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  1. I've never done an option but this makes sense to me. You are controlling 100 shares per contract for ~$400 (I checked yahoo finance for the price) instead of buying the 100 shares for ~$1500. Stock price has to be above $21.50 by Aug for you to make a profit... so basically you are betting they get EUA by then. Do I have all that right?
  2. Did you ever get in trouble for "dating" yourself at the mall?
  3. @hooter311 What are your thoughts on the bit coin halving that occurred in 2020? Some of these predictions are pretty wild but not unreasonable if the same price action occurs this time: https://twitter.com/DocumentingBTC/status/1381575526821863424
  4. I'm holding too... it's one of my stronger recent acquisitions only being down ~15%
  5. Leronlimab is good with burn victims, should everyone not be able to get out of the building.
  6. Do you have a price target in mind right now? Other than $420.69, obv.
  7. Anyone know anything about Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI)? I don't own any and didn't do any research but a friend of the family told my wife about it.
  8. I added some yesterday - I've been the kiss of death over the last month or so. Not a big deal as I have ~3990 fewer shares that Dodds
  9. The George Costanza opposite approach, nice!
  10. Does the meeting start at 4:20?
  11. Speaking of SPACS, I'm still holding VCVC (in at ~10.50) and HZAC (in at ~11.00). They have been hovering right around/ just under $10 so no real reason to sell right now, but man are these annoying
  12. What is the p-value for a trail containing one person?
  13. We started out 14 day trial over the weekend and I agree - so far so good. We didn't cut cable yet so the hardest part is getting everyone in the house to use youtube.tv and not falling into the old habits of watching TV on cable
  14. Haven't been following along in this thread, but I guess it's the appropriate place to say I'm getting the J&J vaccine today.
  15. I can't see these on yahoo finance to figure out what you did I think you sold 2 calls with 50 strike price and someone bought them for $650 - yes?
  16. I thought it was going to be a picture of Nader.
  17. I can't wait until you can tell more stories like this
  18. Even if you are right, what evidence is there that CYDY management team can get the drug approved and used as one of the needed therapeutics?
  19. What constitutes "rich" for you? Is there some standard amount for options trading? And do you do the same thing with covered calls? For example if you want to sell a stock you already own at a certain price, you will look for an option that meats you criteria?
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