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  1. I'm on the IMMR train today at 10.68
  2. Best thing I ever did at FBGs was to forget that forum exists
  3. At the beginning of every year I have to load all the entries. Then each week I have to do "maintenance" on the sight to flag the teams that have been eliminated, reset the scores to zero, etc. I'm just tired of the weekly/yearly overhead of running the contest.
  4. I'm really happy for you, I really am, but I hate these posts about BEEM
  5. Hey guys - I've enjoyed running Calcomatic for the last several years but I'm opting not to run anything for the playoff contest this year and obviously won't be running anything for future years of the contest. I appreciate all your support over the years!
  6. I have a couple worthless domain names and I just want to let them expire. Who owns them after they expire? Specifically what will "whois" say when they expire? I have the whois information protected through my web hosting provider but I'm going to get out of the "online empire" game so I'm going to let the hosting expire as well. I assume once they expire my name/contact information will no longer be associated with them but I want to be sure. Thanks for any input you can provide.
  7. It's a shame injuries have robbed the Steelers of legitimate opportunities of deep playoff runs over the last 2 years. Last year the D was so dominant they finished 8-8 with you and me at QB. Then this year injuries to the LB corp and the oline are going to rob this team of any SB hopes. Sucks.
  8. This is often the last thing I say before hitting submit, lol.
  9. I see he's already been mentioned but Collin Johnson stands out to me as a good flyer/filler type player. He's lead the Jags in targets / yards over the last two weeks and is pretty near the minimum on both sites.
  10. Looks like Bid/Ask on ABNB is $155 right now
  11. Regarding the upcoming playoff contest - can a league (or whatever) be setup for the NFL playoffs at MFL? Without that, we don't have a data source for NFL stats, and without real-time data Calcomatic is pretty worthless. @Alberta Clipper setup the MFL site for NFL stats so including him to see if he knows/can set it up.
  12. Calcomatic is ready to go for week 14. Good luck to all those still in the contest.
  13. In hindsight this is the biggest mistake of the week for me - I basically had zero of these guys. But the normalized strength of schedule for the Jets shows they are the 2nd easiest defense against QB, 3rd easiest against WR, and 7th easiest against TE. Those numbers, along with being able to fade Booker, should have been all we needed to see to get a Raider stack.
  14. Terrible week for me too. Over both sites I had about 100 in and about 5 out
  15. Late to the party but that was a gross game by the Steelers. Losing to WAS (or any NFL team) isn't a surprise as they weren't going to go undefeated. But losing to them after being up 14-0 sucks. At that point in the game WAS was 0-8 (or whatever) on 3rd down. Props to WAS for making the plays they had to make to win. Long term the Steelers need to actually catch passes, need to improve the running game, and they need to stop getting hurt on defense.
  16. When have they ever stopped a running clock to spot the ball? Lol. Terrible call.
  17. I logged a bunch of steps this weekend so now I only need ~12K steps per day to reach the steps goal. But I'm updating to tell you this - I weighed 200.0 this AM - right on the dot. I tried to "lighten the load" and I've never been so disappointed in my life.
  18. I wouldn't say the "weird" rule about PIT / BAL players double dipping this week is going to break calcomatic - rather it will make calcomatic inaccurate for this week. OTOH, that might be the same as breaking calcomatic because calcomatic is all about providing real-time results. Whatever - it is what it is. I'll square everything after this week's games conclude and we should be accurate for the week 14 finals (unless any week 13 games are pushed to Wednesday). Other than that, Calcomatic ready to go for week 13.
  19. I thought the rule of them was 4x salary on DK and 3x salary on FD.
  20. You guys are still killing it in here - I'm setting records for number of consecutive days of drinking. I've gained some weight but still 20 pounds less than when I started this weight loss effort in 2019. The main goal for the year was to average 10K steps per day for the entire year (probably seems lame to some people, but it's getting me off my ### and moving so it's working for me). I'm still in range of completing the goal although I need ~12,500 steps per day to reach it. I'm off the last 2 weeks of the year so I should make it. Interim goal to finish the year is to get back under 2
  21. Thanks for this tip. I typically put all my entries into the massive field GPPs so I'll throw a few of the same entries into these smaller sized GPP this weekend
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