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  1. I am starting Kamara and Carson the week, 2nd round of playoffs, 1 PPR. But have been struggling between Mostert and Hines at my flex spot. Dallas run D is putrid, and I say this as a long time Dallas fan. But Mostert is not a slam dunk with the ankle issue and Wilson getting goal line carries. Right now I am leaning towards Hines...but I have changed them back and forth several times already. Going to be a last minute decision.
  2. 2nd Round of the playoffs, need 2 of 3, but which 2? Carson, would normally feel confident, but going up against a tough Washington run D? Plus Penny is returning this week, possibly vulture some of Carson's carries? Hines can be a boom/bust player. Mostert, going up against a very soft Dallas run D, but the ankle is a small concern. Which 2 RB's should I start?
  3. I have been going over this decision all week. I am fortunate to have some good options, and will be starting Carson and Mostert at RB. But am still deciding between Kamara, Murray, and Hines, at Flex. With J. Taylor back at RB, not sure if I trust Hines to duplicate his performance from last week. Although Indy's rushing matchup against Houston today is tempting. I am actually leaning towards Murray over Kamara, although Atlanta's run Defense may stifle both NO options. This is going to be a tough last minute decision.
  4. Picked up Fitzpatrick last night after Miami announced he would be starting Both QB's, Carr + Fitz have great matchups today. The Jets have a terrible pass defense, but so does Atlanta. I'm leaning towards Fitz putting up big numbers against his old Jets team Any opinions?
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