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  1. This is lame. You can certainly talk about COVID and how to deal with it in FF without discussion politics.
  2. What are people doing with RLFTF? Anyone still holding? What's the longer-term outlook?
  3. Why did you guys add this? Who cares who is dropped when a player comes off the covid list? Just seems like another level of headache/hassle that you have to manage.
  4. My league tried to anticipate everything and added additional covid-19 specific IR slots, but we didn't address cancelled/postponed games due to Covid. If this game is cancelled/postponed my suggestion to the league will be to allow these players to be added to the covid-19 IR slots and the fantasy games will count with whomever you can add to your line up this week. Retroactively adding player scores from future weeks is Especially for leagues where the current standing have an impact on free agency, etc.
  5. Isn't it too early to say they can't play this week? If it's only 3 players (after contact tracing and additional testing) they should be able to play. Although, I'm not sure what the NFL plans to do with this situation so I'm just talking off the cuff.
  6. @KarmaPolice - this is really great research. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
  7. I think it was likely due to those players in his lineup being heavily owned. I wasn't in that contest so I don't know the percentages owned for those players. But there are basically two kinds of lineups that can be put together for these single game slates - one that can tie for first, and one that can outright win first place. Actually, there is a third type of line up, one that doesn't cash at all, and this is the type of lineup I typically submit For example, in the Fan Duel Monday Million contest last night this entry tied for first place (24 entries won ~$47K each). P
  8. I finished in the top 900 (nearly 250K entries) in the DK Millionaire contest and won $150.
  9. Exactly. I've split first place before in a showdown content and it's just something you have to expect for these types of contests. Sharing first place is better than sharing second place Also, congrats!
  10. This is probably a good time to remind everyone that calcomatic is not official
  11. Here you go: http://calcomatic.com/Donate And it's always available from the menu on the left under "More".
  12. Calcomatic.com update: FBG entries have been loaded I changed the MFL URL to one that is supposed to update more frequently, hopefully that works I guess we'll find out Sunday
  13. You aren't doing anything wrong. The FBG entries haven't been loaded yet but I hope to have that done before Sunday. Without an NFL preseason and needing to change to a new data source for the stats has me behind schedule
  14. So this has all the players in the contest spread out over those 12 teams? I'll try to make the switch to this URL before Sunday.
  15. Yep. Feed is setup but nothing has been updated at the feed yet If t data at MFL isn't updated there is nothing I can do. This MFL idea may not work after all Ziggy suggested it might not be updated frequently, but I never expected it to take this long. This is the link for week 3 and no data at all is available. https://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2020/export?TYPE=playerScores&L=56531&APIKEY=&W=3&YEAR=&PLAYERS=&POSITION=&STATUS=&RULES=&COUNT=&JSON=0
  16. This is a reminder to never start non-studs on Thursday nights. Minshew sucked ### -- how did he throw 3 TD passes in each of the first 2 weeks:?!?!? He seemed afraid to throw the ball more than 5 yards down-field. Gesicki had like 2 targets - fortunately one of them went for a TD. Sucks to lose your fantasy game on Thursday night.
  17. I don't like starting Thursday night players usually (unless they are studs)... started Minshew and Gesicki for the first time all year this week... not looking good so far
  18. I have some good news about Calcomatic.com - I was able to get the MFL data to work!!!!!! Big props to @Alberta Clipper for doing all the leg work/research/setup on the MFL side of things! However, some work still needs to be done. Primarily I need to load all the FBG entries in the contest, still waiting to get that data from FBG. For now, I have 32 "entries" setup based on the NFL teams - so all the Steeler players are on entry # 27 for example. Typically I do this during pre-season to ensure I have all the mappings between FBG, calcomatic, and the source for stats (MFL this year)
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