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  1. Ertz was a keeper for me and I also drafted Gesicki. My plan is to play the better matchup between the two going forward, so Gesicki gets the nod this week against JAX.
  2. Wait - I missed this. How frequently is this API updated?
  3. When I built the app several years ago I added a throttle so it only makes calls to the external api every minute, so we should be OK regarding the TOS.
  4. I appreciate the offer but I probably don't need help with the actual mapping, but I'm not familiar with MFL so I don't know how to find the player names associated with the ids. Can you point me in the right direction?
  5. I appreciate the offer but I probably don't need help with the actual mapping, but I'm not familiar with MFL so I don't know how to find the player names associated with the id. Can you point me to how find that?
  6. Can you just give me the URL(s) you are using for the api calls? Seems like it would be cleaner if I just made those calls myself rather than the gsheet doing the call and then me calling the gsheet. Just PM the URL(s) to me.
  7. MFL league at this point in the season is ~$90. If I get this thing going people are going to send donations, right
  8. What does the Philly oline look like this week? Rams seem like a good play to me.
  9. How much does an MFL league cost? There is a free trial for the first 4 weeks of the season but I don't want to start down that path unless I know the total cost before starting... can't find it on MFL site.
  10. I appreciate the offer but I would rather pull the data directly from MFL if possible so there is no manual intervention each week. Also, no need for a similar scoring system because I'm already applying the FBG Contest scoring to the raw stats. Since you are familiar with MFL API, is there an endpoint for pulling live data for all players?
  11. Thanks for the breakdown of the various definitions in here guys, very informative 😛
  12. I'm not accusing you of anything, but I'll ask this again, if you don't have any interest in this stock why do you care about it so much?
  13. Still nothing from either of these sites which is a big read flag - a potential customer contacts you twice and no response. If neither of these promising leads work out, could we do some sort of crowd sourcing? Not sure what that would look like. I haven't used MFL in a long time - could that be used somehow to create a league where we could get the player stats? Ideally it would be all the players in the FBG contest on one MFL screen so the data could easily be pulled from one place. Trying to think out side the box here.
  14. I like the Rams if they are available due to Philly oline being so banged up. Washington got 8 sacks last week and they don't have A. Donald... that pressure on Wentz eventually lead to 3 turnovers.
  15. It doesn't look good so far guys. Neither of these companies has returned my email. I sent a second email to both sites so let's hope they respond. I'm not signing up/paying either of them if this is an example of their customer service.
  16. What's going on with EVSI today? up 20% at this point.
  17. Snell looked good, no problem with him as the featured RB if Conner is out for a while. Oline is definitely a concern. Banner got run over a couple times before the injury so he wasn't that impressive to me - but losing 2 linemen last night sucks if they are both long term injuries. Hopefully DeCastro's injury isn't serious and he can come back soon. Defense looked great. Bottled up Barkley all night and came up with big sacks/turnovers at opportune times.
  18. Wait, you did all that research about defenses and still picked a high priced D? 😛
  19. Was this due to the game script and having a big lead? Or did that look like the plan from the start?
  20. I contacted both sites. I really don't think this endeavor qualifies for the free version on mysportsfeed but we'll see I guess. profootballapi at $20 per month seems reasonable and it only has a 1 minute delay in making the data available through their service. I'll keep you guys posted.
  21. This is the old-school way to get the games for the week, but I was then using this information to lookup the player data. Short answer is that this is only a piece of the puzzle and doesn't provide the individual player data.
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