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  1. I'm still using this system and added three additional cameras for a total of six. All the pros and cons I mentioned before still hold true. One additional drawback that I didn't mention before is that the default settings of the camera almost certainly need to be tweaked. I don't remember the specifics, but the default settings start to record something when motion is detected, then stop after X seconds (I can't remember the exact times), then it actually pauses for X seconds before resuming the recording if it is still detecting motion. The default settings is how they can say the batter
  2. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/753344-home-alarm-system-advice
  3. FD not showing live scoring is super lame.
  4. Looks like he's going to cost me another game.
  5. It makes sense to focus on a small number of QBs/stacks. In week 3 I had a Wilson stack and considered a Prescott stack as well but decided against it. In hindsight, I would have double my winnings that week had I used both stacks instead of only one of them. In week 4 I considered a Dak stack and obviously running it back with OBJ but didn't pull the trigger on it... hindsight 20/20 and all that... but it was really one of the stacks that should have been used in week 4. And I agree with you that the lower percentage players don't have to come from the QB/stack necessarily, but it's
  6. This is interesting too... I mostly play in DK (where the stacks I mentioned are more important due to the bonuses as you mentioned) so perhaps I need to change my strategy for FD tournaments. Thanks for the article!
  7. I can get to the article, I'll definitely check it out later.
  8. Good discussion. To answer your question, I'm probably not selective enough in choosing QBs who can support two receivers when I build GPP lineups. I will definitely consider this when selecting lineups in the future. What I've done in previous years is use lineup optimizers to generate between 20 and 150 lineups (low entry fee stuff) and the more lineups I generated the more "lax" I was in selecting the QB and therefore the stacks. This year I'm creating fewer lineups, using generators less, and trying to build better/optimal lineups so this is good advice and something else I'll consider.
  9. Regarding GPP stacks. Every GPP lineup I do has a QB and 2 receivers from the same team and I run it back with at least one receiver from the other team. Mostly that means QB + WR + WR from team A and a WR from team B. Sometimes its QB + WR + TE vs WR/TE. Sometimes I add two WRs from the other team or a WR/TE. But every GPP has at least the QB + 2 receivers vs 1 receiver from the other team. Another stack I'll use sometimes is RB + D from the same team. Taking a quick look at the Vegas Value chart I see BAL as a 13.5 point home favorite so I'll probably have one lineup with G. Edwar
  10. I'm rolling with KC this week and hope to just keep them in my lineup for a while as this is their upcoming schedule: LV, BUF, DEN, NYJ, CAR, BYE My league doesn't punish a D for giving up points so the BUF matchup doesn't scare me too much and the run of DEN, NYJ, CAR seems juicy.
  11. I missed the cut by 11 which isn't terrible considering I started with a 30 man roster but only had 14 players available due to injury and the sudden bye week Breakdown: 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 4 TE, 1 PK, 2 D
  12. I might be cutting him this week. Very disappointing because I started him 2 times (and obviously not in week 2).
  13. 0.3 over cutoff at 6:52. J Taylor and A Miller are counting now but even 27 points from M. Crosby looks like it won't be enough.
  14. I'm in bad shape at 6PM on Sunday night. Only 3 above the cutoff and I only have 3 players left how can score. Good news is that I have all of J Taylor, all of M. Crosby and A. Miller -3. I would feel much better if Taylor and Miller didn't suck so much in the first half of their respective games.
  15. Agreed. The existing rules are better than any of the options suggested by bkterps
  16. @Joe Bryant don't listen to this guy. 70K contest is a nice round number too and think of all the good will THAT size contest would generate
  17. What is the name of this podcast? I only play GPPs so I'd like to check it out.
  18. Hopefully there is another pullback because I sold everything today on the pop for a small gain and would like to get in at a better number.
  19. I loaded up on Steelers this year because I'm a homer Also have the Gostkowski and Boswell combo (along with C. Cantazaro ). Fortunately I also have M. Crosby. I wanted a 30 man roster because of COVID so that's why I ended up with 4 kickers, at this point it seems like a great move
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