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  1. Jeremy Fowler reporting OT Tyrell Crosby was on the trading block. First reaction was what? as I though that OL was in good shape and a vet like Crosby provided good depth. He's in a contract year he has played well enough to get starters money. Lions have already invested in OL and have to spread $ to other areas. Putting him up for trade now gives them a chance to see what they can get as opposed to him getting injured and getting a lower comp pick. If they dont get a good offer they can wait and see who needs OL during the year and make a deal then. Bummer though
  2. Read that he was asked to operate as a wideout the last year and was less effective than he was working from the slot.
  3. Surratt's 4.7 40 time will keep him off the roster. Just too slow for a legit NFL receiver. Since they invested significant $ in McKinley and Adams I would think both stand a better chance.
  4. Lions UDFA class ranked highly with words of praise for overall draft process and management. www.nbcsports.com/edge/article/rankings/nfc-udfa-class-rankings
  5. I think this is a good read on him. Both Perriman and Williams were signed to one year show me what you can do deals. Perriman has trouble staying healthy. Both guys are capable of the big play and I think Lions will have some as teams focus on Hock, Amon-Ra and our two good receiving RBs underneath.
  6. With the speed at WR with play action you can as you said burn the opposition. Lions must have a threatening ground game to do this which would be a new experience for Lions fans. If the Lions offensive line is a top notch unit and the defensive line becomes an attacking, penetrating unit and Goff is average Lions will do better than they are currently being pegged. Lots of ifs but possible.
  7. Pistons are doing this type of thing. Competitive losses with some vets showing the young guys how to be pros. Lions are at the bottom of most every power ranking. Not favored to win any game next year. We may have to be content watching the rookies develop and seeing if any of the FAs are keepers and if Okudah can show improvement. But the biggest thing will be getting a read on whether Goff can be their long term QB.
  8. Jets cut WR Josh Doctson. Injured for 2019 and opted out in 2020. Good size. Was a first round pick. Came out of college as highly rated WR. I might kick the wheels on him.
  9. Lions dump 3 scouting staff members. Lions informed college scouting coordinator Ron Miles, area scout Jay Muraco and pro scout Charles Brensinger they weren't being retained. Holmes putting in his own people. Also Dolphins cut their team Captaln safety Bobby McCain. He was ranked 48th out of top 64 safeties.
  10. You have a strong opinion on Goff I do not know too much about him and saw him play only a couple of times. What type of QB coaching did Goff have with Rams? From what I can tell Goff had a new QB coach each year he was with the Rams Looked up new Lions QB coach Mark Brunell's resume and this is his first coaching gig. He had a long pro career though, so its going to be interesting to see what happens.
  11. "However, like in college". To my mind it seems frequently that players with significant injury history in college have the same in the pros. Some really stick in your mind like Jahvid Best who had a concussion history in college. Maybe I'm cherry picking. I had posted earlier (before Jermer J. pick) that Lion draft picks had pretty clean health histories. Opting out for the covid year helped many players to stay healthy including Sewell & Levi. Jermer had some health issues. Would expect volume rushers to have more. Finally, its a shame about Kerryon. He played well until t
  12. Josh Hill retiring. Too bad. Do not know reason. he was a good blocking TE. Lions have another hole to fill.
  13. With draft completed Lions expected to make following moves: add veteran scout Mike Martin from Panthers and put him in an elevated position Also will sign a veteran FA safety. Doing this now does not effect compensatory picks.
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