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  1. Not sure what you are saying BnB, but this usage is not personal/private.
  2. Yes, but they are really expensive. This is the cheapest one I have seen: https://www.mysportsfeeds.com/feed-pricing/ Ranges from $99 a month for post game data and $1999 a month for live data. So Sept to Feb is 6 months which means $600 for the NFL season for post game data and $12,000 for real time data - both of these options are too expensive for our purposes.
  3. Agreed. But nothing I (or anyone) can do without a live scoring data feed
  4. I'm not familiar with R (and it looks like the live feed isn't working anyway). Can you determine from the code on GitHub the URL(s) they are using to get the data from NFL.COM? Or in general how they are getting the data?
  5. Yeah, it sucks. NFL.COM changed the way they provide real-time data for their site which I was using for Calcomatic. So if I can find a different real time data feed I could get Calcomatic back up an running. Without a free real time data feed we are SOL.
  6. Haven't been keeping up with any NFL news during this offseason. Is Brown's suspension being served while he is not on any roster? Or does he have to be signed and then the suspension starts?
  7. I drafted the Bears in the 2nd to last round of my draft and just dropped them for the Eagles due to their respective early schedules in addition to the match up in week 1. PHI - WAS, LAR, CIN CHI - DET, NYG, ATL
  8. In what percentage of lineups are you using A. Gibson WAS RB? He's expected to be at ~40% of DK lineups. He's currently in ~30% of my lineups but that feels like too much for some reason. I get the appeal since he's only $4000 but to get to 4X value he needs 110 yards combined yards and 5 receptions. Are we sure he's going to be used that much in his first NFL game without any preseason? And WAS has said they are going to use a committee approach this week as well. Thoughts?
  9. The Steelers are going to win the AFC North and the Super Bowl.
  10. I'm doing the same thing (entering 150 lineups), but I'm doing it in the contest with the $0.05 entry
  11. Thanks Joe! My team is lame, but this is still a fun contest. QB - Matthew Stafford - DET/5 - $14 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/8 - $11 QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick - MIA/11 - $4 RB - James Conner - PIT/8 - $23 RB - Jonathan Taylor - IND/7 - $21 RB - Latavius Murray - NO/6 - $12 RB - Phillip Lindsay - DEN/8 - $11 RB - Zack Moss - BUF/11 - $10 RB - Anthony McFarland - PIT/8 - $4 RB - Benny Snell - PIT/8 - $4 WR - D.J. Chark - JAX/7 - $17 WR - Diontae Johnson - PIT/8 - $13 WR - Sterling Shepard - NYG/11 - $11 WR - Anthony Miller - CHI/11 - $10 WR - Allen Lazard - G
  12. 107.46. I'm using https://www.marketwatch.com/ and looking at the 3 month chart.
  13. SMA = simple moving average. I'm a newbie to stock trading but I look at the charts with the 20, 50, and 200 SMA (and I've also added the ECA (exponential moving average) 34 and 89 based on @siffoin recommendation a while back). There is way more to reading charts that this, but it basically shows you the current price relative to recent prices over different time periods (20, 50 and 200 days/whatever).
  14. I want to add more AAPL - what's a good entry point? If it gets back to around the SMA(50) I might just add more at that point - or are we anticipating more pain?
  15. Posting this again to make sure people are aware of the issue and aren't disappointed on Thursday when Calcomatic doesn't work. Yes, being disappointed right now is better than being disappointed on Tuesday.
  16. If you are 100% out at this time why do you care?
  17. Has a DTBC article been published yet? And/or are there any threads discussing this topic?
  18. What software do you use for looking at charts? I'm just getting started and use market watch.com with some SMA and EMA lines on it... but it doesn't have the ability to add trend lines and things like that (at lease that I could see).
  19. Haven't been following sports at all... when do they have to make cuts to get to the 53 man rosters?
  20. I agree with this - it's trading ~20% over it's SMA(20) so I'm thinking about selling.
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