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  1. Squid Game, an ultra violent dystopian series from Korea, being the #1 show on Netflix is wild.
  2. Squid Game popped into the top 10...gonzo looked Korean show. Seems kinda like Alice in Borderland, which was a good time. I'll give it a go for a few episodes.
  3. Dark Side of the Ring returned tonight and I'm still reeling. Who knew Tommy Dreamer was such a POS?
  4. I just started using ETHE in my Fidelity account to get more Ethereum exposure. I have to admit that I didn't check the daily history to see how well it syncs with Ether performance...it has to be a little wonky to track a 24/7 coin under ETF market rules, but the chart looked accurate overall.
  5. Do you have access to the GBTC fund to simply track the coin return directly instead of trying to go through the miners, etc?
  6. There's a new season of AP Bio on Peacock. Haven't watched yet, but I like the previous seasons.
  7. Meanwhile, AMC is trading some volume over 50. Wouldn't mind a touch of gamma today...
  8. Dumped my HGEN. Added to ETHE as it dips...ETHE is something I know I want to be very long on, so I'm trying to store pieces of each sale in it to dollar cost average in over the next month.
  9. Man of the cycle to me was Aaronson. Really showed his value as a super sub and finisher.
  10. Yeah, Pulisic isn't up for carrying the offense without Reyna to take some pressure off. What a bummer.
  11. I'm basing this on it being beaten down recently and resetting back to where it was a few weeks ago. Something about using some of their cash on hand could do that.
  12. GME earnings after close tomorrow (Wednesday). Any predictions where we open on Thursday?
  13. Second half Yedlin party. Let's get 3 points!
  14. Oh...coverage will be somewhat similar too. Isn't CONCACAF weird about only using home team cameras, etc?
  15. Games in Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, and Costa Rica will probably have similar field conditions.
  16. GME getting hammered with earnings looming next week. Everyone still zen?
  17. NFLX reaching a new YTD high is not something I expected.
  18. RVLV having one of their very good days...
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