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  1. Chewy is a $40B market cap company. GME is around $10B. If you think GME is on the way to becoming the Chewy for gamers, it's a great long-term story on top of the short-term squeeze. The market just isn't used to buying value on the come instead of after the fact. I like the stock.
  2. Are you anticipating launch at any time or specifically on the 19th?
  3. ANTM my only green in hour 1. Got into VACQ a day too early. Ouch.
  4. Strong GME day...up day on low volume with a generally down market. Rocket ship still docked but fueling up.
  5. When is Peloton going to turn around? It's painful right now.
  6. I'm going to avoid it because Portnoy is a doooooooouche
  7. I am kinda addicted to the stonks rush...Covid took away casinos, so this is like an all day rush waiting for the rocket ship. I thought going to the moon was a farce early on, but the price sticking above 100 has me believing we are about to see something special.
  8. TAN (solar energy) and TOKE (weed) are my ETFs...any other sectors we expect to pop with the stimulus/ legislation?
  9. Am I supposed to have diamond hands for DHHCU too? This SPAC stuff feels like a money market account with a potential boom at the end. I haven't finished the 500 page novel they mailed me, so I'll just sit on it until it makes a move.
  10. My final position on GME is 121 per share. Time for a long walk before the pre-close chaos.
  11. My average GME position is 133 after buying the dip. Let's go!
  12. I will stonk up at the open and see what happens today...hope I'm not too late to the party.
  13. Yeah...Morbid was the only redeeming part of the story. The story was either the history of the hotel or the way internet sleuths ruin lives but not both. It was a mess.
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