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  1. on FD I had ~50 Mahomes, Hill, Kelce lineups (0.05) running them all back with a TB WR (and sometimes Gronk). Also had a variety of other QB stacks... A good bit of J. Jefferson, too much Cook, not enough Henry. FD ~4 in ~12 out. I've been more successful this year doing multi-entries when I've focused on a few QB/game stacks rather than trying to cover too many bases. Seems obvious in hindsight 🤷‍♂️ on DK I had 3 lineups in the milly maker -- 2 Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, AB runback (unfortunately), one with Cook :puke: one with Jefferson. I had a Brady, Evans, Gronk, Hill, Ke
  2. I agree the first seeds in each conference, whoever they are, would be royally screwed if they don't get their bye week due to some stupid week 18 makeup game. And the new stupid 7 teams per conference means only 1 team gets a bye, making the screw-job even worse if the week 18 scenario plays out.
  3. They shouldn't forfeit the game and they shouldn't play week 18. The postponement until Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday if necessary) should be to ensure the breakout is contained within the Ravens locker room and to prevent COVID positive Raven's players from being on the field when they play the Steelers. So yeah, if that means the Ravens have to play with practice squad players that's what they'll have to do.
  4. Probably a dumb question, but are gains/losses in Bitcoin taxed like investments? Or in some other way?
  5. I'm in. Sold 1/2 my shares for a ~3X profit (excluding taxes) and will freeroll the rest at least until I own the shares for a year - stupid taxes.
  6. I was forced to start T. McLaurin and L. Thomas - why does A. Smith only have 10 pass attempts so far?
  7. In full PPR this is a good choice. If the game is close you would expect JAX to give him carries to eat the clock. If the game goes according to script he will probably get a bunch of check-down receptions.
  8. I'm going to enter 150 lineups ($0.05 GPP) and decided to go with 50% T. Hill as he is projected to be on 94% of rosters. Going 100% doesn't make much sense to me as you are only going to gain leverage on 6% of the field. A complete fade would immediately kill your week if Hill smashes so that's out too. I guess 50% is a hedge but I think it's the best move here as you still have a chance if Hill smashes, but if he underperforms you gain an advantage on 46% of the lineups. I also decided to build 4 lineups for the 1PM only slate, all with T. Hill, all were entered into a $0.25 GPP. I
  9. I only play GPPs so T. Hill at TE at 4500 is really interesting. Before I read this thread I was thinking about playing him at flex (and not stack with any other NO players) if I like a different TE. Playing him at flex should offer some diversification, especially if your TE smashes. OTOH, fading pretty much anyone at ~80% ownership is the right thing to do in GPPs. I haven't looked at anything yet this week so figuring out what to do with Hill will obviously be the first thing to figure out.
  10. In hindsight he should have been on my radar at TE long before this weekend because my TEs have sucked balls so far this year. Sadly, he was picked up by the guy right before me during the WW process this week. Good for him - at least I don't play him this week. I'll be starting G. Everett on MNF instead
  11. Considering J. Reagor @ CLE over Moore this week. I need to do more research to see how many targets Reagor is getting since returning from injury before making a final decision.
  12. I read this quickly and thought you mean you would have benched him in more leagues but you only have him in 3 Basically I read it like this: Benched him in 3 leagues. Would have been more if I had <him>
  13. Congrats on this call. I sold too early and I hate looking at this thing now, lol. You can't go broke taking a profit and all that, but doubling my money would have been better.
  14. Calcomatic ready for week 11 - good luck to those who have made it this far!
  15. Whenever I get eliminated from this contest I stop caring about my roster and never follow up to see "what if" I made the cut in the week I was eliminated - literally have never done it - until just now. And I should have continued to not care about it because I discovered I would still be alive had I not missed the cut in week 5
  16. What are people's thoughts on CCL? It was on @Todem's original list and it is still down 65% from it's 52 week high even after getting a pop from the vaccine news. Seems like it has a ton of room to grow eventually. When will people feel comfortable in investing in CCL?
  17. I was just coming in to ask the same question as @Down Under, and this is great
  18. I had a good day. I entered 148 lineups on FD ($0.05) with a different strategy than I typically use: I only picked 4 QBs/stacks: K. Murry 40% of the lineups, J. Allen 40%, Tua 10% Herbert 10% 7.40 in 21.30 out I entered two lineups into the DK Milly Maker one with K. Murry stack and one with J. Allen stack. These stacks were money but I ran A. Jones and N. Chubb in both lineups... both underwhelmed, although Chubb did ok. 40 in 190 out BTW, N. Chubb owes me $150 for running out of bounds because that 6 points would have bumped me up the standing pretty far
  19. Can anyone help me with the lineup optimizer? I want to enter 150 lineups today (0.05 ) but the optimizer is hung at 148 lineups. But that's not the worst part - the extremely frustrating thing is that I can't (or don't know how) to make the thing stop processing so I can use the 148 lineups. There is no "stop the build" button which would be the easiest solution for FBG to implement but that obviously isn't going to help me right now. So the question: Is there a way for me to stop the build and use the 148 lineups? I can't see how to do it. EDIT to add links showing th
  20. I probably going to dump my RLFTF and HGEN - both for a loss
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