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  1. The guys are especially looking forward to this. Pretty sure SWC and Furley are both in my neck of the woods. 😘
  2. Pfizer #2 in the books as of 30 minutes ago. No issues yet. I plan on hitting the bars and open mouth kissing random strangers in the near future. 😋
  3. Dreamland in Tuscaloosa is mighty tasty. Excellent school choice by my daughter for BBQ. 😋
  4. Louisville is going to be held outside at Cardinal Stadium. They are splitting things up with 3 different ceremonies. Each student is allowed up to 6 guests I believe. Crazy was in this thread since they were in high school and the college selection process and now the oldest is graduating. Man, I'm getting old.
  5. Mrs Fish and I are 2 hours post Pfizer shot #1. Zero side effects for me. She says her arm is slightly sore when using her laptop mouse. 😆 Drove the wife's Yukon and while she doesn't subscribe to Siriusxm, we magically now have it since getting the shot.
  6. Been on the Dexcom for a few years now. Love it and the follow app has to be huge for parents. Amazing how this technology has evolved over the past 5 years.
  7. 1st dose of Pfizer schedule for 3/31. Type 1 diabetic in Wisconsin here. Signed up everywhere and finally one notification of availability.
  8. Agreed and our company is so risk adverse. But eliminating someone that falls into a protected class on test scores that haven't been validated to the scope of job responsibilities or performance is a slippery slope.
  9. Being in the staffing field, I'm not sure how that would even be legal. I know we verify education but that's just degree and major only, not even GPA. I'll run it past our legal counsel if I get a chance.
  10. Sadly I agree. As I get older this is the first year that I'm seriously contemplating moving from WI. Tennessee or Kentucky area seems more and more attractive.
  11. Peanut butter captain crunch and it's not even close.
  12. Heading out around noon time to hit the lake and some ice fishing. Brother in law and the boy toys of my 2 daughters. We'll be drinking all day. Unlikely to see midnight.
  13. Binged the entire Bly Manor season last night with my daughter who is home from college. Good, not great but definitely above average. Definitely like how they wrapped all unanswered questions. The kid actors are definitely talented.
  14. But why not be able to switch the voice? But your theory seems legit as both my daughters switched Waze to male voice immediately upon install
  15. Alexa drives me crazy. I just commented to my wife that she would be able to understand me and I wouldn't have to repeat every request if Alexa were male. Which got me thinking that every AI so called smart device has a female persona. What gives?
  16. This shouldn't even be close Apple fritter over just about every piece of bakery.
  17. Bummer, guess I used the code previously even though I don't recall ever using.
  18. While the #'s can be spun to support such a claim as LTSharks posted above, it doesn't make a difference when the mask mandate went into effect. While compliance is decent here in Milwaukee and the suburbs the #'s are spiraling out of control in the central and northern part of the state. I was just up at my cabin for archery hunting and I can attest that there is 0-10% compliance at best. So while there is a mandate in place, it simply isn't being followed. Couple that with the back to school, reopening of bars and restaurants, etc it was inevitable. I reluctantly went to a wedding 2 weekends ago and it was attended by well over 200 people and not a mask to be seen. I can only speak for WI, but the bars are very busy and that's in both the city and rural areas that I've traveled through the past few months. Given that the weather is now taking a turn as we head into fall/winter and everyone is now being forced inside, it's only going to get worse before it gets better.
  19. I'd say you hand off 50% of her duties that are more administrative in nature and doesn't directly lead to maintaining/growing the business. This would allow her to spend her actual time on strategic things that matter and grow the business. It would also be a good stretch assignment for whomever you would be placing/promoting into her existing role. If they're both contributing 50%, then split the bonuses between them, or 70/30 if one is really contributing more to the actual revenue/growth of the business. If all works out and you do expand to a 3rd location and she is able to come back to work full time, then she becomes GM as planned and you have a (somewhat proven) backfill who then takes over the remaining 50% duties.
  20. 🤣 So much easier being a guy. I wish her friend the best of luck for the remainder of summer.
  21. My kids are convinced that neither will start their fall semester on campus. My one daughter is probably doing a road trip to Louisville this weekend to pack up some of her clothes. She finished her last exam this morning and while she doesn't "need" all her clothes at this time, the female instinct is killing her not having her full arsenal of clothes and shoes at her disposal. Thankfully her current lease runs through July. My other daughters belongings are all still in Alabama. No communication at all as to when we'll have to move out.
  22. Alright, I'll buy more Zero and give it a longer trial. I just had a six pack of the little bottles which is maybe a day supply.
  23. Just tried dew zero. Not impressed. Diet dew >> regular dew >>>> dew zero I'll give it another shot. May grow on me. But weird taste in general.
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