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  1. OK ready for week 2! The Raiders have some special players that need to be contained. We'll find out a lot about Bush, Schobert and Minkah. Waller needs special attention for sure. On offense we need to keep Crosby from blowing up drives, killing Ben, or causing turnovers. Villanueava was a turnstile Monday night.
  2. Franchise him 2 years in a row and then he can make a deal w/ the Jets at age 28. (No we likely won't do that - but 31 mil vs 30 mil looks like pretty stupid when 2 prime years are on the table) I would blame his agent. It is his job to make sure this does not happen. We have new players all over the team and he missed the entire pre-season aside from doing jumping jacks. So we are already eating into this year.
  3. Good summer for the Steelers D- The front seven looks ready and will need to create havoc to protect the secondary. We'll give up long 3rd downs again which makes me throw things. O- If the line can gel a bit we can score points. We'll need to against the better O's. If we stay healthy and a couple of the acquisitions hit we could be pretty good. Hoping this thread picks back up again but maybe the times they are a changin. IMO it took 2 plays to know Haskins will eventually beat out Mason. The WR screen - ball was out and there much quicker. And the scramble to the left and missed throw. The throw sucked - but the pocket prescence as the rush developed, the strong shoulder dip and ball tuck to not allow a stray hand to slap it out and a good quick move to the left. Would have been great to finish with the throw to the wide open receiver but it was not a hard throw - I would assume he just whiffed it. And we still have a few $$ left to grab another salary cap casualty possibly. Too bad good corners are never that.
  4. So 1,2,3,5 and some cap room assuming Ben is gone or playing for much less. Some goes to TJ That seems like good management? Trai and Melvin might bust but Schobert looks prime and should be a major upgrade to Spillane and really help in the middle of the field.
  5. I'm just coming in here with a 'go team go' I think the rest for Ben should really help as well as the returning bodies. Not sure that has much bearing on which team shows up but we'll go with 'cautiously optimistic'
  6. I know right! Funny how the NFL is. Not For Long. It took a suddenly tough Redskins team not that much to make us one dimensional and beatable. Interested in how we react to this.
  7. Season over - once again the #1 overall pick kills me. I'm really starting to hate getting #1 overall.
  8. We will keep punching. Highsmith and odebaji will fill in. Time to score more....get McFarland touches. He is ready to break out
  9. He ejaculated on his trainer. Super fun except she reportedly wasn’t fish mouthing at the time. Couch out the window in Miami. Plenty more behind that. A bit more than “I’m a ##### WR pay me”. He would have been kept if he could reliably help the team within easily recognizable limits. He could not do so and was subsequently released. While he may continue to recover in TB what I see is Father Time remaining undefeated. The time off always diminishes physical skills and while still a talent the years with Ben are nearly impossible to duplicate elsewhere. He could be having a great year with a still good Ben albeit a notch off but instead he took another route. He absolutely was the best WR for several years in a row and offed himself before seeing how long he could sustain that. Not Pittsburgh’s fault. I watched him and Ben play games with countless pro bowlers. There was nothing better and I was so disappointed in how it ended.
  10. Well he did go pretty much insane and Jerry Springer the entire NFL......so there's that.
  11. I saw him do the Velcro thing w/ his gloves a few times. Looks 5 lbs heavier and half a tick slower? Still a pretty good NFL caliber WR. But he'd be WR 3 at best on the Steelers?
  12. Feels like he got in some spots he and the team needs to learn to avoid where the big guys mangle you. He’s not built for that.
  13. Makes me wanna go back and hash up some old arguments......nahhhh I do recall researching his agent at the time. That can’t be a good look.
  14. Did you not see what Seattle did to the Dallas D? Of course CLE is better. With that talent let's hope so. Sheep still have wool. He's in the cluster for #1 WR though based on 1 huge game. They played Bal, Cin, Was, and Dal. Wup dee effing do. I am a verified OBJ hater though. He is IMO one of the worst players in the NFL. Overpaid, almost great once in a while, whiny 5 yr old who is unlikely to win you a game and that is is his entire job - and it costs you $10mil to suck it. Teams without a better WR#1. Not worth mentioning.
  15. 4 TD's this year in 4 weeks. 15-60 ish every week and pretty much all the GL attempts. Great Flex/RB3 unless/until ATL makes a major change based on the record. Their schedule eases up so if they can win a few games and not kill morale or present a 'play the new guy' he has already out performed. I took him in as my 3rd RB at RD 5 P1 with most of the usual suspects ahead of him. Most notable after - MG 111? Or sell high for a flyer?
  16. Just for fun Diontae Johnson Diontae Lamarcus Johnson Position: WR 5-10, 183lb (178cm, 83kg) Antonio Brown Antonio Brown (AB, Mr. Big Chest, MBC or Ronald Ocean) Position: WR Throws: Left 5-10, 185lb (178cm, 83kg)
  17. He does not show quite the almost ridiculous quick twitch moves that AB had and the almost as ridiculous contested catch hands AB had but this is year two and I'd love to see a side by side at the same time because it looks eerily the same and I only really recall AB at his peak (end). DJ might be even better in the open field - returning the ball has taught him to cut up field where occasionally A.B would dance. At 20 games in and only 5 with Ben he is playing at what looks like an easy 100+ catch pace. We'll see what happens when they start to roll coverage because that is coming.
  18. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck
  19. Well here we are boys. Let’s make the best of it. We’d be pretty excited about the season if well....
  20. I don’t even know what I’m watching and I see a need. If we are going with 3 #2 WR’s then we need a good TE and a good receiving RB. That allows a good QB to move the ball. Keep juju, Deontae and JW Keep VM and pray he is healthy sign ekeler? I think he comes cheap is why. For me, McDonald and Connor can go. I think Ben will flourish with a dominant TE and that complements the WR’s we have. And the chargers are all set to get taken. But I’m sure we will see a 33 million Ben team struggle. Because we are loyal.
  21. The one good hole he gets he takes to the house. It wasn’t the ankle, it wasn’t he learned, it wasn’t he got healthy. He and mcaffrey are easily the 2 best RB and Barkley is the best pure runner. Not even close. And the Giants were really bad at scheming the pass to get it in Berkeley’s hands where as Carolina was pretty good at it. He is easily the #1/#2 RB next year but on the Giants as they are they are so bad you might have to pass.
  22. Well you are likely right. I don't think/know if he can be restructured further unless he were to extend knowing he'd likely not play it out. I don't blame Ben for that but he is somewhat in a position where he can buy himself a few nice targets to throw to and/or some blocking to keep him upright. Drake, K Hunt Breida and Ekeler are free agents. And D Henry but that ain't happening. I love Ekeler. A few good WR's are out there but that is actually thin. I like Cooper at a decent price but really if we can add a good TE and an Ekeler then JuJu, Diontae and JW look much better. We NEED The TE list looks good. H Henry, Hooper, Eifert, Ebron? I feel like this is a primary need and it needs to be a guy who is good on Day one. If we are gonna threaten we need to trade or buy some ready to go offense.
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