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  1. I’ve been a real crappy judge for streaming D’s this season, until the ATL D (probably) saved me this week (scored more points than Saquan, Tyreek and Lindsay COMBINED! So I’m not sure I’m the best to provide advice! 😄. Stats all point to Denver, but Carr always seems to pull a good game out of his ### at the most inopportune time (meaning, when I choose to stream against him).
  2. Looking ahead to Champioship Week 16, how would you rank these streamers: IND vs NYG DEN vs OAk CLE vs CIN
  3. ATL D probably saved my #### this week, literally scored more than Barkley, Tyreek and Lindsay combined! Thanks to this board for the heads up!
  4. Anybody liking AZ vs Oak as a top streamer? Cardinals D actually looked really good against the Chiefs vaunted offense, seemed to get a good bit of pressure on Mahomes most of the game. If they can do that against Carr, he should put up some turnovers.
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