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  1. I have VCVC and HZAC. I'll hold VCVC because it's tied to REE. HZAC trading at 10.35 so no immediate need to sell it - will hold and see what happens.
  2. I got into ARKQ at the end of last week and I'm just going to bail today and eat the loss
  3. You didn't hold this long, do you still like Unity long term?
  4. Thanks for the reply, but I'm married so HHH probably isn't feasible for me.
  5. I claimed my 20yo college student on my 2019 taxes and received a $500 tax credit. She did not receive either stimulus check last year so I'm hearing I should not claim her on my 2020 taxes so she can file independently and get those stimulus checks as a tax refund. Based on my research this morning I'm not sure if she qualifies as independent (provides more that 1/2 her support) so I figured the best thing to do was ask FBG. She is paying 100% of her tuition with a scholarship and has a job, but I am paying for her apartment and I give her some cash each month for food (basically room
  6. What a difference a week makes. I was planning to be dry during Feb except for two days - the super bowl and the day I closed on my mortgage refi which happened on the 12th so we celebrated. However, life comes at you pretty fast and I have had drinks on the last 5 days straight New goal (starting tomorrow) is to be dry until St. Patrick's Day, which is about a month from now. Overall goal of drinking on only 50% of the days is still in tact after 6 weeks, so I have that going for me. Did the Adrienne yoga for ~12 straight days then stopped for the lasts couple days. Before starting
  7. I'm still holding... I knew the risks but got in at a bad price (fortunately a small amount)... hoping they don't go out of business is my only play
  8. Chad helped me refinance to a 15 yr loan at 2.25% -- shaving 7 years and 55K off my existing mortgage. He was great to work with and patiently answered all my pain-in-the-### questions Thanks @Chadstroma !
  9. I grabbed some SNDL today due to YOLO and FOMO - so far so good
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