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  1. Decided to go with Spectrum streaming for $30/month recently. Just moved and was tired of trying to get the digital antennas to work. I live in a somewhat rural area but most of the towers are less than 40 miles away. I also live in a higher altitude than most of the county around me, still had trouble. Forget it, I'll pay the $30/month to avoid the hassle and not have to worry about ABC being glitchy while my wife #####es about not being about to watch The Bachelor. Plus the additional channels that we actually have some interest in. This in addition to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime gives us plenty, and probably more than we actually need. Now if only they'd program the casting option into the Spectrum app...going to have to buy some Roku sticks I guess.
  2. 0% interest over 24 months - not everyone is a footballguy with unlimited funds
  3. About 5 weeks in with the Pixel 3a, and I love it. The battery life on this thing is incredible. I was easily having to charge my Pixel 1 twice/day. The Pixel 3a is getting charged about every other day, give or take. It's fast, feels perfect in my hand and pocket, and has just about every feature I'm looking for. I originally didn't like the "always on" option as I thought it'd drain my battery but since the battery is obviously no problem I've given "always on" a chance and have to say it's pretty nice not having to touch the phone or unlock (if necessary) just to see your notifications, time, date, weather, etc. If I wanted the battery to last longer I'm sure it would if I turned that feature off. This is the best deal on phones going right now, and it's not close. You can't beat the $400 price tag for what you're getting with it, especially after Google gave me an extra $85 for my Pixel 1 along with the $100 (still to come) to spend at the Google Store - which I'll be using on another Pixel 3a for my wife. A+ from Google all around with this one.
  4. I've never liked chocolate cake, so it's far from the best cake for me. Doesn't taste like chocolate. I get more of a coffee-like flavor from it. Cheesecake, ice cream cake, white cake, yellow cake...
  5. This is almost exactly my situation. 10ish years ago. Didn't realize I'd likely need to wear them every night for the rest of my life, AND they weren't even that bad to begin with since I'd already had braces for 3+ years when I was a teenager. I went from every night, to every other night, to every 2-3 days, and now I've pretty much decided "#### it" and don't wear it at all anymore. Sure, they've regressed a little but it's hardly noticeable. If I could go back I wouldn't have ever gone this route.
  6. Yeah, so what's the deal with that? I have Invisalign and started wearing my retainer (bottom only) every 2-3 days as when I wore it every night my gums would dry out and tend to bleed. I was pretty pissed off when I found out I'd likely have to wear it for the rest of my life. That's definitely NOT something they mentioned before I decided to give it a go. So do some have to wear them every night and some don't? I was so fed up with that dentist/orthodontist that I decided to go elsewhere. My teeth have been alright but it is still noticeable that they shift little by little the longer I don't wear them and eventually the retainer gets VERY tight, almost to the point where I can't even get it on. I just can't deal with having to wear it for the rest of my life. Even if it is only every 2-3 days. Nope. I'd rather my teeth be not "perfect" but still pretty good. It doesn't seem like they'll ever fully go back to how they were before Invisalign, so not a complete waste of money. Regardless, I wouldn't recommend them from my own personal experience.
  7. In the process of buying and moving into a new house. Only downside is for the first time ever we won't have a fenced-in back yard. Our dog is pretty mild mannered, but she definitely tends to wander if we don't watch her closely. She's been pretty awesome out in the wilderness and open areas, but if she gets out into the neighborhood she just takes off and knows we are trying to catch her. Most of the time it involves outsmarting her. Anyway, I'm looking into electrical fencing to "train" her to not leave the back yard "area". Our entire property is surrounded by a vineyard, so that makes it pretty easy to understand the boundaries. Our front yard is very small as the house is fairly close to the road and it's semi-busy. My parents have had success with electrical fencing with their 2 shih-tzus, whom I consider not as intelligent as our dog...I'm just hoping she catches on quickly because it'll be SO much easier just letting her out the back door than having to leash her up and walk around with her for 15-20 minutes 4-5x a day.
  8. Yeah, people can hate all they want but they still won 5/11 games Allen started. They will have a MUCH better O-line, added John Brown, Cole Beasley, Kroft/Knox, and Devin Singletary. The defense should be just as good if not better as they lost Kyle Williams but added Ed Oliver. Their schedule isn't that bad either. Call me a homer all you want, but there is no way they'll be among the 3 worst teams in the NFL next year. Miami, Washington, Arizona, Oakland (sorry, adding AB isn't going to add 4 wins), Denver (really, Joe Flacco?), and NY Giants should all be considered before Buffalo in this discussion.
  9. Those I know seem pretty split on it. Some loved it, some absolutely hated it, and a few were "meh" (like me). Apparently it received the worst rating on Rotten Tomatoes in the show's entire history.
  10. Well, yeah obviously, I'm saying lit up like the others. Que sera...
  11. Well, I'm assuming the reviews reflect how most feel in here as well. Right? I know some people enjoyed the episode, but most didn't. I'm pretty ambivalent on it. I understand that they had to wrap up multiple character developments and story-lines, but this whole season was soooo rushed. These last 5 episodes should've taken an entire 10-episode season, if not longer. They took 6-7 seasons of intricate development on key characters, especially the females, to have it all go down like this? I guess... 1. Arya's fleeing was disappointing, but in the end Sandor protected her, which is respectable. I'm on board with the thinking that Bran sent the horse for her. 2. Cersei deserved worse. The "nothing else matters" embrace with Jamie was fitting, but I would've loved to see Dany torch them both while they were in that moment. 3. The Clegane fight was the best part of the episode. A+ on that. Epic. Perfect. 4. Dany's flip wasn't all that surprising, but I think they could've cut down on some of the "here's Drogon flying and burning the city" scenes. Could've squeezed in some more dramatic character engagements. 5. If I had to take a guess at who's on the Iron Throne in the end: 1. Sansa 2. Jon 3. Daenarys. Wouldn't be surprised if both Jon and Dany die in the final episode, leaving it to Sansa. 6. I really, really, really hope Tyrion survives.
  12. Oh! I honestly hadn't even thought of that until now...Yeah, definitely possible.
  13. Thanks bud I'm just seeing this now so hopefully nobody was being a jackhole...?
  14. Probably Devin White. Other than that who knows, but I think there's more than a 50% chance Haskins goes top 8 too.
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