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  1. I'm setting up partial sales at 196, 248, etc just in case it does go to the moon. Otherwise I will hold through the new CEO announcement and Cohen's first quarterly earnings report (I assume he hosts the next one) and reassess. I'm having fun picking up 10-15 shares during small dips because it has shown a lot of resilience to get back to around 165.
  2. I'm still hodling GME (even had a 150 purchase today). Love TAN too. I've been selling TAN off for a few months to rebalance, and now I think it'll run again.
  3. If you never sell, you're never taxed. Easy peasy.
  4. So...smart people are locking in some losses? With almost everything dipping, we just see irrational investors panicking.
  5. I can't get a Ether purchase to go through on PayPal today...buying with my account balance, so it should be no problem. Frustrating.
  6. Same thoughts here. It is competing with Peloton for biggest dog in my portfolio. I might flip back over to solar/wind energy stocks with Biden announcing emission reduction goals.
  7. Wish I'd have started with a much bigger position in Ethereum...
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/20/congressional-investigation-launched-into-emergent-biosolutions-federal-vaccine-contracts-.html What the crap have I gotten into with EBS?
  9. I am digging Invincible (Prime). Super hero animation.. get through the first 40 minutes of basic origin story story; then it takes off. Really good second episode.
  10. Added some EBS at $69. I also added some more RVLV during their midday dip under $50. I wanted some retail exposure back in March and chose this one. Today they announced an initiative focused on sustainability and inclusiveness. I like the vibe.
  11. Bought $100 worth of Etherium via PayPal this morning, and I'm already addicted. What % of your portfolio do you invest in crypto?
  12. My GME order wasn't going to fill, so I picked up some DKNG before the bell to average down my initial purchase at $69.
  13. I set up a 25 share limit buy at $149.75 and a sale at $199 (from an old lot) for GME.
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