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  1. I don't speak ape... what does "max pain" mean in this context? Cliff's Notes version is fine if it's a long answer
  2. Any reason JPM is down ~8% in a week? I can't find any negative news.
  3. Another almost guy I almost pulled the trigger on 6/8 when the stock hit 340 but didn't want to miss out on the MOASS Fortunately, I only have a few shares of GME. Also fortunate that I know I don't know #### about individual stocks and only have 3% of my total retirement in play while I (hopefully) learn. Everything else is in mutual funds or index funds.
  4. You asked about travel but this is what I do for groceries: Amex Blue Preferred offers 6% back at supermarkets (and some other benefits including 6% on streaming) for a max of $6000 then it drops to 1% (although it has a $95 annual fee). I also have a Discover Card and each quarter they offer 5% for different things and the first quarter usually includes supermarkets (max of $1500 spent for $75 cash back). So in Jan, Feb, March we use the Discover Card for all groceries until we reach the limit, then switch to the Amex Blue Card for the rest of the year. Getting 5/6% back on something y
  5. Before the video started I got that "I JUST GOT PAID!" add
  6. It's June so why not have optimism at this point? The defense is still going to be good even if they take a small step back due to missing Dupree and questions in the secondary. On offense, they have a new OC, stud rookie RB, and different players on the O line from last year. If Ben is the same as last year the offense could still be better due to the new faces.
  7. Wish I could blame that stupid math error on wine, but I can't Whatever he paid, @GROOT deserves many of these:
  8. Assuming you bought AMC on 1/25 you invested less that 2500 for your 12,000 shares (high price on that day was $4.88).
  9. From your lips to my bank account
  10. After they diluted a couple times I sold AMC because I assumed they would do it again, which they did today. So I got that part right. Unfortunately I never imagined the price would get to the mid 30s. I suck at stonks
  11. I have a 9mm Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 for home defense (17 +1) and I'm looking for advice on a lazer sight. I don't think I need a tactical light or anything like that, I just want something that will help me aim if I ever need to use it in the middle of the night... lets face it, with the cost of ammo going up I might not be going to the range as much as I normally would. Anyone have any recommendations?
  12. What are the changes that AMZN splits or adds a dividend when Bezos bounces?
  13. How does the introduction of the NFT Crypto dividend force people to recall their shares?
  14. The NHL is kinda garbage right now... NHL sent the wrong message when they didn't suspend Tom Wilson for his antics against the Rangers... the league would be better if they move away from the "old time playoff hockey" crap, IMO.
  15. Chet's original "promise" was to be transparent with all his moves related to this stock, and for a long time he was. Then we needed to send a PM to get an update and many of our PMs were ignored. Then we needed to provide a phone number for a 15 minute phone conversation.... so I can see why people are uneasy with the changes in the way he is handling things recently.
  16. I'm at work doing a million things and can't find this information - when is the spinoff expected? I guess the question is when do you have to own shares of AT&T in order to get the spinoff shares?
  17. That was about HGEN But I'll drop it as I made money on CYDY.
  18. I agree with this. But he did bail on the thread
  19. When my kids were little I got a letter from the IRS saying I claimed someone on my taxes that I shouldn't have. Turns out I transposed two digits in the Social Security number for one of the kids so once that was fixed no problem.... but letters from the IRS are scary.
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