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  1. Steelers oline sucks. Injuries on defense have caused this unit to be a shell of it's former self. GG Browns. I'm getting drunk.
  2. I told my daughter a while ago the Steelers would win if the score was 28-14 at halftime - she told me I'm delusional
  3. Why do the Steelers WR run backwards 5 yards after each short completion? The Steelers coaches need to show them Hines Ward footage - catch the ball go toward the end zone, no dancing.
  4. This is worse based on expectations. Plus that team eventually made the playoffs.
  5. No. It was the right call last week. Not being able to execute the offense and not being able to stop simple running plays this week is the problem. Dropping passes doesn't help either.
  6. What in the actual F is happening right now? 28-0. I don't have enough booze in the house for this ####.
  7. Looks like I will be having all of next week's Mon - Thurs drinks tonight since the Browns are kicking the Steelers asses 21-0.
  8. Weighed in at 199.6 yesterday Haven't had a drink since Sunday ( no drinking M-T) Celebrating with a Whiskey happy hour (at home with my wife) and Chinese food for dinner
  9. Agreed. I'm pretty good at it in normal life. But as a new investor it's not second nature to be happy with making 10% on BEEM rather that 5X, for example
  10. I'm new to investing in individual stocks and I need to get better at this.
  11. Anyone else drag their feet on BLPD waiting for a pullback? Now I missed a ~15% gain in 3 days. I suck at investing
  12. Why? I know you mean the GA senate races, but why is that bad for FAANG?
  13. You just got an extra day of vacation, niiiiice.
  14. I met the 10K step goal averaging 10,021 steps per day, in fact I didn't even need to move on 12/31 because I met it a day early . I did not meet the sub 200 goal but I did weigh 201 this morning, so that's a good sign. I didn't really start anything for the new year on 1/1 because it was a Friday and it was the last three days of a 2 week vacation before returning to work - not going to start making big changes at that point. But yesterday was pretty good. Only concrete goals are to drink on a maximum of 50% of the days (which is unfortunately way down from the number of days I d
  15. Its not my pick - this is the first post about IMMR in this thread: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/673466-stock-thread/page/944/?tab=comments#comment-23143097
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