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  1. And this is the downside...10 cent head.
  2. So with Ridley out there will be extra emphasis on defending him--but he'll also get extra looks. Net positive or negative?
  3. I feel like they are letting Jones run more which leads to a higher floor for sure. I think I'm going there between the two.
  4. Ugh. 14 team league, PPR. With Higgins out I have to choose between starting Cordarrelle Patterson or DJ Chark for my 3rd WR spot.
  5. As a Seahawks fan and Chubb owner it makes me cry at night that they selected Rashaad Penny ahead of him. That was one hell of a miss...
  6. I'm sort of wondering if the "numbers" comment from McDermott might be a bit of concern for the extra game this year and what it might mean for general wear. In essence, this is about controlling the overall "number" of touches each back receives across the year. I follow the Seahawks and it's worth noting they kept 5 RBs on the roster this year and had Alex Collins inactive, a player that several Seahawks fans assumed had won the #2 spot here. I'm fairly confident this is what Pete Carroll has in mind with all of those backs. Or, I could yet again be overthinking it in all cases.
  7. Getting things back on track... Does anyone have insight into the Ravens' practice field? I mean it feels like the gardening dept needs to answer some questions on that turf.
  8. Homer alert, but the Seahawks with even 60% of a McVay style offense is going to be significantly better than Schottenheimer's offense laying the cards face up.
  9. One of my leagues uses double-header weeks. Any chance of supporting that?
  10. That's what a lot of people around here are saying, but it doesn't account for the rumors he's been fumbling in practice quite a bit. Add to this the coaching staff believes Travis Homer is the best blocking RB in the league (according to what I've heard) and I'm beginning to wonder if he'll even make the team. It sounds insane to me too but there's thoughts that team control with DeeJay Dallas might be the reason he wins that final spot.
  11. Anyone watching the Colts game? I'm interested in how Granson looks as he's an interesting flier.
  12. Haven't seen anything yet on the injury. That cowboy is a dirty ####.
  13. My flex, my unicorn! Also here's to hoping James Robinson can keep it up with my team being depleted every day due to injury.
  14. Aaaaand it's possible this is a real change too: https://sports.yahoo.com/report-russell-wilson-demanded-seattle-233052625.html
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