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  1. Anthem running today after strong Q3 report. I trimmed some back at 400 since it was previous resistance, but I still have a full position. Not sure where to place trimmings yet (also took profit on TXN and NFLX).
  2. RVLV tapped 72 to trigger a sale. I'll set up buys at 65 and 62 with the proceeds and see if it runs through another cycle...
  3. Rewatched Brightburn...I saw it in the theater, and it was a fun rewatch. It's almost too tight at 91 minutes, especially when you consider that most super hero origin stories clock in closer to 150. Some real nice atmosphere with spikes of gore fitting what the character could do.
  4. Back aboard the MMTLP train tomorrow. Expecting a wild ride. I've never heard of trading the rights to a dividend as it is in the middle of being valued, but whatever...seems like fun.
  5. Very much in the spirit of the season but not my favorite. Five stories criss cross...a few were really good and others were kinda meh. Krampus (same director) was much better.
  6. Trick r Treat rental tonight. Suuuuuper Halloween flavored.
  7. I guess it's a tradable share and the actual dividend hasn't been declared? I'll try to research today, but it's already doubled in value to $1.50.
  8. I thought it would just become cash. Some are saying it is tradable...I'll just let it sit for a while and see what happens.
  9. Looks like the TRCH special dividend arrived today... 72 cents per share.
  10. Anyone else track RVLV? It seems to bounce between 60 and 70 quickly and regularly. Any swing traders on it?
  11. I'm never buying a pharma stock again. Moderna bringing pain.
  12. Episode 2 was necessary to change the show from human trafficking to a competition, though.
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