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  1. That is some A1 poor management back in 2019 imo. Even a casual fan could see the demise. I can't even...ugh. They should put there money where their mouth is. Ben is benched - don't like it - have a seat over there. Start Mason - he'll make it a game or 2 - then get Haskins 3-4 games before the season is over. You'll at least have a full view of what they can and cannot do which helps in drafting/free agency etc. What I can't watch is Claypool, DJ, Najee and Friermuth getting hammered chasing butterflies.
  2. Let's keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
  3. Missed on Chark and AJ. Ouch. Might not come back from that.
  4. Steelers fan chiming in because I have Hurts (who I am starting against the Chiefs) Hurts is not the problem. You want Ben? Straight up for Hurts all day. Wentz got beat by Napolean Dynamite and is currently making the Indy kicker look good while J Taylor languishes. Would you rather watch that slow death? He's Andy Dalton II. That does not work in today's NFL. The day you move on from that is the day you are closer to winning. Reagor, Goetz, and Ertz is a decent amount of talent to move the ball. RB's are by committee. Always OK with that unless you get a stud. You lack any semblance of continuity and you are far too impatient. Hurts - he's clearly a poor mans Tyler Murray. His plays w/ his legs are currently better than those with his arm but jfc give him a sec to get better. Yes he will lose a game sometimes. Again - you want Ben? TE's - uh....yeah they good. WR's - well you never got a replacement for tall guy. That was an easy mistake to fix.' just throwing #### out there peeps - i'm starting hurts because i predict 50-49 chiefs win and hurts either throws or runs for every Philly TD.
  5. We are loaded with talent. Najee might not be yet - but I'd bet he can or will be and he's not far off. He looks like an 8 or 9 in just about everything. He already looks like a seasoned veteran. Think about what you saw so far with the train wreck we are and think about typical rookie RB's. We won't know what Claypool can do until fatso is benched. Really the same can be said for Dionte and Friermuth - but if I'm Claypool I'd be screaming to GTFO of Pittsburgh. Remember he has a 7-9 year career to consider to make $$ and this year so far looks like a waste if not a significant injury concern. Heyward. He's somewhat benefitting from being the vet/team leader etc - but he crushes constantly. He is in every play he is on the field. I am not surprised he has aged well. Minkah is overwhelmed which is also unfortunate. He makes good and great plays every game I watched. We paid $26 million dollars for Ben. (And another $3 million for Derek Watt). What did you think was going to happen? I would have also cut Ebron if we get the $5 million back. The standard only works if you apply it equally.
  6. 6-80 and 20 yards rushing. 13 touches. That's 8-9 points in most leagues. Start-able with a high ceiling for now.
  7. This is f*&^*^ing ridiculous. Why is the front office frozen. He's not going to bench himself. And neither will Tomlin nor should he because yes we will likely get worse before we get better. We get rid of every other position way in time. We are terrible - but most importantly he is killing fantastic young talent on O and wasting talent on D. If the fat #### can't clipboard and help/teach the newbs then sit the #### down and collect your 28 mil. We paid you enough and this part of your career should be part of the deal. His call - and yes you will mop up once in a while. If not, GTFO. It's embarrassing.
  8. We'll bump him up today to see what happens. Legit playmaker on a mediocre squad getting lots of opportunities. or Same old Cordarelle - great KO return who gets lucky on O once in a while I'm rolling out the following name brand disappointments this week and I'll probably regret not getting him in there. J Taylor AJ Brown D Swift None of the projections will risk bumping him - but he sure does not look more like a solid play rather than a sleeper.
  9. That is definitely not the worst thing I ever looked at. A foot drag away from a fourth TD and 50 more yards
  10. Yes - still a work in progress. And I'm not expert but there was a play against the raiders where he ran what I think is called a deep post or skinny post. Coverage was outside and good but Claypool had perfect inside position to utilize his size. He just needed a throw with velocity. Ben 2021 arm not equal Ben 2021 arm Gotta rip the band aid off. We had to keep him - it was $20 mil either way. But he should be holding a clipboard and managing the contest between Mason and Haskins. Even with our crappy OL imagine Mahommie, Hurts, Jackson, Murray and our weapons. Instead we have to wait till he gets knocked out of the lineup.
  11. Welp ready for after-Ben Claypool getting wasted. He's at least a high ceiling Alvin Harper and likely more but Ben simply has no arm for that. Dionte: He benefits from Bens current arm state but getting pounded way too much. Needs to be used much less and more creatively. Fiereiumth: Already passed Ebron. In the right circumstances he could be a near top 10 TE in year one. (Feels like an easy call - could be special) JuJu: he's almost yer freakin #3 WR - or 2a if you are a homer, AND you ball out at RB and TE. No team says all that and oh yeah najee btw.
  12. OK ready for week 2! The Raiders have some special players that need to be contained. We'll find out a lot about Bush, Schobert and Minkah. Waller needs special attention for sure. On offense we need to keep Crosby from blowing up drives, killing Ben, or causing turnovers. Villanueava was a turnstile Monday night.
  13. Franchise him 2 years in a row and then he can make a deal w/ the Jets at age 28. (No we likely won't do that - but 31 mil vs 30 mil looks like pretty stupid when 2 prime years are on the table) I would blame his agent. It is his job to make sure this does not happen. We have new players all over the team and he missed the entire pre-season aside from doing jumping jacks. So we are already eating into this year.
  14. Good summer for the Steelers D- The front seven looks ready and will need to create havoc to protect the secondary. We'll give up long 3rd downs again which makes me throw things. O- If the line can gel a bit we can score points. We'll need to against the better O's. If we stay healthy and a couple of the acquisitions hit we could be pretty good. Hoping this thread picks back up again but maybe the times they are a changin. IMO it took 2 plays to know Haskins will eventually beat out Mason. The WR screen - ball was out and there much quicker. And the scramble to the left and missed throw. The throw sucked - but the pocket prescence as the rush developed, the strong shoulder dip and ball tuck to not allow a stray hand to slap it out and a good quick move to the left. Would have been great to finish with the throw to the wide open receiver but it was not a hard throw - I would assume he just whiffed it. And we still have a few $$ left to grab another salary cap casualty possibly. Too bad good corners are never that.
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