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  1. 3 minutes ago, stbugs said:

    Dude, that letter really shook me when I opened it. Luckily, I’ve gotten to a point where that wouldn’t kill me but JFC a bill for $25k out of nowhere. I legitimately thought I #### the bed on my taxes. I didn’t really read through it until the next day and got pissed but I had to just put it away and worry about it the next day. If I was cheating, oof. 

    When my kids were little I got a letter from the IRS saying I claimed someone on my taxes that I shouldn't have.  Turns out I transposed two digits in the Social Security number for one of the kids so once that was fixed no problem.... but letters from the IRS are scary.

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  2. This is a bit off topic but might also be a sign of a bubble :lol:

    My 21 daughter is a Junior in College and has never really been that into discussing the stock market much, but we just found out she has a Robinhood account.  Not sure if she added any money or what her goals are, I'll talk to her later today.

    So the off topic part:  I know capital gains taxes are calculated separately from income, but I'm not sure if they are subject to the standard deduction.  She works part time and didn't make enough money to owe any taxes last year (no capital gains taxes last year, obviously).  But I'm wondering if she did have capital gains taxes last year if she would have owed those taxes even though her income wasn't high enough to pay any taxes.

  3. 47 minutes ago, chet said:

    I have been swamped.  

    Anyone that I haven't talked to and wants to talk to me, please PM me your phone number and I will attempt to call in the next day.  I realize that you may have already sent it, but my inbox has exploded and I don't want to spend an hour wading through messages trying to figure out who I've talked to.  I appreciate your understanding.

    I only have 500 share left so it's probably not worth your time to spend 15 minutes on the phone with me :lol:

    I'd settle for a simple hold or sell response from you.

  4. 2 minutes ago, unckeyherb said:


    They are doing the studies with a much larger group (1,500 patients) and are doing an interim analysis at 40%.  Seems like they are maybe learning from their mistakes.  

    This actually sounds like good news.  And since the trials are going to be in Brazil they should be able to fill them relatively quickly. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    I'm sure it's been mentioned a dozen times in here but without having to wade through the whole thread - what platform is the best/easiest to use for buying/selling?

    You can also use PayPal but it is more limited in what you can do.  I'm sure the crypto guys in this thread can can give a list of cons for PayPal, but it was super easy to purchase BTC and ETH from my existing account.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Angry Beavers said:

    calls on MUDS

    I know.  I was looking for something more specific like the date(s), strike price(s), etc. if you feel like sharing.  I'm interested in options although I've never done them, so I like to know what others are doing/thinking.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, JB Breakfast Club said:

    I'm still hodling GME (even had a 150 purchase today).

    What are your thoughts/plans for GME?

    I have a small position for the giggles, so not sure what I am going to do.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Capella said:

    Still don’t understand why people created a taxable event on themselves by selling on news of a tax that likely won’t happen. Lot of idiots out there. 

    Especially when the tax would be retroactive to 1/1/21 if it passes this year.

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  9. 28 minutes ago, pecorino said:

    I've been trading FLGT calls the past few weeks. It goes to $80 per share and I buy the May 21 calls with $70 strike. It goes to the high 80s and close the trade. Just bought back in. It's a volatile stock with options that are not very expensive, something of a rarity.

    I don't do options but they interest me - the May 21 calls with $70 strike cost $1500 each (from yahoo finance).  When the price approaches $90 what do you get when you close the position?  I assume the cost of the May 21 call goes up and you collect the difference between the premium at that time and the $1500?  

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