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  1. Concerns about Kenny Golladay's ineffectiveness and lack of separation being expressed by media “It’s hard to tell on TV, but is Kenny Golladay just not open,” Ralph Vacchiano of SNY said. “Seems like the Giants are paying him a lot of money to just ignore him for an entire game.” From Jordan Raanan ESPN Had serious concern about Kenny Golladay and Kyle Rudolph early after seeing the way they were moving entering season,” Raanan said. “Both were coming off injury. But … Average separation Thursday at time of completion/inc, per NextGen: Golladay 1.52 yds.” Average separation Thursday at time of completion/inc, per NextGen: Golladay 1.52 yds Rudolph 1.25 League Average: 2.87 When with the Lions Golladay was said to be one of the WRs that created the least amount of separation in the NFL but was able to compensate with his physicality and having one of the best QBs in Stafford willing to throw into little space. There was some criticism of Holmes for not resigning Golladay but the lack of separation, Stafford being traded and the huge contract Golladay got from Giants for the time being support Holmes" decision.
  2. Any idea as to why Levi O. didn't play? Injury or thought not yet ready? We could have used him to help pressure the QB.
  3. May want to throw it downfield but can they? What happened yesterday is what was going on for training camp and preseason.
  4. Swift out snapped Williams 2 to 1 and Swift was somewhat eased back into service. That said with the lack of downfield options at WR both backs will be necessary parts of the passing game as well.
  5. Did Barnes get any play at LB? Read that he was injured early on a kickoff and might not have played after that.
  6. Its only one game and Levi didn't play but Lions must have pressure on QB to win a game or two.
  7. Generac was unavailable would have been on backorder. Kohler was @ 7% more expensive. Natural gas not available we are in the woods but have electricity need a propane tank.
  8. Got a whole house (2925 sq feet) generator (Kohler). Live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Unit uses propane. Guy who installed it said Kohler was superior to Generac. Cost was @ $7,500
  9. True Lots of pressure to not lose to Lions and SF has no tape to compare this team's schemes to.
  10. Out of the gate Lions reshuffling OL which was to be the teams best unit. Moving the rookie to LT is going to make things tough against a tough SF pass rush. Here's hoping Sewell shows promise. Interesting start to the season for sure. Will welcome an aggressive Lions pass rush compared to Patricia's passive approach which had far too many ineffective 3 man rushes. Hope Lions can keep this game close.
  11. I'll roll with 5 and hope to see improvement as season rolls on. They are very thin at several positions so that injuries could see them get worse as season progresses. Sewell to me is a key player. If he is a whiff, that has several negative omens for the team's future. First, it puts into question Holmes judgment and ability to be the top guy. The video of the Lions draft room jumping for joy over the Sewell selection would become one of those cold takes that haunts Lions fans for a dozen years. If Sewell whiffs, it means the OL will not be the gem and building block we are hoping for but at best an average line with some holes on the right side.. Which also means Goff's performance will likely not be pretty. I'm hoping for the best and like the spirit that Holmes/Campbell has brought to the the start of the season. I was in favor of starting the build in the trenches and I guess seeing what Goff can do before taking a QB.
  12. Campbell reminds me of Ditka but more intelligent. I think he's whats needed to bring the change of culture this team so desperately needs.
  13. looked him up and his time at rb was short lived one carry and two receptions.
  14. Trying to think of other players who made a switch from DB to RB and drew a blank. He was a RB in high school so that helps.
  15. Had not heard of Buster Scruggs until stumbling across it on HBO or the like. Interesting and entertaining with a good cast. Didn't know it was a Coen brothers flick.
  16. "Regardless of whether he was right or wrong, he should have considered the possible repercussions of his actions on the business and his place in it." You can say the same thing about anti-vaxxers.
  17. Chase Daniel made Chargers roster as backup QB. Blessed at birth I guess.
  18. Reported that EDGE Jessie Lemonier signed to Lions practice squad. Released by Chargers.
  19. Hopefully Hodge can also stay healthy because Perriman was never able to from his first year on.
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