriving yourself of information. You can choose to believe it or not but to not even give it a chance? Well, that's why we're in this place right now.
  22. Based on your take, you must also support any business who is racist. After all, it's that private business owner's RIGHT to serve and not serve whomever they choose, according to you. This thread was created to discuss the other narratives around COVID-19, not your view on allowing racist business owners the RIGHT to serve whoever they want. Please stay on topic.
  23. Freedom means being able to take part in all facets of society even if you don't like me. IF this is your stance, you must also support restaurants who do not allow asians or blacks or indians or.... Because afterall, it's a private business and they can enforce any requirements they want, right?
  24. There's a whole other thread where the sycophants go to ridicule people like me who have a different opinion than what is mainstream. Perhaps you'd be better off in that thread.
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