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  1. Prior to Cinci Lions were averaging 4.3 yds per carry and over a 100 yds per game. Improvement from last year. If they cant run Goff becomes even less effective because of lack of play action. Lions have been going away from Williams more and favoring Swift and I think that needs to be more balanced.
  2. You are right. Their defense was abysmal last year and needed basically a total rebuild. Lost their top WRs and their top notch QB from the offense. Stafford kept them competitive in many games. Their OL was supposed to be top 10 but injuries to Decker, Ragnow and Sewell's struggles have killed them. Quinn and Patricia were a disaster. We need to keep on being patient and looking for improvement from rookies/FAs. Holmes needs to keep those draft choices tight to his body and not fritter them away as he did on Benson who was likely going to be cut.
  3. This was the Lions' worst game of the year. Seemed listless and, if they cant run, offense is dead in the water. Also Chase over Sewell was right call for Bengals so far. Also Lions had 9 penalties to Bengals 4. Want to see improvement going forward but not much in this game. That being said I think the Bengals are a good team and underrated.
  4. I'm going to look at this way. The Lions are going to get most of the bad breaks, poor officiating decisions, injury epidemics and poor coaching decisions out of their system this year. Next year 2022 Holmes will draft more talent to supplement and build on, likely drafting our future franchise QB, Campbell and the coaching staff will continue to grow and develop their vision, Detroit will increasingly become a place where players and coaches want to be, we will win more games and build for a winning season the year after in 2023. In 2023 we will have a great deal of cap space to extend our talent and add select FAs. Holmes will draft more talent and Campbell will be a veteran coach, tempered steel that has gone through the hellish season of 2021and the growing pains of 2022. Fantasy maybe but I think it can happen.
  5. Its my impression that except for the Green Bay game that the Lions have played better in the second half. Thinking that Lions are making adjustments (probably more on defense) based on what happened in the first half which suggests good coaching and understanding. Its something you didn't see happening often if at all with Quinn/Pat. Looking for silver linings.
  6. When I told someone this past week that I was a Lions fan, they asked me if I was a sadist.
  7. You give me a time and a place, I give you a five minute window. Anything happens in that five minutes and I'm yours. No matter what. Anything happens a minute either side of that and you're on your own.
  8. Works for me. One of the things that have hindered the Lions is not getting anything so far from either of their FA WR signings. Perriman was cut before season started and Williams hasn't played this year since week 1 injury from a dirty hit.
  9. Lions play for high draft picks every year its the Lions Super Bowl. Even if they get a high draft choice it has to be the right one. Its hard to watch the team or a game without being emotionally invested in its outcome. I could just go out and shovel snow every Sunday and turn on the NFL Draft in May. Lions are not deliberately tanking like the Pistons and to establish a winning culture you have to show that you are able to win some games. Knew it was going to be a rough year but want to see progress on all levels.
  10. Not much going right. Much of the talent that was left from the Quinn era is injured and the rookies are being brought along slowly. Sewell injured, perhaps may explain his poor showing vs Bears. Could be a long day vs Vikes if Cook healthy. With so many holes Holmes needs to be conserving draft choices and avoid his tendency to want to trade up for guys he likes.
  11. Thought it was an interesting decision that Bears took the ball first and did not defer. It worked really well for them. Bears jumped out on top of Lions right away. The Lions mangled their subsequent possession with the fumble snap and Bears scored another TD to put the LIons in a pit. Williams was running the ball well and it was too bad they went away from him. Lions running the ball is the best way to stay in games. Sewell and Swift's pass blocking was awful and Goff paid the price. Swift's snaps increased over Williams' in this game but I dont think it was a good thing. I think they would be better at a 50/50 pace. Williams is a better blocker and inside runner, Swift is more dynamic and a big play threat.
  12. Going to be a long year. Lions found another way to lose vs Bears and a rookie QB making his second start. Encouraging thing was that if they had converted their red zone opportunities into points they would have been competitive if not ahead in the game. Want to see improvement from their rookies, Benson and Julian Okwara to help us build into next year.
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