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  1. Fellow Miami mega-fan here. Agree 100% with what was stated and will just add that Coach Flo really seems to trust and prefer Gaskins. He's not as fast as Ahmed; however, he's better in pass protection, a better receiver, and is more apt to fall forward for the TD when getting GL touches. Ahmed will definitely get his opportunities as the latter member of the 1-2 punch, but I wouldn't bench Gaskins vs. the Raiders, unless you have a no-brainer option.
  2. We had an increased number of IR spots this year due to COVID, with the understanding that, once you were eliminated, your IR spots had to be emptied. (Players could be moved to active roster, but your roster needed to be legal. As a result, after each round, players were dropped. Le'Veon Bell, for instance, was cut a few days prior to CEH being injured. Last week, a team eliminated from the playoffs grabbed Gus Edwards during the WW period. And this WW period, the worst team (#1 overall in WW) grabbed Bell. Having CEH, CMC, Allen, etc., it was a bit frustrating, but I assumed that most dy
  3. Trying to decide between Pollard and Bernard as my FLEX in a Non-PPR league. I really wish Elliot would rest one more game.
  4. I also made an agreement to split the prize money, per my challenger's offer. He has a young daughter -- just over a year old -- and likely needs the money much more than I do. (I've been very blessed this year.) In fact, if he beats me, I plan on reverting back to the original payout (80/20), which would make me feel pretty good. (Generosity is never completely selfless.) I'm a sucker for the Holiday spirit! That said, this is my 3rd straight final appearance. I've lost the previous two, despite being a heavy favorite both seasons. I just want the win, baby! Otherwise I might have to chang
  5. I'm also an Allen survivor, thanks much in part to Waller the (absolute) Baller and Jonathan Taylor. I'm in agreement with what others have recently stated; if Keenan's not practicing fully by Friday, I'm out. The Chargers have too many playmakers and too little left to play for to push their star receiver on the field.
  6. Well, I made it to my league championship minus CMC and Mixon for the vast majority of the season. Who thinks that McCaffery will re-emerge just in time in Week 16? Any other survivors? 🤣
  7. Non-PPR: It's either Allen or CEH for me. I can live losing by taking my shot with Keenan. Better talent, premium matchup.
  8. In Non-PPR, is swapping out Allen for CEH at FLEX a no-brainer at the point?
  9. Thank you for such a thoughtful answer! I was a bit down on Mike Davis prior to this past week, as he seemed to be a bit worn down. As a result, it also appeared that Carolina was reducing his role and utilizing a RBBC. However, the Week 13 BYE may have done him wonders. My assessment going into this post was this: Mike Davis is the safest option, Dobbins is the option with the highest ceiling, and CEH is a solid contingency plan. I'm going to take your advice and look into Davis' performance last week + dive into GB's defense.
  10. I'm locked and loaded for this week's playoff matchup with Mahomes/J. Taylor/T. Hill/K. Allen/S. Diggs/Waller/Steelers. The lone question? Who to start at RB2. (Non-PPR) Please vote/share your thoughts!
  11. It would take some stones, but I could see owners winning their playoff matchup this week with both Edwards and Dobbins in their starting lineup.
  12. I'm a big fan for Baldinger's breakdowns. Enjoy this one, Tua fans. https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1338806495526457346
  13. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/15/matt-rhule-wont-turn-final-three-games-into-a-tryout-for-next-year/
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