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  1. Yes, both mom and step dad fully vaxxed w/ Moderna when it first was approved. Sucks, my step dad couldn't even go to the funeral home to make arrangements yet, as he was positive last week as well. Today was the earliest they could get him in for a test, so hopefully he can get results in the next day or so to meet with them. While he was able to get a majority of things started over the phone, still wants to meet with them in person to finalize everything.
  2. RIP mom. I'll miss you dearly. Double vaxxed many months ago. Started with what she said was a cold, as I've been vaccinated. Last Monday both her and her husband test positive and mom admitted with low oxygen levels. Both pneumonia and covid pneumonia by Wednesday. She refused the ventilator, so tried everything up until that point. At least they allowed my step dad to be there with her even though he was positive as well to hold her hand when she passed. Eff this sickness. Selfishly I wished it was stroke, heart attack, etc. Anything except cancer as she would have suffered much longer. Love ya mom. Take care of granny and my sister. I'll see you someday, just hope not soon.
  3. The guys are especially looking forward to this. Pretty sure SWC and Furley are both in my neck of the woods. 😘
  4. Pfizer #2 in the books as of 30 minutes ago. No issues yet. I plan on hitting the bars and open mouth kissing random strangers in the near future. 😋
  5. Dreamland in Tuscaloosa is mighty tasty. Excellent school choice by my daughter for BBQ. 😋
  6. Louisville is going to be held outside at Cardinal Stadium. They are splitting things up with 3 different ceremonies. Each student is allowed up to 6 guests I believe. Crazy was in this thread since they were in high school and the college selection process and now the oldest is graduating. Man, I'm getting old.
  7. Mrs Fish and I are 2 hours post Pfizer shot #1. Zero side effects for me. She says her arm is slightly sore when using her laptop mouse. 😆 Drove the wife's Yukon and while she doesn't subscribe to Siriusxm, we magically now have it since getting the shot.
  8. Been on the Dexcom for a few years now. Love it and the follow app has to be huge for parents. Amazing how this technology has evolved over the past 5 years.
  9. 1st dose of Pfizer schedule for 3/31. Type 1 diabetic in Wisconsin here. Signed up everywhere and finally one notification of availability.
  10. Agreed and our company is so risk adverse. But eliminating someone that falls into a protected class on test scores that haven't been validated to the scope of job responsibilities or performance is a slippery slope.
  11. Being in the staffing field, I'm not sure how that would even be legal. I know we verify education but that's just degree and major only, not even GPA. I'll run it past our legal counsel if I get a chance.
  12. Sadly I agree. As I get older this is the first year that I'm seriously contemplating moving from WI. Tennessee or Kentucky area seems more and more attractive.
  13. Peanut butter captain crunch and it's not even close.
  14. Heading out around noon time to hit the lake and some ice fishing. Brother in law and the boy toys of my 2 daughters. We'll be drinking all day. Unlikely to see midnight.
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