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  1. What is your process for finding options that you want to buy/sell?
  2. I haven't been following this thread so I'm a total noob to streaming tv - but I'm done paying a huge monthly cable bill. I think I'm going with youtube.tv and it looks like all my local channels are available so if I go that route I won't need an antenna, right? Any negatives with youtube.tv? And it looks like a couple channels my daughter watches aren't available (Discovery Family and Boomerang). Do those channels have apps of their own that I can download?
  3. Thanks for the update - I'm planning on calling them to verify this change needs to be made because the car is still in my name and my house is still her permanent address.
  4. I'm not sure overall. My daughter was covered under my insurance while she was in high school and for the first few years of college. Then I got a survey from my insurance company (AAA) and filled it out using her college address for her/her car, and I just received a letter today saying she can't be covered because "all vehicles must be kept at the residence premises listed on the policy."
  5. My daughter can no longer be covered under my car insurance because she is away at school. Anyone know the best car insurance for college students... I'm in FL if that matters.
  6. I was originally against the idea of the CYDY individual thread but it was the right call. So I'm throwing my hat into the ring in favor of a meme stock thread (GME, AMC, whatever). I don't mind the discussion but it's cluttering/overtaking this thread - so a separate thread is now warranted.
  7. Why did HZAC jump on 3/18? Was there some kind of announcement?
  8. I'm optimistic! Why would they have this webcast if they dont have great news to release? </sarcasm>
  9. I have diamond hand! With my 2 shares.
  10. NNOX - The articles I've read seem to think it's a likely to get approval and is a good long term hold, due to reduced costs of XRAY machines. You think this will tank if they don't get approval and never recover? Or would that be a setback and eventually recover? Just curious how big a risk/how much is riding on this FDA approval.
  11. Thanks for the response. So the premium is 55 cents? Meaning if I sell that call I would get 55 cents in my account immediately and be obligated to sell the shares if the stoke price reaches $12.50. Why would anyone sell this call for 55 cents?
  12. I have a couple really basic questions about selling options and I'd like to use UWMC as an example: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/UWMC/options?p=UWMC&date=1618531200 Scenario 1: I sell one 4/16 call for $12.50 and the premium is $55? And would have to sell 100 shares if the stock price gets to (or above) $12.5 Scneario2: I sell on 4/16 put for $4.00 and the premium is $3? And I would have to buy 100 shares if the stock price falls to $3. Mostly I'm asking about the premium and if I am reading that correctly.
  13. I'm such a baller I bot 2 shares of GME just now
  14. Stolen from Twitter: I thought we won a war ~250 years ago so we don't have to care about the royal family any more.
  15. @chet What's the best case scenario for CYDY if they get COVID EUA in 2021 - stock price goes to ???
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