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  1. I wish I could have the luxury of them both on my roster. Unfortunately, we are limited to 3 and only 3 RB's, total. Best ball. I'm not dropping Ware or C-Mike, so I would've had to drop CJ. I ended up losing out on Booker anyway. I'll wait it out and see what happens with CJ. Good thing is with rosters this limited there are always decent FA's out there. Bernard, Asiata...and before you say you can't believe they're available - realize there are only 36 RB's rostered in the entire league. Bernard should probably be owned. Asiata, eh, maybe.
  2. Very tight roster limits. Best ball (2 of 3 RBs count). 3 and only 3 RB's allowed. I've used 8 of 14 transactions. Have Ware, C-Mike & CJ. 4-3 (after starting 4-0). Really need to win against 2nd place team this week. Do I drop CJ for Booker or wait it out? Need to know very soon as free agency starts at 9 and someone will jump on him if I don't. I have a feeling Booker might take this job and run with it, obviously he does if injury is more serious.
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