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  1. I was good all day yesterday - no booze and ate well - until I smashed 5 mini candy bars at around 9PM Heading out for diner tonight but the place has some keto-friendly options so I should be ok, except for the beer, and the 1.5 fries I steal from my kids plate
  2. No booze on Monday and Tuesday, ate decently as I made pulled pork and homemade coleslaw over the weekend. Workouts were a challenge those days. Under 200 this morning, so all good.
  3. Shirley, they can't be serious with a Kicker who's last name is Blewitt.
  4. Seems like everyone has this problem this week.
  5. I looked at the scheduled and my first thought was to use these 4 QBs in stacks: Rodgers, Brady, Stafford, and Murray So my initial thoughts again lineup with the leverage scores. Based on my bad performance last week I'm not sure that is a good thing
  6. Najee and Robinson out for me in week 7 so AJ Dillon, Gio Bernard, and R. Stevenson is all I have at RB (thanks Gus Edwards). At least it looks like everyone in the thread is hurting at RB so that should theoretically make the cut lower this week. My entry would sure be helped if Ridly, Jeudy, Kittle, and Gronk can play.
  7. From @kyter1 spreadsheet: B. Bills 10.0% T. Bass 7.9% D. Henry 7.7% R. Tannehill 7.7% T. Titans 7.2% J. Allen 5.6% S. Diggs 5.1% E. Sanders 5.0% G. Davis 5.0% AJ Brown 4.5% A. Firkser 4.5% J. Jones 3.5%
  8. I ended up using this exact lineup in a $1 entry instead of the DK milly maker and won $4 instead of ~$60 McLaurin and Toney were misses but everything else work OK. 25 in on DK and (the previously mentioned ) 4 out - one milly maker and five $1 entries. I continue to suck on FD and never cash any of the contests on that site so I've changed strategies and will enter one milly maker each week until I can't afford the $5 any longer, then step down to $1, then 0.25, then 0.05 until I am out of cash
  9. I'm at 173 + N. Harris - 5.9, feel pretty good.
  10. This is my 28th anniversary weekend, so I might not be posting every day because it's not going to be good Breakfast and lunch were pretty good today, but I've already had 2 whiskey's and an Indian Pale Ale Beer which is 220 calories for 12 oz. We are going out to eat for tomorrow's lunch and dinner, and out on Sunday for lunch - alcohol may be consumed. Monday, I'm planning to make pulled pork so hopefully I can reign it in starting that day (or probably Tuesday) -- so see you Tuesday.
  11. Didn't get all my steps today due to work but ate pretty well. Oatmeal, black berries, and honey for breakfast. Black beans, rice and hot sauce for lunch, finished up the chicken and barley soup for dinner. Haven't eaten anything since 6PM. Overall a good day.
  12. You can eat 1.5 fries (not 2!), meanwhile I ate 3/4 pound of pasta earlier this week
  13. Not helpful for this week, but I found this blurb on about K. Hunt: He is averaging about 14 touches per game and has scored in four of the first five games. Anyone want to guess which week I had him in some GPP lineups?
  14. @Dacomish Can someone link the article? It's probably me, but I haven't figured out how to navigate the site with the new menu.
  15. I just put this placeholder lineup together for DK before seeing this post and it has a lot of the teams listed here. Since this is my first lineup of the week, I should nuke it and forget all these players M. Stafford -- LAR stack J. Mixon D. Williams KC -- leverage against Mahomes/Hill/Kelce (although I haven't seen any percentages yet) C. Kupp -- LAR stack K. Toney -- run it back in LAR stack T. McLaurin M. Allie-Cox -- HOU gives up points to TE C. Kirk -- deep threat WR has smashed CLE all year Cowboys -- best D that fit with remaining $$$
  16. :homerdrool: it's been a while since I had this, so gonna make pulled pork soon :homerdrool:
  17. I'll join the daily updates because I need some additional motivation. Weigh in this morning was 201.8 and I like to be below 200... I've been fluctuating above/below 200 for a while now. Good news is that when I go over (like today) I've been able to reign it in and get back under pretty quickly. In the past I would let that balloon (pun intended) to 210 or 215 and have a lot more work to do. Started off on the right foot today - 45 minute walk this morning and oatmeal/honey/raspberries for breakfast. Also made a big pot of Chicken and Barley soup last night so we have some healthy meals available for the next couple days... no excuses now!
  18. Good luck Fred. Reminds me of a joke I tell all the time about marriage... my wife and I are going to be married for 28 years in 4 days... been the happiest 20 years of my life
  19. Player usage: Brady 3, Stafford 2, Teddy KGB 0 (seemed like cheap insurance for $5) N. Harris 5, J. Robinson 5, AJ Dillon 2, Gio Bernard 2, R. Stevenson 0, G. Edwards X C. Kupp 5, J. Meyer 4, C. Ridley 2, J. Jeudy 1, B. Edwards 1, G. Davis 0 M. Gesicki 4, Gronk 2, G. Kittle 2 C. Boswell 2, D. Carlson 2, R. Blankenship 1 Cowboys 5, Eagles 0, Packers 0 Kittle and Ridley are injured and on bye this week so hopefully they can get healthy and return after their bye.
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