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  1. I'm in RLFTF for 500 shares, I'm a baller Thanks @ChiefD
  2. I have a spreadsheet with the quantity / price / date but I'm going to add a "notes" field like you have listed here - great idea.
  3. EVSI was also RevShark's stock of the week. I'm a noob but the chart looks pretty good to me.
  4. Invest an amount you are willing to lose so you can be part of the fun. And if it moons you can name your next yoga mat after Chet
  5. I agree with McBokonon after costing my self a couple percentage points waiting for a pull back on Friday. I was waiting for a pull back and then ultimately purchased shares ~2% higher than I could have had I just bought immediately. @caustic said waiting for AAPL to pull back has rarely worked for him and that proved to be true on Friday. Based on my (limited) experience with AAPL I would DCA into the position with either 2 or 3 lots over the next week or so.
  6. This seems like really good news to me. If the primary endpoint was 14 days for m/m, but the real benefit can be shown after 3 day, then perhaps they can change the primary endpoint like Remdisivir. If people on LL are better (by whatever measures they are using) than control group after 3 days and (hopefully) after 10 day why couldn't they change the primary endpoint to show this helps reduce the number of days someone is affected by COVID? Would be pretty big news if they can show this improvement.
  7. How do you plan to play this bullishness?
  8. This was great advice! Too bad I dicked around over a couple pennies and now cost myself several percentage points
  9. I'm a noob but I'm definitely buying before the split. The SP will almost certainly rise after the split because some will think is much more affordable at ~$100 instead of ~$400 (even though they are the same thing).
  10. I want to add AAPL as well but not sure what price I want to buy since it's trading so far over the moving averages today. At what price are you looking to buy more?
  11. I don't see the double post now (maybe I was seeing things). Either way, it was a failed attempt at a joke about CYDY updating PRs
  12. @Jayrok did you double post on purpose because you were talking about a CYDY PR?
  13. I know a couple people bought INTC after their 17% drop after earning but it's gone down steadily since then. What's the play here? keep holding? Looking at the chart doesn't help since it's trading way below all the moving averages.
  14. Any thoughts on KODK now that Trump announced the loan?
  15. Dems deliberately unwilling to separate protesters from rioters. I'm shocked the Dems think this is going to play well to non-hardcore leftists.
  16. This is the dumbest committee meeting I have ever seen. The democrats are reading long winded "questions" and not letting Barr say anything - what's the point of having him testify if they won't hear his answers?
  17. I'm pretty new to trading stocks, but given the uncertainty with CYDY wouldn't it be prudent to take as much profit as needed to feel comfortable with free rolling the rest? I haven't invested as much as most of you but I'm prepared for any outcome between terrible news in the next few weeks to Trump wearing a CYDY hat at his next presser. I'm good with either outcome because I've balanced my investment/profit/shares remaining with the possible range of outcomes.
  18. Maybe a dumb question - but are their any bitcoin specific tax issue in owning either of these ETFs? Similar to how gold is taxed depending on how you own it.
  19. This is more of a general CC question than a hoarding question but I think you guys will be able to help. My wife and I have a bunch of credit cards that we've accumulated over the years but we only use a couple each month. We use a specific card for groceries, a specific card for target, a specific card for online purchases, and a specific card for everything else. We've had travel cards in the past and other reward cards that we don't use at this time. But we want to simplify by getting rid of old cards that we no longer use and the question is what's the best way to do that without
  20. FWIW, I was flipping through some news channels last night and heard the part of the Trump interview where he said "give somebody a shot, or do whatever you have to do" and I immediately thought of Leronlimab as well 🤞
  21. So you recommend the Motley Fool? For $99 per year it's not a crazy amount of money to give it a try.
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