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  1. I do not know if HGEN will be approved but it seems a stronger bet based on its government and Big Pharma connections. Mayo Clinic supports it as well. And as it relates to covid HGEN is less risky. Simply because CYDY failed on CD12. Reading the PR I cant come to any other conclusion. NP stalling with mumbo-jumbo about meeting with regulators and needing to keep things confidential. Allows him to possibly say that delays in approval are to due to the regulators and not the company and no one has data to say otherwise. CYDY SP went down a lot after CD10 failed and it took many months
  2. It is my understanding that OLEs are not uncommon but usually built into clinical trial protocols to provide an option for participants to continue using the drug after the trial ends. This could occur if the participant was of the belief that the drug was of benefit and wanted to continue. I would think that this would occur more for chronic conditions than acute. Conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol etc. The OLE would permit access to the drug until it ever became available in the market. Again I'm no expert and will yield the floor to someone with superior knowledge. That being sai
  3. I get more jaded with each day. I mean the company was just successfully sued for unjust enrichment of mgt, the CFO is selling mucho shares just before data is supposed to be released, NP while claiming that he will obtain financing without dilution gets high interest financing that ends up in stock conversion and further dilution. Since I have been involved with CYDY I can not think of anything they have successfully accomplished. What happened to the BLA for HIV? They again have not released why it was rejected or what needs to be fixed. Funny thing I would be scared to short the
  4. I do not know a lot about OLE or eIND lets get that out. But my impression is that neither means a drug is getting FDA approval. A question to be asked is how many and which people have been using LL through OLE or eIND?
  5. This is another fail like CD10 for which the company has never released data. CD12 is clearly a fail and they are not releasing data here either. If data were positive NP would be letting you know in big bold letters. Just another manipulation through vague wording that makes no sense. Stall tactic why NP tries to buy time to come up with something to keep people in. I would guess that long haulers is going to be that next big talking point. It still grinds me I fell for this side show carnival pitch. I remember the video conference that had NP, Patterson and Alazari all present and
  6. Also were never told why FDA rejected BLA-HIV or what was needed to fix it. There's something really amiss with it. I do not think OLE or the medicare codes mean that FDA will approve. I've been deleting articles regarding CYDY. Brought back memories of how Mexico had approached CYDY, UK had given them permission to file, how NP had sold stock to save the company, how LL was able to cross the brain barrier Lots and lots of smoke but no fire. But I guess you have to say yet as CD12 is still out there. But I wouldn't look at the delay in learning results as being a positive base
  7. Played with so much heart, under constant pressure as OL unable to handle TB rush and schemes.
  8. This is from the twitter account of Pete Schrager I’ve spoken to multiple teams this morning who made calls TO the Rams in regards to Goff, too. This wasn’t some throw-in. The Lions wanted him. He had a market. Around NFL, Goff is regarded well. 25, multiple playoff wins, beat Brees and Wilson in their buildings in postseason. Lions have opportunity to test Goff or market him. Depends if they are in love with any QBs in this year's draft. Lots going on for Lions, its an exciting preseason.
  9. This is what Albert Breer from SI reported as to what other teams were offering for Stafford. Taking on Goff with the chance he may turn out suggests Lions did good compared to other offers though they have to wait for the payoff. Breer also broke down what other teams were offering to the Lions for Stafford. The Carolina Panthers offered the No. 8 overall pick in this year's draft plus a later pick. The Washington Football Team was offering the No. 19 overall pick with a third-round pick. The Colts never offered their first-rounder but did discuss packages of pi
  10. If it happens this way than Holmes must like him a lot and the Lions really made out if they view Goff having that potential.
  11. My point is the decision to take Goff in the draft. Holmes was the director of college scouting not the GM. Was Goff his recommendation for the best QB? Looking back at the 2016 draft, it wasn;t a deep year. Only other notable QBs from that draft were Prescott and Wentz. With all the picks in 2022 and the #7 this year, the biggest task for Holmes is finding the next franchise QB. Either through trade or the draft.
  12. How much of a role did Brad Holmes have in scouting Goff and the decision to draft him and later the decision to extend him? Its an important question with Holmes as our new GM. The Rams just treated Goff as a gigantic whiff and they were desperate to unload him/contract. Different possibilities here. Did Holmes shank the scouting report? Did he pound the table to draft Goff? Or does he view Goff as being a good QB who was misused or overly effected by the food enzyme issue from two years back? Or did just not have much influence in drafting Goff? If Holmes had a big role in the draf
  13. Its flim-flam. The company reeks of manipulation. It would be advantageous if CYDY investors would hedge their bets by investing some in HGEN which is the opposite of CYDY in most every aspect. Also It has been said that CYDY's drug is the better drug as compared to HGEN's, but I'm not seeing it. The Rantes thing has not gained traction in the scientific community. HGEN's drug is part of the tx protocol at Mayo for covid. CYDY's drug may work on HIV but IMO there is something very much wrong with the BLA submission or lack thereof. CYDY has not been transparent regarding the BLA
  14. Another of their best players soured by the franchise. Tragic. I'm giving Sheila support until she proves otherwise. Have to do this. Whoopdeedoo. More draft choices for a proven player. Half of first rounders bust. Also have to pick the right QB and have to be in a position to draft him.Hopefully the new GM will make better use of the draft choices than Quinn and Mayhew.
  15. OK So we have to give out of whack contracts in order to get any one to come to Detroit. Whoever turns this around will be a hero. Know it doesn't count against the cap.
  16. To me no reason you need 6 years. If you dont see a competitive after 3 years you've got the wrong people.
  17. Hiring of Glenn is confirmation on Campbell. Spielman must have a lot of influence here as only football guy. Read the article that said Holmes did an assessment of each player on Detroit roster and what moves he would make to improve roster that impressed the interviewing team.
  18. Article that Mayo Clinic treatment of covid results are 33% better than national average. Mayo uses lenz as part of its tx protocol. Also full enrollment expected this week for P3.
  19. You are right. He threw for a boatload of yards. Didn't realize that. My impressions of him since he came into the league were that of a QB who ran the ball a lot. Looking it over he' does run more than most QBs.
  20. No, no and no. Still not a big fan of running QBs. Primary job of QB is to pass the ball well or hand it off to a better runner. They are more prone to injury and then you end up playing Chase Daniel/Chad Henne types. Once legs are gone are they good enough passers, most aren't. In their prime they put tremendous pressure on defense but to me consistency isn't there. Also I'm in line with Leroy Hoard's and Da Guru's concerns here as well.
  21. Just saw the hit Lamar Jackson took on his concussion play. One Bill had his legs wrapped up and another Bill drove into him going 100mph head on (no pulling up, no moving to the side) and Jackson was violently driven back with his head bouncing back off the turf. No penalty called. I compare that to the two penalties the Lions took for roughing the passer vs Tampa and Minnesota and it doesn't make sense. Those hits were nothing compared to the one Jackson took.
  22. Saw Llewyn Davis for first time a few weeks ago. Liked it but do not think I'll need to rewatch. Film is a good lesson regarding the long term effects of the choices you make in life or how much you put in leads to how much you get back.
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