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  1. Do the old rules still apply to FAs? If a guy was franchised, you could sign him, but it cost you 2 #1s. If so, why not spend the 2 picks on Dak instead of 4 on Watson?
  2. I wanna point out that the "ongoing Odell Beckham Jr. drama" is not due to anything he or the team has said. The fans and talking heads are the ones fanning this fire.
  3. Not sure if this was part of the update, but an extensive search function would be excellent! BTW, as I typed this, I got a pop-up asking to "join", etc. I had to close the window, which at that point, contained a portion of my comment, and retype that portion.
  4. If I read this right, you're suggesting that Sam should be better protected, but don't count on Bell returning to top-5 status. Right?
  5. Your O-line. What do you think? They poured a lot into it, so it's gotta be improved. How much & how soon?
  6. My $.02 on Perriman: good signing. He had hands problems in Baltimore, but overcame them in CLE. He was actually re-signed to stay in CLE prior to the Browns acquiring OBJ.
  7. Dude, get the wrist checked out. If it's broken, you need to get it pinned early, otherwise they'll have to re-break it. Not worth it. My $.02...
  8. I dunno. Who's to say if there was another team foolish enough to draft him. Certainly, there were plenty who passed on him, and the people who DID take him also drafted Justin Gilbert at #9.
  9. Well, so they say. During his time here in Cleveland, I did not witness NFL-level talent, for whatever reason.
  10. Predicting a short-lived stint in the CFL and, for one reason or another, never returning to the NFL.
  11. That Browns F.O. failed to do their homework several times over. After watching the SVP interview, I wouldn't take a chance here. He's still selling himself, saying the right things, but it all looks superficial. Add that to my opinion that he never was very good at the pro level and I would pass on him.
  12. Didn't we just see? Are you implying that he's going to do great things NEXT game? How do you envision this working? So far, he hasn't shown anything to prove he's better than back-up material. This "see what they have" stuff has been tried 5-6 times already.
  13. As a Browns fan, I hope he becomes great. Neither have I ever been a hater. Never bought any rose-colored glasses, though.
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