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  1. Have you tried changing the min cap to something like 58,000 just to see if any lineups are generated with those players. Another option is to lock them into your lineups and build 20 lineups or something small. Neither of these things are good solutions necessarily, but it might help determine why they aren't added with your current settings. Just spitballing.
  2. What's your team number? I'll adopt your team and follow along since I was eliminated earlier.
  3. The Minkah pick 6 was a thing of beauty. It was clear the Steelers/Minkah new the play and set the trap because he jumped the route so early. BTW, How is Baker's swag looking now
  4. I thought about that too, but this D has more playmakers than in 2016 or whenever Shazier got hurt. Hopefully they can cover the loss of Bush better than the gapping hole left by Shazier.
  5. Spillane is not Bush, obviously, but I thought he played pretty well when he came into the game. He had a couple nice wrap-up tackles on Hunt who I think is one of the slipperiest runners in the league. Not sure how he is in pass coverage, but he seemed like he belonged on an NFL field.
  6. I wasn't. I don't know the math off the top of my head, but I'm guessing going for 2 up by 7 with that amount of time left on the clock gave them the best chance to win the game.
  7. Going for 2 instead of kicking the extra point? Nah, going for 2 was the right call because if they convert they go up by 9 and "guarantee" the win.
  8. Agreed. I'm surprised praise for JuJu is seen as a hidden message to AB - lol.
  9. I only play GPP and I was coming in to post about R. Jones at his salary of 5800 and expected roster percentage at 2.2. This seems way too low since GB is DVOA 25th against the run. Negatives are L. Fournette might be back and TB projected total is "only" 26 points and they are an underdog. If Fournette is out Jones might be in 100% of my lineups (typically about 10 lineups, no longer doing the 150 lineups ).
  10. Sorry, I've been out of the loop on DKNG for a while. When are they offering more shares and how many?
  11. I was in at a good price so I sold half to lock in profits and I'm freerolling the rest. I should have done this a while ago but here we are
  12. Maybe they gave people different things for their troubles? I didn't get a voucher and I lost money last week at FD.
  13. You probably saw this but maybe not since you bailed on FD - they refunded 50% of loses up to $100 due to the issues they experienced last week. Would hate for you to leave any money there if you got a refund after you left the platform.
  14. I just started looking at stuff this week and honestly the list of players based on your research is the first thing I look at. I hope you never stop posting your thoughts about DFS
  15. AWESOME! Another semantics debate about the definition of "buy low" - CANT WAIT!
  16. I agree with all the negative things you said about Bell
  17. Totally disagree. I would be shocked if the Steelers bring this guy back after how he left the team. On top of that, their locker room seems pretty solid at point so why bring in this malcontent with diminishing skills who's already screwed over the Steelers? He's not the difference between them and the playoffs/Super Bowl run. Hard pass for me.
  18. Maybe they changed things, but I don't pay a monthly subscription for anything. My videos are stored for up to 30 days unless I save them.
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